New York Post sports photographer Anthony Causi, 48, loses fight with COVID-19

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The nation has come a long way, unless it hasn’t, from the widespread downplaying of the coronavirus as a serious threat to the health of millions of otherwise young and healthy people. The illness to whom many reacted with nonchalance as the flu or the common cold (thanks to those with platforms who called it those things) has had an uncommon impact, one that makes proclamations from only six weeks ago seem criminally reckless now.

The latest proof that we’re dealing with the worst outbreak of a deadly disease since the Spanish flu of 1918 comes from the passing of New York Post sports photographer Anthony Causi.

Anthony Causi was 48.

He is survived by his wife (Romina), a five-year-old son (John), a two-year-old daughter (Mia), both parents, and two sisters.

“He had a heart as big as anyone I’ve ever met,” Channel 4 sports anchor Bruce Beck told the Post. “He was salt of the earth. He had a charm and a grace about him that you just don’t find in many people. He would ask a Roger Clemens or a Pedro Martinez to pose for a picture and they wouldn’t have done that for anybody else. But they did it for Anthony.”

Causi’s work (an example of it, from the last game at old Yankee Stadium in 2008, is featured on this post) focused on New York’s major teams, the Yankees, the Mets, the Giants, the Jets, the Knicks, and the Rangers, and the tributes are pouring in from leagues, teams, players, and more for Causi, who fought COVID-19 for three weeks before passing on Sunday. A GoFundMe page has been established to assistants his family. If you’d like to make a donation, click here.

We extend our condolences to Anthony Causi’s family, friends, and colleagues. And we hope that the very real human suffering and tragedy that this virus has wrought will cause others to realize that this is the biggest challenge of our collective lifetimes, and that it demands an ongoing adjustment in the short term to the things we’d all otherwise like to be doing in order to ensure that as few families as possible will experience the pain, the grief, and the loss that Anthony Causi’s family currently is enduring.

4 responses to “New York Post sports photographer Anthony Causi, 48, loses fight with COVID-19

  1. The lethality of the disease has never been the issue, and the media will highlight the outlier stories. Covid 19 is a contagious virus with no vaccine, if 70% of the population got the virus within a month and if only 2 % needed hospitalization we would need 4.1 mil hospital beds (we have 320k open). People need to realize the virus does not disappear, you either have to be ok with the quarantine until there is a vaccine (12-18 months) or until there is some sort of herd immunity. I honestly do not know how you weigh this, because constant opening and closing of the economy will result in an epic implode. The media is doing an awful job of informing the public of there options, most people are under the assumption this is a 2-3 month disturbance.

  2. This is horrible !.Tony was a great guy who leaves an innocent grieving family.This covid-19 is no joke and can kill anyone who it infects ! And we still have knuckleheads all around us who refuse to follow the necessary social distancing rules to protect themselves, their families and the public at large.Those people are literally putting guns to the heads of innocent bystanders and should be dealt with as criminals !

  3. We are willing to point out that people like Dak Prescott are violating social distancing rules.
    They are putting others at risk.
    But we don’t discuss how Tony got exposed. Did he violate social distancing? Did he put himself at risk? We shouldn’t do this to shame him. We should do it to use his death to benefit others. If he did everything correct and still got it, that is very educational and helpful. If he made a mistake, or simply ignored the rules, that to would be very educational and helpful.

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