Chris Godwin surprised Jameis Winston remains unemployed

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Jameis Winston remains without a team, and it doesn’t appear he will get a new home until after the draft.

Winston’s 30 interceptions last season and his offseason arthroscopic knee surgery help explain why he still is unemployed.

But Winston is only 26, and he threw for 5,109 yards last season.

One of Winston’s former receivers, Chris Godwin, expressed surprise Thursday that someone hasn’t signed the quarterback yet.

“Honestly, I’m very surprised,” Godwin said on a conference call with the team’s beat writers. “Like I said, these are weird times right now, and so I think that may be part of it, but I’m very surprised just because I think it’s evident that the talent is there for Jameis. And, in my opinion, I think you’d be hard pressed to find 32 quarterbacks better than him.

“I’m surprised, but I’m confident that he’ll land somewhere, and I know that he’s a tough enough guy that he’ll be ready whenever his opportunity comes.”

Winston ranks second on PFT’s list of top 25 remaining free agents behind only former Panthers quarterback Cam Newton.

17 responses to “Chris Godwin surprised Jameis Winston remains unemployed

  1. Coaches and GMs like to keep their jobs. 5,000 yards isn’t impressive if you turn the ball over that many times. Turnovers kill teams and coaches careers. Pro GMs and coaches have seen Winston’s troubles persist for years, they know he isn’t getting better. No one is betting their career on Winston.

    Someone will hire him as a backup if he’ll take backup money and agree to the position.

  2. They are always shocked when one of their ex teammates isn’t desired much. Winston can sit around til September and get a few million to be a backup. He has to do what Cam will do and that is wait it out to see if any starting QBs go down with long term injuries to get the 15-20 million a year contracts.

  3. Godwin is right: “the talent is there for Jameis.” He obviously needs to learn to take better care of the football. But there are not 32 quarterbacks better than him, much less 64 if you consider that all teams have a starter and at least one backup.

  4. Like Jameis Winston or not, it’s OBVIOUS he has a ton of talent. Big arm, throws downfield (no – its not because of Bruce Arians) Jameis’s natural instinct is looking downfield as a first read, and no not every quarterback in the league can throw for 5000 yards, and if you believe otherwise you’re being disingenuous at best. There are not 32 quarterbacks better than him – that is patently insane to think so and its frankly insane to think Cam Newton is better at this point. Cam Newton CANT EVEN THROW AT ALL. However – Jameis does have that innate ability to drive you insane with how long he holds on to the football and of course, the untimely interceptions

  5. He needs to go the Bridgewater route. Become a backup on a team with a solidified starter but is older and hope for an opportunity. Pittsburgh to be still makes the most sense to me if they want him. The problem with trying to get on a team like Jacksonville, Washington, or Denver is they don’t want a guy like Jameis. They don’t want someone who can potentially beat out guys like Minshew, Haskins, or Lock – because they want to see what they have. If we are being honest, being Brady’s backup in Tampa probably was the ideal situation for him at this point. He’s definitely not getting a starting gig anywhere. It’s a dangerous game he’s playing if he’s trying to bank on someone getting hurt in the preseason. If he doesn’t take a backup job now there might not be one for him later in the summer.

    Cam Newton is a different story where because the money he’s made and the toll on his body he can choose to wait for a starting spot and risk not being on a roster this year. I’m not sure Jameis can afford that same luxury.

  6. And, in my opinion, I think you’d be hard pressed to find 32 quarterbacks better than him.

    Apparently 32 teams disagree.

  7. Bucs would rather have a 43 y/o Tom Brady
    Colts would rather have a 38 y/o Philip Rivers
    Raiders – Marcus Mariota
    Nick Foles
    Case Keenum
    An XFL Qb

    Teams had their choice of Winston or these guys and each team PASSED on aquiring him.. WHY? Because he isn’t worth the risk… Split you Ocker room, fan base and office and you will lose wAY more than you win…

  8. He should sit behind Brady or Wilson for a year. Learn to get his head somewhere near the level of his arm talent.

  9. Winston could very well be a Dallas Cowboy after Dak continues to try and play hard ball with Jerry. Who knows?….it might be a better fit now that Winston FINALLY got his eye surgery done.

  10. The Bucs were making any decision on Winston before Brady committed. The Bucs would have brought Winston back if Brady didn’t sign. Once Brady signed on the dotted line, Winston became expendable and the Bucs told Winston he wouldn’t be back. Winston first choice was to remain in Tampa Bay so he really wasn’t looking around. That gave him a late start in free agency. With the season now being a big question mark, they isn’t a big market for top free agents. Now everybody is looking for bargains just in case.

  11. The problem is not the total number of interceptions, although it doesn’t help, but the manner in which he threw them. Most of them were because his failure to read the defense. If you watch Bucs football and if you know just a little bit about football you can tell that JW made his decision where he was going to throw the ball in huddle instead of after the snap read of the defense. This is the reason why he doesn’t have a job, and it isn’t surprising at all. I wish him the best, and know he’ll get another job, but it’s not surprising why he’s not on a roster right now.

  12. The Bucs would have brought Winston back if Brady didn’t sign

    Correction, if Brady OR Bridgewater didn’t sign. Arians said that Teddy B was his second choice.

  13. I’ve been a Bucs fan for 24 years, never seen a QB on the roster with his potential.

    With that being said, the “out route” is his worst nightmare.

  14. I’ve been a Bucs fan for 24 years, never seen a QB on the roster with his potential.

    ….with that being said, the “out route” is his worst nightmare.

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