Devin McCourty on Chris Hogan: We have a new QB, let’s bring an old target back

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Patriots safety Devin McCourty and cornerback Jason McCourty had a former teammate on the latest episode of their podcast and there was some talk about having wide receiver Chris Hogan back in New England.

Hogan noted that the Patriots made the Super Bowl in all three of his seasons with the team and Devin McCourty noted that the podcast has made some news in recent weeks before making some more by making a pitch for Hogan’s return.

“You heard it here first, man: Chris Hogan back to New England. We get him back there, we got 7-Eleven, always open. We’ve got a new quarterback, let’s bring an old target back,” McCourty said, via “That’s what we do in New England. LeGarrette [Blount] came back, next thing you know, 18 touchdowns. That’s what happens in New England. Deion Branch came back in 2010, touchdowns everywhere. So New England, get a head start. Start your articles now. It’s 8:47. Devin has said it.”

Hogan signed with the Panthers last year and went on injured reserve with a knee injury after four games. He returned for three games at the end of the season and caught eight passes for 67 yards overall.

17 responses to “Devin McCourty on Chris Hogan: We have a new QB, let’s bring an old target back

  1. Be ok letting him compete fo a job but honestly would rather see the Pats pick up a guy from the receiver rich draft that has more youth & speed on his side, someone that has more upside….

  2. Since winning that last SB just 14 months ago you’ve forgotten in it he went 0 for 6 targets! Got his most yards with Brady but never seemed to have chemistry, and latterly it tailed off.

  3. BB has his former lacrosse playing son on the team now, he does not need Hogan around if he gets the itch to break out the Brine to toss around a few now.

    Hogan had a nice four or five year run as a supporting WR in the NFL, but he may now be at a point where he will find it hard to even get a chance as a camp body, if there are any training camps.

  4. The first 2 years with the Pats he was a decent 3rd/4th receiver and made some big plays. The 3rd year he couldn’t get separation and was regularly beat by average DBs.

    He does know the system and there will be a more limited playbook for Stidham, but don’t really see Hogan being a big help.

  5. hukdeep says:
    April 13, 2020 at 10:06 am
    Pats are overrated, severely.

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    Other way around.

    1. Best OL in the conference.
    2. Arguably the best group of RBs, 1-4. Damien Harris couldn’t even dress last year out of Bama.
    3. Best secondary in the league. Not even close in this area.

    Coaching staff, the best. Go read Pioli’s comments about how NE has an advantage right now during this time because of their hard work from the coaches, scouts and the CONTINUITY as an organization.

    This will be just like 2011 when they had no business taking a ragtag D into a SB like that and then Brady and Welker, underperformed again vs the Giants.

    But, guess what? There’s more continuity NOW than there was then, especially on defense.

    But, Stidham can’t be any worse than Brady was last year.

  6. hukdeep says:

    Pats are overrated, severely

    I’ve seen predictions of 8-8 which seem realistic for a team that was 12-4 LY that has lost some key players. Wishful thinking hukdeep?

  7. If NEs D was responsible for 10 out of the 12 wins last year, simply by holding offenses to 11.2 pts per game which is absolutely legendary for this era (I am still speechless how this can happen and the media bury it to protect awful Brady and go after BB yet again), why can’t the D win, say, 8 games by their lonesome next year?

    And the thing is, I could say NE’s D was responsible for all 12 wins because they still shutdown Pitt and Miami in Sept. So, I am being generous there simply because those were 2 games Brady at least appeared interested, outside of the Buffalo game last in the year.

    I am sure Stidham will be giddy with so many drives and so many short fields, unlike Brady this past year.

    That simple. It’s really not hard to understand. NE will win that division next year because of the continuity, experience and quality leadership. Even McCourty knows how selfish Brady was last year. All the vets who have spoken up, do.

    The biggest loss is Van Noy, no doubt, but the people are in house to replace and that’s 2nd rd pick and 3-4 contributor, John Simon, and 2nd year and impressive rookie last year, Chase Winowich.

    Both will take on more snaps in the process.

    Other than that, odds favor health in 2020 (if they even play).

  8. Belichick definitely has an advantage with the limitations imposed by COVID-19. Those advantages are somewhat mitigated by elevating a backup QB to a starter but no one preps better than Bill.

    Take the draft. It will be harder to navigate trades but Bill doesn’t have to convene with anyone before making a decision. He also doesn’t fear making mistakes. Other teams will want to deal with Bill so options will be open to him.

    It’s true that Brady leaves a gaping hole but the Pats are loaded with veteran winners on offense, defense and special teams who are true leaders and team players. McCourty, Gilmore, Hightower and Butler on defense; Andrews, Mason, Thuney, Cannon, Edelman, White and Michel on offense; and, Slater and a host of players with experience on special teams. Many others provide the youth, speed and enthusiasm a team needs while having been groomed for a year or two.

  9. Best OL in the conference ? Will the Refs continue to ignore holding by the Patriots O-Line now that TB 12 is in Tampa ?

  10. Sorry to disappoint McCourty but Hogan’s best days are behind him….I won’t be disappointed if they gave him a shot to compete….but I just don’t see him making the team…

  11. He couldn’t catch a cold butt naked in the Super Bowl, I doubt he’s any better now.

  12. “But, Stidham can’t be any worse than Brady was last year.”

    ooooh foolish spoiled Pats fans. In for a rude awakening.

    Most Pats fans have no clue what their franchise was even like pre-Bledsoe.

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