Virtual offseason program remains strictly voluntary

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Many things about the offseason program have changed for 2020. One thing remains the same: The virtual offseason program is voluntary.

Monday’s memo to all teams from the NFL Management Council makes it clear that players who are stuck at home aren’t required to spend any of their time at home devoted to the four-hours-per-day, four-days-per-week virtual program.

“As in prior years, player participation in offseason workout programs remains strictly voluntary,” the memo explains. “No Club official may indicate to a player that the Club’s offseason workout program or classroom instruction is not voluntary, or that a player’s failure to participate in the Virtual Period or the On-Field Period will result in the player’s failure to make the Club, or in any other adverse consequences affecting his working conditions.”

Given the circumstances, it’s hard to imagine players not participating. They’ve got nothing else to do, so why not make the $235 per day to work from home, especially at a time when anyone else who can work from home is doing so?

That said, if they don’t want to do it, they don’t have to do it. And the difference with the virtual program is that, unless the team tells the media that the player isn’t participating, no one will know that he isn’t — unlike the years when it’s obvious that the player is skipping the workouts because he’s physically not present for them.

3 responses to “Virtual offseason program remains strictly voluntary

  1. You can do what you like, watch Netflix, play video games and eat pizza & wings.
    Showing up at training camp looking like the Pillsbury Doughboy and not knowing the playbook won’t help you make the team.

  2. As an employee, regardless whether I was a grunt or a GM, I was always given “voluntary” options for my job. Never did I not do the action – even if it was voluntary. Leaders go beyond what is REQUIRED – I always considered the voluntary items as investments into my next step – and by gosh, it was remembered when I stepped up.

    With Dakota and Dallas, I can’t help but think that Dakota’s declaration that he isn’t doing jack until he gets a new contract will do more to impact him negatively than anything he could have done. Supposedly this clown is a leader (odd, he’s never shown it on the field). I know I would not respect someone who chickened out of voluntary items.

    Hopefully Dakota will learn how to manage a fry station. He’s showing the profound ability to sink to his normal place in things.

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