Tristan Wirfs has a colorful explanation for the difference between playing right and left tackle

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One of the top tackles in the draft is willing to play on the right side or the left side. But Tristan Wirfs has an explanation for the difference between the bookend positions on the offensive line.

“I feel most comfortable at right tackle, but I’ve played both,” Wirfs told 850 ESPN Cleveland earlier this week. “It doesn’t really matter to me. Coach Ferentz, he always says he doesn’t see a big difference between right and left. He says tackles are at a premium. People are always looking for tackles. I’ll play wherever the team wants me to. I’ll play safety if they need me to.”

But there’s still a difference between right and left, even though it’s not a major one.

“When I first started flipping back and forth, I think I was trying to look for a big difference,” Wirfs said. “Honestly, the only thing different is you got your other hand down. It just feels awkward at first but once you settle in it feels fine. . . . It kinda feels like wiping your butt with your other hand. It just feels a little awkward at first, but you get used to it.”

Although not as colorful as it could have been, Wirfs’ explanation paints a picture that, well, maybe none of you want in your mind as you enjoy your morning Nutella. (At least you won’t ever think of his example when you see him playing left tackle.)

Plenty of significance has been placed on the left tackle position, given that he protects the quarterback’s blind side on passing plays, but defenses will exploit wherever the weaknesses may be on the line. So the best teams will have quality tackles in both spots, along with good guards and a competent center.

9 responses to “Tristan Wirfs has a colorful explanation for the difference between playing right and left tackle

  1. This certainly does bring on the nostalgia. I had to Google it, but he first said this, and it was widely reported and everybody had a chuckle, back in September. I guess he’s still using it; it’s a good line.

  2. Best OT in the draft. I love everything about Tristan. He will make some team very happy for the next 12 yrs. Plug him in as the starter at RT or LT on day one of camp and move on to your next problem, because that one is fixed.

  3. Outside of whoever drafts Tua, there won’t be a starting left hand QB in the NFL next year, I actually can’t think of a single lefty QB on an active roster period. Because of that there will always be greater value in a LT regardless of how much dlines shift nowadays. Protecting the QB’s blind side is as important as ever since teams now tend to flank out TE’s and RB’s and rely on them less in pass pro.

  4. You know what? He painted a picture that every one of us can relate to. Well done son!

  5. That’s a great analogy. I’m right handed and couldn’t imagine switching to the left.

  6. Joe Thomas would never play right tackle. There are many differences. The fact that he is not aware of that makes the Browns draft decision that much more easier.

  7. I can relate.
    I had rotator cuff surgery on my right shoulder several years ago.
    Doing the paperwork using my left hand was awkward to say the least. It took a few days to get use to it. 6 weeks baby. Now I’m ambidextrous. HaHa,……..

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