Report: Jamal Adams doesn’t plan to participate in offseason program

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The lack of NFL offseason programs have cut into the number of stories about players holding out of offseason programs.

That’s going to come to a virtual halt soon.

According to Adam Schefter of ESPN, Jets safety Jamal Adams is not expected to participate when the team convenes for its voluntary virtual program later this month.

The All-Pro safety has two years left on his rookie deal, and the team has sent mixed signals about his future. His name was discussed at the trade deadline last year, but then talked about making him a “Jet for life.”

In March, Adams said he felt good about contract talks with the team, but that was over a month (and a lifetime) ago. Since then, things apparently haven’t moved far, so he’s going to exert what bit of influence he can.

22 responses to “Report: Jamal Adams doesn’t plan to participate in offseason program

  1. If the Jets want to trade Adams they should do it before the draft and use the capital to move up and draft Chase Young.

  2. What mixed signals ,if you’re referring to teams calling offering trades that’s not a mixed signal that’s a GM doing his job answering the phone because you have no idea if someone offers something crazy just ask Jimmy Johnson when Vikings called or Skins when Ditka called Cardinals etc etc

  3. Jamal Adams will be a Jet for life. Joe D. is a man of his word. We haven’t had that type of leader at the Jets for a long time.

  4. LOL

    Brady’s antics have had a trickle down effect to disgruntled employees elsewhere.

    This guy has been bad news from the beginning and he’s completely overrated to boot.

  5. Kid is great….the Eagles should trade their #1…and a 2and next year. Our secondary is awful…a sive. Adam’s is a proven stud.

  6. “This guy has been bad news from the beginning and he’s completely overrated to boot.”

    Say anything you want about Jamal Adams but one of them can’t be that he’s overrated.

  7. trade this clown now before people realize what a headcase he is. jets need to plug holes, not massage obj the safety.

  8. I’m a Jets fan & Jamal Adams is a terrific player. That being said, if I’m the GM I’ll at least be listening to offers – especially since this looks to be a strong draft and we have a strong, young QB but many needs. btw, I don’t really think him missing “virtual OTAs” is a big deal, just posturing.

  9. Cowboys not giving you a number one pic at 17 for a safety. A safety with a massive payday coming next year. How many massive contracts can one team take on? Now IF we can off load dak MAYBE that would be their plans. ? But even so I would not give up a first for a safety.

  10. Wrong place, wrong time Jamal.
    New Yorkers, the fans that pay your salary, are dying by the thousands right now, with a million or more losing their job, out of work.
    Nobody, right now, wants to hear about a multimillionaire, complaining he’s not getting paid enough to play a game.
    I’m a Jet fan and a New Yorker, this is not the right time Jamal.

  11. The All-Pro safety has two years left on his rookie deal…
    That means he needs to go to work and then discuss a new deal next year. He’s made over 18,000,000 so it’s not like he is strapped. He will make good money after next year. Play this out: if he refuses to do any off-season stuff and for some reason there is another freak-out by governors causing the 2020 NFL season to not happen, he loses any argument that his contract should or should not toll giving him a year credit.

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