Leonard Fournette campaigning for Jaguars to sign Cam Newton

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The Jaguars traded Nick Foles to Chicago, leaving Gardner Minshew as their starting quarterback. Running back Leonard Fournette, though, wants the Jaguars to sign a veteran quarterback to compete with Minshew.

Specifically, Fournette wants Cam Newton as his teammate.

During an appearance on ESPN’s First Take on Thursday, Fournette said out loud what he has written on social media.

“Cam went to the Super Bowl,” Fournette said, via Michael DiRocco of ESPN. “He’s a great guy. I’ve been knowing Cam for a minute now. And like I told some people that talked to me, it’s no disrespect to [Minshew]. I’m just trying to get in the best position as a team as we can [to] win.

“That’s all that was about. Just friendly competition ’cause that brings out the best in people.”

The Panthers cut Newton on March 24 after nine seasons. He has remained a free agent, ranked atop PFT’s list of the top 25 remaining free agents.

Minshew, a sixth-round choice in 2019, set team rookie records in passing yards (3,271) and passing touchdowns (21). But the departure of Foles leaves Minshew as the only quarterback on the roster with much regular-season experience.

The Jaguars repeatedly have expressed faith in Minshew, but both Doug Marrone and Dave Caldwell said they expect to add another quarterback to go with Minshew and Josh Dobbs, who has played 30 snaps. Whether that comes in the draft or in free agency remains to be seen.

14 responses to “Leonard Fournette campaigning for Jaguars to sign Cam Newton

  1. Psst, Leonard.

    The Jags are going to roll with Minshew on his own, so they know if they have the real deal, or, if he isn’t, they’re in position to land the Clemson or Ohio State QB in next year’s draft.

    The last thing management wants is a decent veteran coming in and putting you in 7-win purgatory.

  2. This reaffirms my position that Fournette does more harm than good. Minshew absolutely earned the right to go into the season as the starter, he had a very good rookie campaign… but his star RB doesn’t have his back. This has the makings of a divided locker room.

  3. Upgrade over Minshew? Maybe so. Off-the-field upgrade with better character? No chance. Me player? Definitely. Lost a step? Nope, lost five or six. Long term solution? Nope. Fournette, need to stick to running the ball and quit trying to be a VP of player personnel.

  4. I don’t think Fournette will be joining John Elway and John Lynch as former players turned G.M.’s. I could be wrong. It’s just a hunch.

  5. What a teammate Gardner has in Leonard! I’m sure he’s elated over this suggestion!

  6. The problem is Cam is going to want a boatload of money. Sure, he went to the Super Bowl once. So did Neal O’Donnell. Maybe they should sign him. Or hey, Joe Flacco won two Super Bowls. Maybe they should sign him.

    Like the previous poster said, what a great teammate. I’m sure Minshew enjoyed reading that.

    Fournette better be glad the Jags picked up his option. If he doesn’t put up some career numbers this year he’s going to find himself looking for a contract worth far less than what he’s getting this year. However, given his comments I’m sure he’ll demand Todd Gurley money next season and he’ll join Clowney, Cam and Jameis on the unemployed list.

  7. Why?

    What good could possibly come from this? First, Fournette has just told the world he has no confidence in his QB. Second, the back up QB is going to come in and make $10 million while the starting QB is making $370k (I am just guessing on that). Third, you create the locker room divide where half want Newton and half want Menshew. I can not see anything good coming from this, unless you think Newton is the answer, and you get rid of Menshew. But I cant see why they would make that call at this time after how last season played out.

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