Dolphins G.M. and coach not interested in big move up

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As early as mid-January (which seems like 10 years ago in coronavirus time), there were reports the Dolphins were interested in making a move to the top of the draft in an effort to land quarterback LSU Joe Burrow.

If they do, it’s likely coming from the top of the organizational chart.

According to Peter King of NBC’s Football Morning in America, both General Manager Chris Grier and coach Brian Flores “are very much against trading the farm to move up to get Burrow.”

Of course, both Grier and Flores have a boss, and owner Stephen Ross might be able to change their minds. He’s the one who was reportedly most interested in such a move for Burrow.

The Dolphins have three first round picks (fifth, 18th, and 26th overall), and six picks in the top 70 overall selections. So they have ammunition if they want to make a move.

Ross has also publicly expressed concerns about the health of Alabama quarterback Tua Tagovailoa, though he said he’d defer to his football decision-makers on the pick.

It sounds like if they get their way, a huge trade to the first pick won’t be in the cards.

20 responses to “Dolphins G.M. and coach not interested in big move up

  1. As it should be we have too many needs to be trading up and giving away valuable draft picks

  2. is it a smokescreen? Flores coming from New England, seems like he would want to be more conservative, im starting to think they may take Herbert over TUA

  3. “are very much against trading the farm to move up to get Burrow”

    6 picks in the top 70 selections. Use them all to make your team better. Joe Burrow is not worthy of the number 1 pick and certainly not worthy of a team trading away their draft for him. Joe Burrow is closer to being Sam Bradford than he is to being Peyton Manning.

  4. If Tua is there at #5, roll the dice and take him. Most quarterbacks are a 50-50 crap shoot anyway. This franchise needs someone to resuscitate it.

  5. Stay put, if anything trade back for more 2nd rounders.
    Again, I do not see where anyone from Miami that makes the picks say they are taking a QB
    Don6be surprised if Miami doesn’t take a QB folks. We really don’t need one right now!!

  6. What remains to be seen is if any team that has stockpiled picks can regain prior glory doing things this way. So far the practice of having loads of picks has not changed Cleveland (possibly being a bottom dweller is in the team’s DNA). It would be nice to see the fish rise again, but it would take another Don Shula to do that and I don’t see one on the team right now. This team needs a solid QB who will do more than to throw as many TD’s as interceptions.

  7. If Tua doesn’t last til #5, Fins should grab Simmons and then use one of the second rounders and their 18th pick to trade up to draft Love

  8. Miami is playing it smart. If there is no QB who you are totally sold on available, don’t give up valuable picks to move up. Also, if you do want to move up, don’t let anyone know you are too interested.

    I’m impressed with how Miami is doing their rebuild. If they use all the draft assets they’ve amassed wisely, they will be a top ten team in a year or two.

  9. Stephen Ross, you are an owner. You hired football people now let them do their job. Do you hear Robert Kraft telling BB how to build a very successful franchise?

  10. All owners stick there nose in there and why? Its their money. Lets not forget it was Kraft that made BB trade Jimmy G. and now they have ? Uh, yea … they are looking again. So for Ross I get it he has no clue what a football even looks like but again its his money and I got a feeling we’ll be seeing him around sticking his nose in just to see how things are going .

  11. The Dolphins have a lot of holes left to fill. I don’t think Cincy would even consider an offer. I wouldn’t be surprised if the Dolphins don’t even select a quarterback with the fifth pick.

  12. The fins O line has been in shambles for last 10 years. Remember when Marino was only sacked 12 times in a season? Poor Tannehill was hit and sacked the most in the NFL for his first 5 years. Build the line starting with the 5th pick and take Love at 18 or 26. Too many holes to fill and maybe trade the 7th rounds picks to move up to the 3rd or 4th round.

  13. It’s just talk, they really don’t want to give up all those picks, but you’ll see a team jump over them to grab Tua right in front of them. They’re pretty much screwed…either give up a bunch of picks to get the guy they really want and tanked over half a season for or you get stuck with the guy you didn’t want aka the 3rd best QB in the draft. Good luck with this Fins, do the right thing.

  14. I think its funny how my fellow Dolphins fans constantly talk badly about Stephen Ross when he has injected so much money and effort into this tired defeated franchise and has honestly shown a brighter football mind in recent memory than his own “Football guys”. He was against Minkah Bitchpatrick and wanted Lamar Jackson and they told him no way. Look how that turned out. Now he says Tua is a liability and Burrow is the guy he wants. Well see how that turns out. Also him pursuing Jim Harbough was brilliant although unconventional and he has proven repeatedly shown he will shell out as much money and put in as much time as any of the owners in the NFL. Sometimes the “football guys” just know everything and can get shown up by a “dumb” owner. The only real knock I hold against him is hiring Mike Tannenbaum. That was really unacceptable but he paid a bigger price than the rest of us, not only costing him a literal fortune, but also costing him priceless time near the end of his life while getting no closer to building a successful franchise during those lost years. Ross is a good dude and I appreciate what he has done for my team.

  15. I pray that the first pick the Dolphins make, is a Big Left Tackle!!! Take a QB later!!

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