49ers bring back cornerbacks Jason Verrett, Dontae Johnson

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The 49ers only got one game out of cornerback Jason Verrett last year, but they’re going to give him another chance.

The team announced they had re-signed the former Chargers first-rounder to a one-year deal, along with cornerback Dontae Johnson.

They signed Verrett last March, but the one-time Pro Bowler was placed on IR in early October with a knee problem.

He’s battled injuries throughout his career, and has played just 26 games in six years, and six in the last four seasons.

Johnson was originally a fourth-round pick of the 49ers in 2014, and has bounced around, and was actually re-signed last year when Verrett went on IR.

5 responses to “49ers bring back cornerbacks Jason Verrett, Dontae Johnson

  1. Johnson provides excellent depth.. Verrett, I have no idea what he has left.. 26 games in 6 seasons might be a record for longevity without production.. He’ll be hard pressed to beat out all the UDFA’s Lynch will be trotting into Camp this summer..

  2. Dontae Johnson is flat terrible. Jason Verrett is always hurt and when he did get on the field last year he was immediately torched for a TD

    These signings must be only to fill the 90 man roster for training camp.

  3. Verett was really a bright and rising star until his injury trouble kicked in. Then he came back briefly, and likely was not fully recovered because he immediately got hurt again. He’s spent most of his career rehabbing, which if you step back and think about it, one of the hardest things-if not the hardest thing-a player can do. That doesn’t mean a team should not consider his health history and the possibility of regression due to injury, but the fact that Verett hasn’t given up must have been enough for Lynch to try and salvage the signing. I’d like to see if Verrett can deliver and stay healthy this year, because he had a lot of potential and is still otherwise pretty young and obviously is a hard worker.

    It’s hard to root against guys at least having the opportunity to come back and show waht they have before writing them off. I’d like to at least see what Verrett has if he can finally play healthy.

  4. They need a good one opposite Richard Charmin, and they may be looking to find his eventual successor too. They will probably draft one early and they are casting a wide net at the same time by re-signing Dontae Johnson and Jason Verrett.

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