Browns to donate proceeds from new jerseys to COVID-19 relief

Getty Images

The Browns are getting a new look this week, but they’re also looking around them and realizing what’s going on.

The team is unveiling a new uniform design later this week, and helping their community in more ways than just aesthetically.

According to Peter King of NBC’s Football Morning in America, the Browns are donating the net proceeds from new jersey sales to coronavirus relief in the Cleveland area.

The “Hats Off To Our Heroes” fund will help health-care professionals, first-responders, education professionals and others involved in the effort to keep people safe.

“Having a uniform launch now, we asked ourselves, ‘Are we being tone-deaf?’ “ Browns executive vice president J.W. Johnson said. “We thought we needed some positivity in a tough time for a lot of people.”

Of course, it doesn’t hurt that a lot of Browns fans will likely want new jerseys, since the old re-design in 2015, and we’re being generous here, wasn’t a good one.

“Our fans wanted us to get back to our roots, to our tradition,” Johnson said. “We’ve always had a classic, clean and iconic look. We’re a traditional team, like Green Bay, Pittsburgh, Dallas. Our fans weren’t super-thrilled with our uniform [change] the last time. Now we’ve been able to figure out a way for us to go back to more of a traditional look while giving back to people and to families who need it.”

Getting back to their roots will be nice, but giving back to their community’s the bigger benefit here.