Draft will start with national anthem, from performer’s home

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The draft gets started in 10 days. And it will start with the national anthem.

As explained by Peter King in his new Football Morning in America column, The Star-Spangled Banner will be performed prior to the commencement of the selection process.

The person singing the song isn’t yet known, but he or she will be doing it from home. And it should be a highly-coveted gig, given the millions who will be tuned in — and in light of the opportunity to provide the country with a moment of unification and inspiration.

So who do you think it will be? Who do you think it should be? If only there were a way you could immediately chime in.

8 responses to “Draft will start with national anthem, from performer’s home

  1. I think we need a performer with mass appeal and a performer that can provide some hope during this unnerving and anxious time.

    Frankly, we need some inspiration and that inspiration brought with class. This isn’t the time for a big glitzy Beyoncé or Jennifer Lopez lip-synced performance.

    Some may not believe the performer I am about to mention is extremely talented, but they would be wrong.

    In 2016 we all watched Lady Gaga give one of the best performances of the national anthem at the Super Bowl in history. She is truly one of the only performers with mass appeal that could pull off a inspirational, stripped down, acapela, national anthem in her home.

    They usually go young child, or cheesy, or military themed, for something like this, but this is not the time or place for any of that.

  2. Awesome. The NFL has a chance to do this right and maybe bring a little joy into the lives of many during these difficult times. They’re showing signs that they’ll do just that.

  3. I hope Roseanne gets another chance. The NFL likes a good second chance story. (sarcasm)

    Amen to Whitney Houston’s rendition, rodger!

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