Patrick Mahomes helped seal deal with DeAndre Washington

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Quarterback Patrick Mahomes has done plenty on the field for the Chiefs the last couple of years and he did some off-field work to help them land a free agent this offseason.

Mahomes played with running back DeAndre Washington at Texas Tech and he got a call from his former teammate as Washington was mulling offers from the Chiefs, Cardinals and Jets earlier this month. The quarterback helped make sure that Washington wound up on his side once again.

“When I was getting down to the nitty-gritty, I called him and just kind of got some insight, a perspective on what he enjoyed the most from some things outside of football that we talked about,” Washington said, via Herbie Teope of the Kansas City Star. “Once I told him I was interested, he was definitely on board and trying to get me in. . . . We had a few conversations prior to it getting made. And that probably made me feel a lot more comfortable about making that decision.”

Past relationship or not, it’s hard to imagine too many offensive players balking at a chance to share the huddle with the reigning Super Bowl MVP and 2018 NFL MVP. With Damien Williams, Darrell Williams and Darwin Thompson also on hand in the backfield, Washington will have some work to do if he’s going to be in that huddle on a regular basis.

8 responses to “Patrick Mahomes helped seal deal with DeAndre Washington

  1. When you defend against Mahomes and the Chiefs, you have to cover every inch of the field with 11 men. Washington will have so much room to run, he might think the ref blew the whistle and stopped play.

  2. The Chiefs got a solid backup. Nothing more. He’s an average runner and an average receiver out of the backfield. Last year, his 4th season, in his prime, he started a few games when Jacobs hurt his shoulder. He had a chance to prove he was starting material, and he did a decent job but he’s far from Josh Jacobs or Kareem Hunt, if that’s what they’re looking for.

    But our OL was good last season, Jacobs, a rookie, was tearing teams apart all season. At his avg rush yds/game, if Jacobs had played 16 games instead of only 13, he would have had 1400 yds rushing and easily won OROY.

    So Washington was badly outplayed by our rookie behind a great OL, and he’s pretty much at his ceiling.

  3. Washington and Richard are almost identical backs so I’m surprised the Raiders kept both of them for as long as they did.

    Richard is a better receiver and doesn’t fumble like Washington, so the Raider kept him but Washington is still a good change of pace back.

  4. I always thought it was weird Washington was 3rd string to Richard because Rechard is the one who fumbles alot.

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