Expect the Seahawks to trade down in the first round

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Few things are certain about next week’s NFL draft, but this is close to a sure thing: The Seahawks will trade their first-round draft pick.

The Seahawks always trade their first-round pick, and as one GM told Peter King in Football Morning in America, “Only two sure things in this draft: Joe Borrow to the Bengals and John Schneider trades down in the first round.”

Not since 2011 have the Seahawks kept their original first-round pick. And when they trade their pick, it’s always to acquire a veteran player or to move down, never to move up. Here’s what the Seahawks have done with their first-round picks in the last eight drafts:

In 2019, Seattle traded down from 21 to 30.

In 2018, Seattle traded down from 18 to 27.

In 2017, Seattle traded down from 26 to 31, then down again from 31 to 34, then from 34 to 35.

In 2016, Seattle traded down from 26 to 31.

In 2015, Seattle traded its first-round pick to acquire Jimmy Graham from the Saints.

In 2014, Seattle traded down from 32 to 40, then down again from 40 to 45.

In 2013, Seattle traded its first-round pick to acquire Percy Harvin from the Vikings.

In 2012, Seattle traded down from 12 to 15.

Draft trades have been one of the keys to the Seahawks’ ability to sustain success, and trading down is usually the smart thing to do: Many GMs overestimate their ability to scout players, so they pay a premium to move up for one specific player. The Seahawks know that the smart play is to bring in as many good players as you can, not to target one player, so they love to trade down to acquire more picks. And that’s what they’re highly likely to do again next week.

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  1. It would be interesting to see who they could have has each year if they didn’t trade down. I’m too lazy to look that up.

  2. I disagree, the strategy doesn’t work. We pass up talented players to trade down and take bad ones.
    2019: Passed on Andre Dillard, T to take LJ Collier.
    2018: Passed on Jaire Alexander, CB to take Rashaad Penny, RB
    2017: Passed on TJ Watt, LB to take Malik McDowell, DT
    2016: Passed on Chris Jones, DT to take Germain Ifedi, T

    Those are just 4 examples. It also hurts us that we almost never trade up to get guys with the exceptions of Lockett, Metcalf and Dickson. Times when we should, like when Derwin James gets taken 1 spot before our original slot, we do nothing. Part of the reason is, we trade our picks so often before the draft for other players, Schneider feels he HAS to trade down to replenish the stash

  3. This strategy of having more capital for high numbers in the later rounds pays off because there have been some real gems in later rounds.

    There are times trades out when they got have Pro Bowlers and All Pros at positions of need. Ramczyk was a player fans wanted and last year left Sweat out there and moved back to draft LJ Collier who didnt seen the field and when he did he was invisible.

  4. I agree; they undoubtedly will be trading back several times as the Seahawks have no picks in the 5th & 7th rounds. I anticipate they will go from the 7 picks to some 10-11, when all said an done.

    I personally hope they take someone at 27 that can be a mainstay on the offensive or defensive line for the next decade.

  5. Schneider has had some misses in the last few years using this strategy. Malik McDowell, LJ Collier, Germain Ifedi. Those are all in the earlier rounds of the draft. He seems to be better at finding good players later in the draft. maybe he’s aware of this that’s why he tries to get as much late picks as he can.

  6. lotoffcenter says:
    April 13, 2020 at 7:02 am
    Of course there is the alternative and trade up to get a Mahomes like KC did.
    Not when Wilson is your Current Starting QB….

  7. They’re in the playoffs every year. Obviously they’re doing something right. If you listen to all the nancies in the Seattle comment section, you’d think they were a 2 win team year in year out. Fans and trolls alike.

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