P.J. Williams ready to play anywhere Saints need him

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P.J. Williams has spent the last five years with the Saints and he opted to stick with what he knows rather than try something new in free agency this offseason.

Williams said that sticking with the Saints offers “a great chance to compete for a championship,” which was part of why he decided that it was the “best fit” for him after taking a chance to hear from other teams.

Williams’ fit in the defense has varied at times. He saw most of his time as the team’s nickelback in 2019, but he also saw time at safety in the final weeks of the season as injuries thinned out the ranks in the secondary. Williams said that “solidified” his belief he could handle the position and leaves him feeling ready to handle anything the Saints want to throw his way.

“I’m going to come in there being ready to play them all,” Williams said, via NOLA.com. “So wherever they need me, I’ll be ready.”

Williams had 44 tackles, an interception and a sack in 14 games last season.

2 responses to “P.J. Williams ready to play anywhere Saints need him

  1. Towel and water boy would be my spot for you P.J.. You are a liability i wouldn’t put on the feild. Never seen a guy get burned so often and badly than P.J. Williams. I just Don’t understand why you were resigned been there done that a few times now the same results. Thats just insane

  2. Can never have enough players willing to help out where possible.

    I bet he didn’t invite 30 of his closest friends to a b-day party and won’t be balking at virtual offseason plans.

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