Chris Grier: “Very important” to hit a home run next week

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Every team goes into the draft hoping to add productive players to their team, but few teams head into drafts with as much early-round capital as the Dolphins have in their pocket this year.

The Dolphins have three first-round picks, including No. 5 overall, and two second-round picks for General Manager Chris Grier to use in the effort to build a better team in Miami. On Thursday, Grier said it is “very important” that he and the team hit a home run with those selections next week.

“We could build a strong team here and win for a long time,” Grier said, via Adam Beasley of the Miami Herald.

There’s been plenty of speculation that the Dolphins will be adding a quarterback in the first round. Most of the attention on that front has been paid to Tua Tagovailoa and Justin Herbert, who Grier said are “both interesting kids” that the team has spent a lot of time with during the pre-draft process.

Grier also said that the final draft board hasn’t been set yet and that there are eight or nine players the team would feel good about picking at No. 5. Some will likely be unavailable before it is time for Grier to take his first attempt at creating the consistent winner that Miami’s been missing for a long time.

21 responses to “Chris Grier: “Very important” to hit a home run next week

  1. I thought he had hit a home run when they traded a 2nd and a 5th for a back up qb last season?

  2. You won’t. I lost faith in you last year. You named Tunsil but whiffed on allot of picks already. I’d say maybe Mincah but he was too wishy washy so you failed studying his personality.

  3. In theory this is five starting players. That’s enough to transform a team if used properly. Let’s see if they can do it. Everybody misses on a draft pick here or there, and this year has been more complicated than in the past. But we also have metrics that we never had in the past. Good luck dolphins, the balls in your court

  4. Maybe the real translation is come get a QB? Or to make sure someone doesn’t trade up to the Giants for Tua?

    I just can’t see 9 players at pick 5. In hindsight, always but not before the process. Tis the season to deceive.

  5. People who are not happy would be better serve going to the Pats, and leave the real Dolphins alone. Bill

  6. They spent a lot of money this off season to build up their defense, now it’s time to do the same for their offense. Get your next franchise QB, build up your O-line, and get some weapons. We may just start talking about y’all shortly.

  7. Duke Tobin just was asked about the fans possible uproar if they dont draft burrow. His response was “the fans want a winner. It is our sole purpose to put together the best possible team” they are trading that pick to Miami multiple 1sts.

  8. Hope the Dolphins do well. We play the game to see the outcome that results from choices.

    Otherwise, Lame would be a century MVP and the Baltimore Murdering Blackbirds would be undefeated in the Snoopy bowl for the next 50 years.

    The NFL may have their favorite, but Lady Luck picks the winners. And the losers go home like Lame did last year.

  9. Miami should keep all their picks and take BPA or even trade back and stock up more picks for the 2021 Draft where they can then trade the house for whatever QB they want! Or even go after a top young QB in free agency if Josh Rosen fails to take the job.

  10. I get a little eye rolly when fans critique where players were picked and the comments ‘if they can get him late 3rd, he’s a steal talk’. So if you picked the guy mid second and he is a borderline pro bowler, it’s a bad pick unless you could have stole him late 3rd?? What a crock of made up hysteria-

  11. If Burrow, Tua and Herbert are gone when the Dolphins pick at 5, then one of the two top non-QB ranked players are still on the board. If I’m the Dolphins I take Young or Okudah or Simmons and keep the rest of my picks.

  12. I agree with Grier That they NEED to hit a home run on this draft. The problem is, while he and Flores are looking for the top talent, Ross is looking for the top Flashy and “star attraction” player. It’s of little secret that Ross wants Burrow. Who pays the salaries? The Phins are going to end up selling the farm to get Burrows, Grier and Flores will be able to pick whoever else they want after that, and the whole organization will be forced to call the draft a home run.

  13. Miami will control the draft, just like they did in free agency, with more picks and money next year trust the process, a new day is rising in the AFC East.

  14. phinfan says:
    April 16, 2020 at 1:58 pm
    You won’t. I lost faith in you last year. You named Tunsil but whiffed on allot of picks already. I’d say maybe Mincah but he was too wishy washy so you failed studying his personality.

    You know maybe having Flores around, someone who worked his way up through the scouting ranks with the Patriots, will help them pick better, have you given that some thought?

  15. If Grier doesn’t have a good draft, he can look forward to once again traveling the country attending college games as a scout. I think he knows his career is hitched to this draft. I hope he gets at least two starters on the offensive line in this draft.

  16. I would roll the dice and trade their top picks for more picks in 2021 draft. As much as I want football this year chances are it may not happen.

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