Pegula Sports and Entertainment begins firings and furloughs

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The owners of the Buffalo Bills reduced staff in some of their other businesses Tuesday, but they haven’t touched the football operation yet.

According to John Vogl of, Pegula Sports and Entertainment fired 21 employees, including three senior executives from the Buffalo Sabres hockey team which the Pegulas also own.

That group included the vice presidents of the tickets and service, communications, and live events departments. PSE is also issuing 104 furloughs through the company.

“There is no way to adequately express how difficult these decisions were for Terry and me,” President and CEO Kim Pegula said in a statement. “It is not something we took lightly, and we are fully aware of the hardships that exist across our community and country right now. We feel for all the employees and families who will be affected, and we hope that we can all return to full strength in the coming weeks and months. . . .

“We are also hopeful the steps we are taking now will help us preserve the health of our companies and ensure we are here to provide the jobs and entertainment on which our community depends.”

Many employees will also take pay cuts as part of the response to the coronavirus outbreak which has halted the hockey season.

The Bills aren’t subject to the cuts (at this point), presumably since NFL business is ongoing.

10 responses to “Pegula Sports and Entertainment begins firings and furloughs

  1. Soon he’ll announce the Bills are moving and the fan base will finally see his true colors and what his intentions were all along.

  2. 1. are the Pegulas still drawing a salary
    2 how about stop paying athletes millions (upon millions, upon millions) to play a game…maybe this would keep other people employed during tough times, wouldn’t be such a burden on season ticket holders, etc.

  3. “…we are fully aware of the hardships that exist outside of our mansion walls, and while we are protected from interacting with the peasants, we need to make sure our bank accounts are protected as well…”

  4. The bills can’t survive in that one horse town, they’ll be moving to Canada soon, bills will move

  5. Anyone who disagrees with the Pegula’s or any other business that cuts budgets in times of crisis, has only signed the back of a check and has never signed the front of a check.

  6. Just because the Raiders move every few years doesn’t mean the Bills are. Unlike Oakland or LA, WNY actually supports the Bills.

    Via Las Vegas, next stop Saskatchewan.

  7. Firing some stiffs from the Sabres. Anyone look at their record the last several seasons? If the NHL was still in session the team would be out of the playoffs by now and they would have been let go anyways.

  8. I hate to say it, but firings were coming for the Sabres organization. They have been absolutely terrible for years and very disappointing again this year. Executives were on their way out as soon as that season was over….

  9. Every organization has to get leaner when they lose a significant amount of expected revenue. It is just the way it is. If they can’t fill that stadium in the fall the same thing will happen with the football operation. I sucks and it will pass

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