Report: Schedule will be designed so it can be shortened

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The NFL still intends to release its schedule in early May, and the league has said throughout the hope is to still have a full schedule.

That doesn’t mean they’re blind to the realities that the COVID-19 outbreak could change things.

According to Mark Maske of the Washington Post, a source said “it should be fairly obvious when the NFL schedule for the 2020 season is released how it could be shortened if needed.”

Ostensibly, that would include backloading the schedule with division games, and putting interconference games early in the schedule, and keeping home and road games balanced in the early stages.

If that’s the route they go, and the NFL suddenly has to lop two or four games (or whatever amount) off the front of the schedule, it would prevent competitive balance issues.

Building the schedule that way adds a layer of complication, but that’s what they’ve been working on during the time between the normal mid-April unveiling and the anticipated May 8 or 9 release.

It also mirrors what NBC’s Peter King initially reported, that the league would consider 12-game and 14-game alternatives in case health concerns prevent a full 16-game slate.

6 responses to “Report: Schedule will be designed so it can be shortened

  1. The issue for the 2020-2021 season is the back end of the schedule. If cases start popping up in December or January, it’s lights out for the playoffs and Super Bowl.

  2. But what happens if (when) things flare up again towards the end of the season, when all the division games are scheduled?

  3. It should start as a 12 game schedule and expand if it goes well and shorten to 10 if needed. What if a ton of players contract by week 4? They’ll probably have to cancel because of horrible PR, worsened product, and potential deaths.

  4. As much as it pains me, it’s going to be a 0 game schedule when it comes time. It’s not happening until we get a vaccine.

  5. Whatever schedule they formulate, 10, 12, 14 games and whichever teams are selected to play whomever, there’s still going to be complaining and moaning about who’s schedule was toughest, easiest, etc.

  6. At the end of the day, the NFL season will be cancelled.
    The NFL always talks up a big game, only to give in to the PC crowd.
    The pressure will be to strong to cancel, and Goodell will fold like a cheap tent.

    The virus will be back in the fall and spring.

    I sure hope people start standing up to governments violating the constituion and forcing us to stay at home.

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