Damon Harrison says he was “hell-bent on getting out of” Detroit

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You had to figure when Damon Harrison described his release from the Lions as “mutual,” that the relationship wasn’t good.

The more he talks about it, the more obvious it becomes.

Via Dave Birkett of the Detroit Free Press, Harrison said on the “Green Light” podcast with former NFL defensive end Chris Long that he was never comfortable with the Lions, and tried to gin up a trade last summer..

“I came into camp in shape, but during the first three weeks of camp I think I kind of worked myself out of shape because I wasn’t doing anything,” Harrison said. “That was a time where, to be honest with you, we were trying to facilitate a trade. I was hell-bent on getting out of there.”

The Lions gave Harrison a one-year extension last year, handing him an extra $2.2 million. But he said he wasn’t quite there, and health issues for his wife contributed to his malaise.

“Mentally I was just out of it, man,” he said.

The 31-year-old was sent to Detroit in a midseason trade in 2018, and he said he never felt comfortable there.

“To be completely honest with you, I didn’t want to go to Detroit because of some things that I heard from some guys in the past and some guys who were there,” Harrison said. “So when I got the call that that’s where I was traded, I didn’t answer the phone for a couple hours. [General Manager] Bob Quinn was calling me and I didn’t pick up the phone because I was trying to figure out a way to get out of it. . . .

“It’s nothing against the people of Detroit, the city or anything like that. I’ll forever love the city of Detroit, but I just had to go try to put myself into a situation where I saw myself there for two or three years to end my career, and I just didn’t see myself in Detroit for that long.”

Harrison remains on PFT’s list of Top 25 available free agents, and ostensibly if he signs somewhere, he’ll be more on board with the idea of changing teams this time.

16 responses to “Damon Harrison says he was “hell-bent on getting out of” Detroit

  1. Players a whole lot better than this guy felt the same way and one of them has a gold jacket…so I’ll take Damon’s word for it.

  2. It’s refreshing for a player to admit what everyone knows. One of the worst teams to play for in the NFL — if you care about winning — is the Lions.
    After all, what other team could have made Barry Sanders and Calvin Johnson quit in their primes???

  3. No matter what you think of the Detroit Lions, Harrison took the money and didn’t show up ready to give an honest day’s work for and honest day’s pay. If your co-worker did that while you were grinding, you’d rip them to shreds. This is no different.

  4. He didn’t answer the GM’s call after the trade, tried to find a way out of going, didn’t want to be there, tried to force a trade, and signed a one year extension?

    I like Snacks, but he probably shouldn’t have gone so in-depth about the issue.

  5. Sounds like Detroit is better off without this malcontent. Rather than actually try to assimilate, he just dogs it and tries to force a trade. Why would any team sign a player that actually admits this kind of thing?

  6. I’ve learned that when a grown man has to say “…, man!” that he is not a grown man and not an impressive level of professional athlete.

  7. With any luck this will be the final year of the Quinn/Patricia experiment, but I doubt it. The Fords will extend them for at least another year.

  8. Also, based on the bluster from Patricia & Quinn, you’d think the Lions are a team where players want to play. The evidence in front of us show it’s a team that players want to leave.

  9. If something happens once, fine, stuff happens. If it happens twice, eyebrows raise a little, mabey it’s a coincidence. When the same thing pops up 3 or more times you gotta say there is a problem in the Detroit Lions organization. The Fords bought the team in 1963 and the team has had flashes of success, but there more bad times than good times. The Detroit Lions have zero Superbowl wins under the Fords, they had one of the greatest running backs retire just to get away from them, they had one of the greastest wide receivers possibly ever retire to get away from them, and now they either have players trying to get out of Detroit or try everything they possibly can do to keep from going to Detroit. The only thing you can ask youself is..what the heck is going on in Detroit? It isn’t the players because this nonsense has been going on for over 50 plus years. It isn’t the coaches because many have came and went over the same amout of time. The only thing left is ownership and the fans.
    The Owner or people running the Lions are either incompetent or they don’t care about winning championships, basically exist for the sole purpose of getting a revenue sharing check and the fans just keep handing them money year after year after year. I said it many times, but hard headed delusional fans are just as much to blame as the owner who does the bare minimum to make their fans to think they have a chance of winning year in year out. The Lions, Bengals, Browns, and Jets exist for a revenue sharing check and nothing more.

  10. If I were a team that was interested in signing this guy I wouldn’t be interested anymore. Nothing like paying a bunch of money to a guy who has a temper tantrum and decides to mail it in. I don’t think this is going to cause teams to jump all over themselves to sign him. He may have a hard time getting a contract and any contract will be far less than what he got in Detroit. Then he’ll be a malcontent because he feels he’s underpaid. He may have effectively ended his career.

  11. After the season he was crying in the locker room and talking about retiring, after dogging it all season. Just retire, you’re a dog now…

  12. “I came into camp in shape, but during the first three weeks of camp I think I kind of worked myself out of shape because I wasn’t doing anything,” may be the funniest quote I have read from an athlete in a long time.

  13. My Lions and My Raiders are the epitome of failure. Both my teams bring new meaning to the word Dumpster fire!

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