Louisiana governor knows games won’t be the same for fans

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The recent consensus about the eventual return of sports is that they will likely have to be played in front of empty arenas and stadiums.

Louisiana Gov. John Bel Edwards admits he can’t know when any degree of crowd can gather for Saints or LSU games, but he knows the experience will be different for fans.

Via Amie Just of the New Orleans Times-Picayune, Edwards mentioned the possibility of every other seat or every third seat being sold, along with the possibilities of changing entrances and exits into stadiums, or mask requirements and temperature checks.

He said it’s “still not gonna look exactly the same. There are gonna have to be some precautions taken and what those might look like, I don’t know.”

Edwards added that he hopes games return this fall, but he was “just not prepared at all to go down that road to talk about what the situation will be this fall.”

“I just don’t know,” Edwards said, “but I can certainly see myself in Tiger Stadium [at LSU] because that’s where I want to be, yelling for the Tigers so that they can successfully defend their national championship.”

The important part of that statement, however, remains the “I don’t know.”

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