ESPN, NFL Network reporters won’t tip draft picks

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This year’s draft broadcast will be different from past years in many, many ways, but at least one thing will remain the same.

ESPN and NFL Network are teaming up to broadcast the draft from ESPN’s headquarters in Bristol, Connecticut and they have also teamed up on another front. NFL senior vice president of programming and production Mark Quenzel said, via multiple reports, that reporters from both outlets have agreed not to tip picks before they are announced.

We’ve heard similar announcements for several years now and the employees of the two networks and other league partners have generally refrained from revealing the identity of picks in advance. Reporters from other outlets have not always abided by those rules, which has made Twitter a no-fly zone for those who wanted to be surprised by what they’re watching on television.

It’s not clear whether those reporters will still be able to get that information up ahead of time given the change in proceedings this season and we’re a little more than a week of finding out if that’s the case.

9 responses to “ESPN, NFL Network reporters won’t tip draft picks

  1. I’m sorry but nobody but the NFL and ESPN cares about how this is going to go down at this point.

  2. So HOW the information is presented is more important than what the information actually is. Sounds a lot like a news broadcast because the goal of both is entertainment, not the dissemination of information.

  3. Looks like all those who cut the cord won’t be able to watch the draft…just like MNF and Sunday Ticket. Seems like the NFL would have figured this out by now and let people pay to stream games and events like the draft. There is zero chance I am signing up for DirecTV but I would purchase Sunday Ticket streaming if it were available.

  4. Yeah right, and we’ll all be out parting in the streets together tomorrow too…

  5. For the short period when this wasn’t a thing and the networks were almost proudly tipping even on the broadcast, it really put a hit on the fun. The info is out there if you want it, but it’s nice for it to be possible to hold until the pick is officially announced. Glad this has become the standard!

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