Teams with new head coaches will get their extra week of work

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The five teams with new head coaches were supposed to start their offseason programs April 6. That didn’t happen, obviously.

The NFL and NFLPA on Monday announced a virtual offseason program that will begin for all teams April 20.

It does allow for the Cowboys, Browns, Giants, Panthers and Washington to get their extra week back with a voluntary veteran minicamp on the back end. That gives the five teams with new head coaches a total of four weeks of virtual work.

All other teams get three consecutive weeks of virtual work.

The virtual work cannot go more than four hours a day and no more than four days a week.

On May 18, each team may elect to continue its offseason workout program under the virtual format or under an on-field format if team facilities have reopened.

“The Virtual Period will end and the On-Field Period will begin for all Clubs at any point during the offseason workout program when all NFL Club facilities have reopened,” reads the NFL Management Council document sent to teams Monday.

That means if some states with NFL teams relax social distancing mandates while others maintain stay-at-home orders, then none of the 32 teams can begin on-field work. All offseason workout programs must end by June 26.

The memo to teams also makes clear that teams must use their virtual work during the April 20 to May 15 Virtual Period or “lose them.” Teams cannot bankroll the three weeks of virtual work, hoping to use it for additional on-field work later.

“For the sake of clarity, after the conclusion of the Virtual Period, all NFL Clubs will have a total of six weeks remaining in their offseason workout programs, for use on a virtual basis, or on an on-field basis if all NFL Facilities have reopened,” reads the memo.

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