Chiefs view Patrick Mahomes contract as a “priority” but no timeline in place

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When Chiefs General Manager Brett Veach visited PFT Live from the Scouting Combine in Indianapolis, he said that a new contract for quarterback Patrick Mahomes will take time but it will get done well before there’s any chance of Mahomes leaving the team.

Veach addressed Mahomes’ contract during a conference call on Thursday and the message hasn’t really changed. Veach said Mahomes “isn’t going anywhere,” but noted that there’s a lot of time to sort things out. They can buy even more time by exercising their fifth-year option on the quarterback’s contract and Veach said that’s something they’ll think about as the May 30 deadline moves closer.

“I can never sit here and speak in definitive, so I can’t say that the fifth-year won’t be an option or anything like that,” Veach said, via the Kansas City Star. “It would be hard for me to say that we’d have to use that. If we feel that it’s a priority when you have a great player, and that great player is a priority, to things get done. It’s just hard to put a timetable on exactly when and how that will all work out. But we know and I’m sure he knows that it will get done and it will be taken care of.”

Veach also provided an update on defensive tackle Chris Jones’ contract situation Thursday and the deadline on that front is more pressing than any involved with the Mahomes talks. That could impact how things play out in the coming months, but there’s little reason to think the Chiefs would do anything to jeopardize their future with Mahomes.

11 responses to “Chiefs view Patrick Mahomes contract as a “priority” but no timeline in place

  1. I don’t see why it should be a priority it’s not like he’s any good…I MEAN

  2. Chief’s salary cap is already tight and they’re about to find out how tough it is to field a top team when the franchise QB takes up almost 20% of the cap. Baltimore is only 1 year behind this issue with Lamar Jackson.

  3. I hope that Mahomes gets a percentage of the salary cap, which will protect his contact from being obsolete after he signs it.

    The Chiefs may want the same thing. If revenue’s tank and the cap drops, they would still be able to afford him.

  4. Brett Veach has 52 other players to worry about. The Hunt family will take care of Mahomes.

  5. LOL it cracks me up all these poster trolls trying to make themselves feel better about how bad it’s going to suck to pay the best young QB in football right now. Each and everyone of them wishes their teams were in the same position. Does a whole lot of good to have tens of millions of dollars left over in cap space every year, only to finish in the bottom of the rankings every year. I guess it is exciting for them to watch the draft every year at least…….

  6. In other words they don’t want to publicly admit what there time line is, don’t blame them.

  7. The sooner you pay him, the lower the number. Have a frank conversation about how he is in the team’s best long term interests, and how the quality of players around him will also boost the career he could have with them. He will still be expensive, but at least the negotiation will be constructive.

  8. Basically, as soon as that $38m/yr megadeal is done the SB window shuts, see: Wilson, Brees, Rodgers…

  9. @streettyson

    I know he’s getting paid, but he also isn’t publicly talking about his contract one bit. Obviously it’s 50/50 what happens, but players that don’t publicly air their contractual dirty laundry typically still get paid very well and the team around them is set up for success (see: Tom Brady). I think KC is fine

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