David Johnson was “very excited” to hear about trade to Texans

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Running back David Johnson‘s trade to the Texans became official once he passed a physical earlier this week and Friday brought his first chance to discuss the deal.

Johnson was with his wife when he found out that the Cardinals were trading him as part of the deal that netted them DeAndre Hopkins and said on a conference call that he was happy to hear he’d be heading to a new team.

“We were very excited,” Johnson said, via Aaron Wilson of the Houston Chronicle. “The Texans are very successful, very thankful talking to Bill O’Brien and the way he wanted to utilize me. It was excitement from the start. I have that chip back on my shoulder. I want to get back to 2016, if not better.”

Johnson posted 2,118 yards in 2016, but has only picked up 2,191 over the last three seasons due to injury and inconsistent play. He said that staying healthy is his top priority at the moment is to “just stay healthy” and that he’ll move on to figuring out “the offense quickly whenever that does start.”

The hope for the Texans is that Johnson accomplishes both tasks and makes a splash that helps erase the initial negativity that greeted the trade in Houston.

15 responses to “David Johnson was “very excited” to hear about trade to Texans

  1. Things went sour in AZ, he just didnt seem to have the hurt or desire. He is a really good guy though, hope he revives in Houston.

    Still cant believe we got hopkins!

  2. Love to see high character guys land on their feet. However, that 2016 season was special. Hopefully he finds some success.

  3. It was when David started playing like staying healthy was his top priority that we in AZ saw him fall apart. Tentative was the word you heard on AZ sports radio for three years straight.

  4. David Johnson actually hurt the future of the RB position and its money by getting paid without doing anything sustained. Guys right now in their 3rd and 4th years are being hung out to dry in part because of David Johnson.

  5. In the 20ish years the Texans have been around, we’ve had some pretty awful GMs and head coaches. I wonder how Bill Of Brien feels about being the worst at both?

  6. He is a good guy and I hope he returns to his 2016 form, but he’s been talking about that chip on his shoulder for 3 years now.

  7. Nah, he’s not the worst coach the Texans ever had. That honor goes to Dom Capers. For as bad he is at the GM duties, he’s gotten the team to the playoffs too often to be considered the worst coach in team history.

  8. Before anyone says it is easy to do it when he has Watson as his quarterback and Hopkins his lead receiver as well as the defensive players like Watt, but look at how other guys with similarly talented rosters fail worse as a coach than he has. Freddie Kitchens for example.

  9. I have that chip back on my shoulder, millions of dollars in guaranteed money knocks the chip off pretty quick and that’s what happened. He was all about self preservation when he played football after the contract and he became a vegan! Of course his production dipped.

  10. Yeah… i loved David… 2015 and 2016 he was a BEAST. Ran hard… he was uncoverable when lined up outside because of his size, speed mimatches and the fact he runs the entire route tree.

    He broke his wrist in 2017… and he magically wasnt the same player… didnt run with power…didnt run with burst… he could still hurt you with his route running…but thats it.

    He was also an “old” college back when he came out of college as he is already 28 years old… that didnt help him either.

    The Cardinals offensive line isnt great yes… but in Kingsburys offense… seemingly every back they plugged in was successful… Chase Edmonds… and then of course Kenyan Drake…

    They ran behind the same oline…in same offense… and were both quicker, faster, and stronger than David Johnson

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