Dave Gettleman: Franchising Leonard Williams was “prudent” decision

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When Giants General Manager Dave Gettleman was asked about holding onto defensive tackle Leonard Williams at the Scouting Combine, he said he knew he would be “killed” if he let Williams walk after trading third- and fifth-round picks to the Jets to acquire him last season.

Gettleman ensured he wouldn’t be raked over the coals for that decision when he used the franchise tag on Williams last month. The decision sets Williams up to make just over $16.1 million, which led to questions for Williams about going that route rather than use the cheaper transition tag or seeing what kind of market developed for Williams on the open market.

“Really what it came down to was we felt good about our cap space,” Gettleman said on a Monday conference call, via the team’s website. “We felt for what Leonard brings to the table and for our team, it was more prudent to put the franchise tag on him.”

Williams hasn’t signed the tag and Gettleman didn’t offer much thought about the possibility of signing him to a long-term deal ahead of July 15, but he did say that “part of the tight rope that I walk on is short-term and long-term” while noting that several other players will be in line for new deals in the next couple of years.

8 responses to “Dave Gettleman: Franchising Leonard Williams was “prudent” decision

  1. Imagine making football decisions based on how the fans and media will react lmao

  2. Sounds like a guy without a greater plan…made a trade that caused people to scratch their heads, suggested that he knew why he did it, then noting that he set himself to overpay the player on the tag in order to save face…all while also expressing that the move was fine because the team “felt good” about its cap space. So, when you have cap space to burn, feel free to burn it? That’s 2020 NFL roster-building? Sorry, Giants fans…

  3. Getty had no choice…he would have looked like the biggest dummy in the world if he let Williams walk after throwing away our 3rd round pick.

    Just a HORRIBLE trade from the get go. What a stupid move that was.

  4. You can bet money that the only reason he was franchise tagged was so Gettleman wouldn’t get killed. He did not play like a $16 mill/yr defensive lineman and it’s not Gettleman’s money.

    A classic “old boys network” hire, Gettleman should’ve been gone with Shurmer. Not that i thought Shurmur was a great coach but he was saddled with a retirement home Eli.

  5. Does this guy actually believe his own garbage? It will rank up there with one of the boneheaded trades in the NFL. One a the very few moves Gase made that was good for the Jets. The Jets were not going to re-sign him because he wasn’t worth it. They could have signed him for a ton less if they waited til this year when he was a free agent.

  6. No opinion on this one Josh? Just reporting the facts. Why afraid to bury Gettleman, this was such a lousy move on so many levels you left open. $16 mil for a guy who is far from a difference maker, NYG could have had same performance at half the cost. Hurrah for the Jets and Gase pulling the wool over Gettleman’s eyes.

  7. WOW

    How Les Snead, this guy and so many other GMs remain employed is simply beyond me.

  8. On a different topic I gave Dave some credit for having two good drafts with the GIANTS, which is true. Saquon, Daniel Jones, Dexter Lawrence, Will Hernandez and some others.

    I will harshly criticize him for giving up two Draft Picks for a decent player that was at the end of his Rookie Contract. Just a terrible move on every level.

    Williams did have an overall positive impact, but he is either going to make huge money via the Franchise tag or a 4 – 5 year deal with a lot of guaranteed money, and Williams is not a sack artist. He is a Run defender, primarily.

    Just a really bad move.

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