Roger Goodell to announce first-round picks from his basement

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It’s been thought for some time that NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell would announce the names of this year’s first-round picks from his home and we now know where in his home he’ll be when he makes those announcements.

While giving a preview of what will be in Monday morning’s edition of Football Morning in America, Peter King reported that Goodell will be announcing those selections from the basement of his home in Bronxville, New York. A memo Goodell sent last week telegraphed that he’d be at home when he wrote that league staff would be “operating in separate locations outside of our offices” when the first round kicked off on April 23.

The players being selected will be at home as well and 58 of this year’s top prospects have been sent cameras that will capture their reaction to being picked.

ESPN and NFL Network are putting together a joint broadcast of the draft that’s going to air on both networks.

59 responses to “Roger Goodell to announce first-round picks from his basement

  1. I am sure Goodell’s basement is bigger and nicer than my entire house. Poor guy forced to work next to his 500K wine cellar.

  2. Well, Good, I’m glad that’s settled.
    Hopefully this will finally appease Florio’s bizarre blood lust for stay at home/social distancing non-compliance.

  3. All I can picture is Goodell holding his little white poodle Precious, and dancing in a dress and blonde lady’s wig in front of the camera saying “I’d pick me…I’d pick me so hard.”

  4. It’s a shame that we have to listen to him to enjoy the draft real time. I’m not interested in one word he has to say. Lets do it in my basement. We’ll get local groups and lock down boogie videos to play, we’ll get some salsa dancers, I love to say salsa, do you want some salsa, I would love some salsa. Anything but him.

  5. I wonder if Momma Goodell will be bringing Roger his favorite sandwich with the crust cut off as reads the draft picks?

  6. 4thputt says:
    April 12, 2020 at 5:30 pm
    Hope someone locks him up down there
    Whoa whoa whoa. Easy man. Patriot fans are on here.

  7. Somehow we will still hear the boos when he is on. They should just go ahead and add the sound effect.

  8. sfsaintsfan says:
    April 12, 2020 at 5:42 pm
    If he had announced the picks from his living room, his family would have booed him!
    Best comment yet!

  9. I bet Goodell has some killer NFL memorabilia in his man cave.

    I’d love to see Goodell light a big Cuban cigar about halfway through the first round.

  10. What is he going to wear ? He’s usually in a suit, so will we see him in his pj’s or sweat pants.

  11. I’m loving that this year’s NFL draft us going to be ran like my fantasy football draft.

  12. Why the basement, I mean It isn’t a nuclear holocaust or zombie apocalypse either, living room or maybe game/tv room could work fine, II’m sure his house is big enough, basement sounds a little freaky.

  13. His wife Jane Skinner could do a few picks in later rounds. She isn’t a bad visual. She was a news anchor in Milwaukee back in the day.

    They actually should have former NFL players announce the later round picks from their homes. Possibly some medical personnel from hospitals getting involved. Also have some fans announce picks. I volunteer to do one of the Packers picks from the Music/Sports cave.😁


  14. Well at least we can give him (a little) credit for holding the draft on time. If the owners and GM’s decided, they would have waited until August. All sports fans are starving for anything to follow right now.

  15. I love all the Goodell hating, imagine what it would be like if he didn’t preside over the most popular sport in the world.

  16. This is a unique chance for the league to show a sense of humor and relatability. Goodell in sweats in a recliner. Jerry & Stephen Jones at the dinner table. Players, coaches & execs in their kitchens, living rooms, kids running around, etc. whatever casual looks like for these people, serve it up.

  17. What’s not mentioned here is that Goodell’s basement is literally a replica of the typical draft stage. He even has replica booing fans installed.

  18. They’re not telling you about his cameraman, audio & lighting engineers, and hair stylist etc.

  19. kevpft says:
    April 12, 2020 at 8:29 pm
    This is a unique chance for the league to show a sense of humor and relatability. Goodell in sweats in a recliner. Jerry & Stephen Jones at the dinner table. Players, coaches & execs in their kitchens, living rooms, kids running around, etc. whatever casual looks like for these people, serve it up.
    I couldn’t agree more !

  20. You can sometimes find “rats” in the basement. Call an exterminator because this could be a big one

  21. Naturally.

    Rog: “Maaaaaa, grt me some Totino’s, stat! Our stream is in intermission!”

  22. This would have been funnier if they had announced he was doing the picks from his moms basement. The NFL should have said that anyhow just for grons.

  23. From mommy’s basement? Oh wait, no….he makes $44 million a year for the joke of a job he does

  24. I”m pretty sure his basement is better than most people’s homes, probably better than the best home any of us have been in.

  25. I’m sure he’s down there right now moving the holiday decorations and random household junk off to the side and setting up his card table and medal foldout chairs.

    Note Rodger: make sure the de-himidifier is on to stay comfortable.

    And the # pick is ……..

  26. He runs the NFL like he’s a millenial so being in the basement of his folks’ home would be appropriate.

  27. He should wear pajamas and a Hugh Hefner bathrobe. Light candles. Play some smooth jazz.

  28. That all of this can’t/or won’t be done on the internet just shows how football crazy we have all become.

  29. 2020 NFL Draft… We are looking live where the NFL has sunk to a new low, announcing the draft from his basement overpaid overweight overmatched commissioner Roger Goodell.

  30. People who make 40 mil a year don’t have “basements.” They have sunken parlors, or lower penthouses.

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