Police investigated complaint regarding Dak Prescott’s party

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The photographs posted by TMZ.com paint a troubling picture regarding an alleged 30-person, pandemic-be-damned birthday party at Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott‘s house. The police were unable to corroborate that picture.

Possibly because they didn’t really try to.

As noted by Drew Davison of the Fort Worth Star-Telegram, an officer from the Prosper (Texas) Police Department arrived at Prescott’s home after receiving a complaint (an anonymous call, as one source explained it to PFT) of a party there.

“The officer was unable to verify the report of a party,” Prosper P.D. assistant chief Scott M. Brewer told Davisson. “Therefore, he just reminded the resident of the current CDC guidelines — to include social distancing.”

Brewer also said that Prosper “continues to seek voluntary compliance with regard to all applicable local and state disaster orders,” and that the department “will consider additional enforcement actions/options” on an as-needed basis. In other words, the Prosper P.D. has yet to commence aggressive efforts to ensure mandatory compliance, relying essentially on the honor system. Which strongly suggests that the officer likely went to the door, rang the bell, waited for Prescott to answer, asked Prescott whether he was having a party, accepted Prescott’s denial, and then left.

Prescott’s camp insists that Prescott did not host more than 10 people, and that no violation of social distancing guidelines occurred. Apart from the fact that the TMZ.com photos contradict those claims, hosting a gathering that entails others violating “stay at home” orders represents a separate concern. But the Prosper, Texas police officer, especially in light of the department’s current position that compliance is “voluntary” only, surely wasn’t going to take any sort of action against the quarterback of the Dallas Cowboys.

83 responses to “Police investigated complaint regarding Dak Prescott’s party

  1. The longer people ignore social distancing, the more people will die and the longer we’ll all have to continue social distancing. Talk about just a complete disregard for reality.

  2. This is such a bear trap.

    If cops were rolling in hot and arresting people left and right, the media would be having a field day.

    Since the cops aren’t, the media is having a field day.

  3. Why would someone take a chance of infecting someone else who could die a horrible death from this? I can’t imagine being that selfish.

  4. Thats the kind of leadership a team doesn’t need, and the Cowboys are now in a bad spot. He’s average to begin with so they should withdraw any current offer and look elsewhere, but knowing them they won’t. You’re stuck with this knucklehead Cowboys fans so best of luck to you just think of how many other poor decisions are in this guys future

  5. Some people flat out refuse to acknowledge that their individual rights do not extend to spreading infectious diseases and condemning their fellow humans to death.

    This needs to be clearly understood: Your constitutional rights to assemble, go out in public, or attend church services end at the exact point where you are putting other people in danger.

  6. It is the law in Texas since the end of March to shelter in place. The law was in effect in Dallas since March 16th. But it is a difficult law to enforce. Unless the officer sees the offense first hand there’s not a lot you can do about it. Plus it’s a curfew law essentially. Not exactly something you roll in heavy and throw people in jail for. More like a fineable offense. Still it shouldn’t have to come to that even. Just use common sense Dak and lead by example. Between this and his contract demands I’ve lost a lot of respect for him.

  7. Were the cops supposed to bust down the doors and go count the people inside? Police have better things to do, the rest of the world’s crimes didn’t end when the lockdowns started. Give him a verbal warning and the rest of us can judge him for his stupidity.

  8. His lawyers will tell us they were three separate parties of ten people held in three different rooms of the house with guests rotating from room to room.

  9. Just another do as I say, not as I do millionaire. Did anyone expect different actions by these folks during a time of crises? Rules are for the little people, not us millionaires. Move along now, nothing to see here.

  10. Well since he is not under contract they should rescind the tag and sign cam newton. They will save $.

    What dak is continuing to do is worse than anything kapeenick did. He is not taking the spread of. A deadly virus seriously. You know the one that is killing people and has shut down the economy. Causing people extreme financial hardship.

    While the people at his party may or may not actually spread the virus the message he is sending as a leader and influencer is that it’s okay to not follow the rules regardless of risk to others.

  11. It’s puzzling timing & behavior from Dak. The cops should have let the party go on while quarantining all in the house for 14 days.

  12. How do you know he didn’t invite those people for a 14-day party? Dak house is certainly big enough. If everyone stays with him during the two-week self-quarantine period, there is nothing wrong with this.

  13. If it’d been some ordinary Joe’s residence he’d have been fined, folks ordered to leave pronto.

  14. The COVID Kid says:
    April 12, 2020 at 9:19 am
    This is such a bear trap.

    If cops were rolling in hot and arresting people left and right, the media would be having a field day.

    Since the cops aren’t, the media is having a field day


    Welcome to 2020 and beyond. Ain’t it great?

  15. Aside from the fact the police can not verify when the photo took place and the party would have long been over by the time they showed up, I think the expectation is that good citizens and supposed leaders would lead by example. But Dak’s character shows through here if the report is true.

  16. Just another case of people (celebrities) with money thinking the rules apply to everyone else but them. Dak is nothing but an average QB who the lousy GM known as Jerry will pay $30M+ per year. And who else was there? Zeke. The man who always seems to be in the middle of something stupid but Jerry the GM paid him a ton of money too. Nothing makes me happier than seeing Jerry spend the money on idiots year after year only to be sitting home at playoff time. They guy hasn’t won anything since the salary cap era because he can no longer buy every great player in the NFL. I do love watching you fail Jerry. Keep it up!

  17. Holy cow zeke needs to step back from that buffet he looks like Eddie Lacy in that tmz photo. Sign cam!

  18. To answer the below the videos of dak working out with dez and the video of zeke working out. So that’s enough to put all them people at risk

    How do you know he didn’t invite those people for a 14-day party? Dak house is certainly big enough. If everyone stays with him during the two-week self-quarantine period, there is nothing wrong with this.

  19. I absolutely would rescind the franchise tag. He has shown the opposite of leadership. So let him go find a spot now that musical chairs with the QB position is mostly played out, sign either Newton or Winston to throw the ball, and use the money for, say, a couple of edge rushers who are available right now. I wonder if Winston would prosper under a different coach….

  20. Entitlement (the rules don’t apply to me) and lack of leadership/judgment…never mind the Marcus Marriota inaccurate (NFL level, not backyard football level) arm…Dallas would be fools to pay him top 5 (even top 10) QB money.

  21. Used to be a fan of Zac and Zeke’s, but no more !! There immaturuty shows through. Maybe, flippin’ burgers should be their next party. Lifelong fan, they just ran off. There surely are not someone, I would want to look up to

  22. Dak is not the sharpest knife in the drawer and has now obviously shown NO leadership skills whatsoever. The really disturbing part is that Bryant now appears to be his new BFF. Sorry, Dallas fans but this has all the making of a car wreck looking for a place to happen. If I was Dallas I would definitely NOT give him a long term contract and would start kicking the tires on Winston/Newton to see if there is any tread left.

  23. The country of Iceland is unique for it’s isolation and clean lines of genealogy. Medical testing, experiments, and studies are common. Iceland is about the size of Minnesota, with 370,000 people total. They have tested nearly 12% of the entire country, which is way, way ahead of anybody else. They have found 50% of all people testing positive for Covid-19 are asymptomatic. Do these guys comprehend the volatility? There are carriers out there, a lot of them, that do not display symptoms! Distancing is vital, unless you’re a denier. Deniers to this unprecedented phenomenon do not deserve a voice in the conversation, because they refuse to be involved in the solution. The unstructured climate at the top of the political food chain in this country is Influencing and creating generations of selfish, self-indulgent, uneducated knuckledraggers. May God be with us all.

  24. Jerry wont be rescending the tag. He has overlooked MUCH worse indiscretions than this.

  25. I don’t know if these partyers think they’re above it all, or they think they’re invulnerable because they’re young. To the extent they think their youth makes them invulnerable, wise up. Recent stats are showing that young people are vulnerable too. Over a third of those hospitalized are between 20 and 54, and half of those in intensive care are under 65. (Stats keep changing, of course, so who knows where these figures might go.)

    Young people who smoke (cigarets or weed) and who vape are particularly vulnerable to the respiratory effects of the virus. And some young people who have really strong immune systems are dying suddenly because they have such a strong inflammatory reaction to the virus that they have a “cytokine storm” that overwhelms their systems, causing organ failure and death. It can happen in a day.

    I won’t be surprised if some star athlete or young and fit celebrity dies from this virus. I hope not, and I hope it won’t be necessary for something like that to happen before young people like Dak, Zeke and their guests wake up.

  26. Average at best qb, below average as a person. I hope Jerry does sign him so they will be cap screwed for years!

  27. Following an autograph session by Dak, photo session with Dak, free jerseys and tix from Dak, the cops deemed there was no unlawful party and left with an ample supply of snack food.

  28. So you can’t have Easter church services but a bunch of rich athletes can get together and risk the public health. I’m sorry but I’m pulling for Karma here.

  29. I hope the Cowboys sign him to a huge $30M+ contract and after signing it he shakes hands with Jerrah.

  30. The funny thing is black people are more pre-disposed to get it and who held the party? Whelp, there you go. Oh wait, it’s not funny because he also invited his grandma. Fine him a ton of money, arrest him and put him in the klink for a few weeks and make him watch videos of all the people in the ICU.

  31. most of Dak’s guests were probably young like him. They know the odds even if they get it are good that they’ll easily survive. Remember he;s not much older than stupid spring breakers type.

    Just an observation. Obviously they don’t care about catching it and exposing an elderly person.

  32. Zeke looks like he was spending too much time a the treat table. RB’s who don’t condition themselves year round will have a short career. I wouldn’t pay a dime to Zeke or Dak

  33. Michael E says:
    Look at all these sheep.

    Look at Cowboys fan getting defensive.
    If this party had been held by a key player from the Redskins, Eagles or Giants you’d be on here blasting away. I know it, and YOU know it.

  34. The Cop probably got 10 autographs,… said have a nice time and left.

  35. Not a Cowboys fan or a Dak Prescott fan but I love how people are saying they lost respect for him for his contract demands. Like what is the guy supposed to do? Ask for a discounted deal? He is putting his body on the line for a kids’ game. He can ask for whatever he wants and if someone pays up then all the power to him. He’s still a jackass for not obeying the orders though.

  36. Don’t want to practice social distancing? Maybe some time in the pokey where Bubba and the boys don’t like social distancing either.

  37. Alright, I agree that the party was wrong and Prescott should be shamed for it, but the city of Prosper does not have an arrest order for violations. Say what you want, but that cop couldn’t have done anything if he wanted to. And if he did arrest everyone for it, what happens then? They all get thrown in a holding cell…together. And also expose the officers.

    But it’s easy to suggest that cops are lazy. Or corrupt, as suggested by the last sentence. That’s fundamentally unfair. Prescott is to blame, along with his attendees. Not the police department, so the insinuations against that officer are uncalled for.

  38. Well then, the article should have been titled “Police DID NOT INVESTIGATE complaint regarding Dak Prescott’s party”..

  39. Jerry Jones dropped the ball ! Tom Brady would have been lethal behind that offensive line and more importantly he would have displayed the leadership that the Cowboys are so sorely missing. Prescott is a mediocre quarterback and like Kirk Cousins he will have some nice games but he won’t win you a championship. I would sign Cam Newton or Jameis Winston yesterday. This incident is not going away.

  40. Of course the cops looked the other way. That’s the star QB and RB of their hometown team. I hope that none of them wind up testing positive,but they should also realize that this virus does not discriminate by age,how healthy a person is,or who they are. It’s a potential killer. It’s already taken the lives of/sickened many young people. Stop it, Dak. This is nothing to mess around with,and you don’t have to be old to get it.

  41. Just add Dak to the group of people who don’t take the virus serious, heck the POTUS and Governor of Texas should be happy, Dak was just trying to jumpstart the economy. Catering company got paid a fortune to risk their lives.

  42. Of course he shouldn’t have had the party but I still want honest reporting. I counted 6 people in the pictures, far short of the alarming number 30, and the dinner table had 10 settings.

  43. Your chances of dying in an auto accident are over 60X greater than the number of people expected to die from the coronavirus so you better not drive again!

  44. fringetastic says:
    April 12, 2020 at 6:48 pm
    Of course he shouldn’t have had the party but I still want honest reporting. I counted 6 people in the pictures, far short of the alarming number 30, and the dinner table had 10 settings.

    But 6 or even 10 people wouldn’t have sounded dramatic enough for Florio!

  45. Wished Law an Order was still filming, next episode would be football QB that knew his disease was infectious and he didn’t give a crap and caused a death, we the jury find the QB guilty of Manslaughter in the 1st degree, really miss that show.

  46. Stupid and ignorant are the first words that come to mind. This will follow this idiot around for the rest of his career. And why is he working out with Dez anyway?

  47. So now it’s doing something irresponsible (at best), avoiding owning up to it, and lying about it (to both cops and the public).

    A rookie – maybe, possibly understandable. But a guy who’s been there a few years and knows he is the face of the team, the de facto leader, the guy who has to live up to the tradition? Inexplicable and inexcusable.

    8-8, parties during lockdown, lies about it. In what world is that worth $33 million a year?

  48. Dak and Zeke… maybe they’re rehearsing for a remake of DUMB AND DUMBER??? They certainly do qualify….

  49. So you’re trying to get paid and this is the decision making ability that you display? SELFISH. IGNORANT. PRIVILEGED. NOT VERY SMART.

  50. Many NFL players play by their own rules. Anyone who is surprised by this party hosted by Prescott, please call me. I have a bridge to sell you.

  51. Maybe the true answer if he had a party with thirty people will show up in a couple weeks when Dak and twenty nine of his friends are admitted to a Dallas hospital on an ICU respirator fighting for their lives.what an example that would set,bigger than UK leader Boris Johnsons happily ignoring it until it was too late.

  52. If I were a Dallas fan, or if this were my team’s leaders, I would be truly ashamed of them.

    I don’t care if they were practicing social distancing or keeping it to 10. There should be NO party and no one who doesn’t live there. They should be setting a good example to the millions of people who look up to them, many of them kids or upcoming players. Do they just believe that they’re more deserving to do what they want than the rest of us who are honoring the stay at home order? You don’t think the rest of us want to go out and party and visit friends and family?!

    Most states have fines and jail time for blatant disregard of the order. They need to use it, an set the right example. Jail or fine and suspend them.

  53. Now remind yourself this party came AFTER he’d already gotten a bunch of negative press for his workouts. This dude simply doesn’t get it.

  54. So far since we retired on 3/13 we’ve, among many other adjustments to our life, have
    cancelled our retirement trip for which we’ve been working for since before Woodstock, missed our only grandson’s only first birthday (in person, had to face time from a mile away) he’s ever going to have and couldn’t visit mom on what might be her last birthday. All to protect others from us more so than ourselves from others.

    Have your party in mid summer boys, and suck it up like the rest of us.

  55. Here in the midwest, people are starting to ignore the so-called shelter in place. Never in history have we quarantined healthy people. NYC is the epicenter of the US version of the pandemic. We simply are not seeing the horrific numbers of deaths anywhere else.

  56. People talk about others being selfish but I see thousands of people every day where I work. I see tons of people a day on the golf course by my house and riding bikes at the park. Noone is taking it seriously. Covid19 isnt going anywhere until they have reliable testing and a vaccine. Blaming a handful of people is only misguided anomosity.

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