Roger Goodell on holding the draft as scheduled: It’s important to have normalcy

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NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell says the league’s decision to have the draft as scheduled next week is part of keeping as much of a sense of normalcy is possible at this time.

Goodell said on the Rich Eisen Show that he wanted the league to hold the draft if it possibly could, even knowing that it will be essentially a televised conference call, rather than a major event drawing thousands of fans to Las Vegas.

“It’s important to have normalcy, it’s important to continue on schedule as best you can,” Goodell said. “The draft itself will be different because it’s no longer a live event.”

Goodell said every owner was in favor of the league’s decision to have the draft on time, and the NFL saw no reason to delay.

“We’re doing this in a way that demonstrates that you can continue to do what you need to do in this country, and do it safely at home,” Goodell said.

The league plans to recognize health care workers and first responders at the draft, and the draft will include a telethon raising money for six charities that feed the needy. Which means some good may come out of the event that some thought wouldn’t take place at all.

58 responses to “Roger Goodell on holding the draft as scheduled: It’s important to have normalcy

  1. He’s right. Whether or not they hold the virtual draft on schedule does not impact the corona virus response at all. It’s weird that some people think we should all just be miserable while confined to our homes without something to distract us.

  2. He is right. It gives the sports junkies something to talk about. Score one for the Roger.

  3. I agree. My wife and I will be sitting on the couch watching. She’s waiting for the schedule to come out May 9th also.

  4. I never understood the critics like Schefter who said the draft should be postponed. They can run the entire draft safely and remotely, with Zero chance of anyone contracting the coronavirus. I guess some people just enjoy complaining.

  5. Absolutely. Goodell said what needed to be said, and what many have us had been maintaining all along. And for those NFL coaches who are concerned about problems with conducting the draft under these circumstances, I say live with it and get over yourselves! The country is more important than you.

  6. If Goodell is for it, certain people will automatically be against it. It is the new normal. Weird, but that is how it is.

  7. Their won’t be an NFL season in 2020. no Governor will allow it.

    Its not up to the networks and team execs.

  8. I personally guarantee that maintaining a sense of normalcy is not, I repeat, is not the reason for holding the draft. Not even in the top three.

  9. While I too agree with Roger, I believe the criticism comes from the perception that, in the midst of a lot of people losing their jobs, a bunch of billionaires are going to compete with each other to make millionaires out of a group of college kids because they can play a game really well. Viewed through that lens, it does seem somewhat tone-deaf.

  10. This will be the first ever draft where he doesn’t get booed for 3 straight hours… Of course he’s making sure it happens.

  11. It’s one of the few things in sports that can be done completely remotely. The games…not so much

  12. There is carnage on the streets and this guy is talking about normalcy? Can you say bad optics?

  13. Roger Goodell is spot on. What I would also consider is the NFL Network start scheduling Madden football tournaments where an NFL team picks a fan to represent them and they start playing this season right now. I know I would watch it. The talking heads on TV are not cutting it and it would give me something to watch that even resembles live sports on tv. I think Goodell will find a way to make sure the NFL stays fluid and profitable because other then the owners I believe Goodell makes more money then anyone. I wish the NFL well.

  14. We need a break from the every day news about the virus. There’s so much news that, you need a break from it.
    I’m looking forward to the draft because then I can think about which player my favorite team will choose.

  15. If I had my way, the draft would be held this way every year. I get annoyed after about the first half hour watching the guys who are drafted take forever to stroll on stage — and then watching the phony Commissioner hug them makes me want to puke!

  16. I can’t stand Goodell, but in this instance he is correct. Thank goodness for the NFL right now.

  17. This is not the common cold Roger, this is a deadly virus that there is no cure for, someone please tell him that. Act like a human with compassion and shut it the hell down while there still is something to shut down.

  18. Stop applauding Fraudger! He only appeared to get it right – not for the fans but because the billionaires will do anything to avoid seeing the sport’s money raking machinery interrupted.

  19. The only governors that won’t allow football in september are the libby governors….then they’ll be crying the blues for money later on, not to mention them raising taxes. it’s coming….

  20. justtherealfacts2 says:
    April 17, 2020 at 4:51 pm
    This is not the common cold Roger, this is a deadly virus that there is no cure for, someone please tell him that. Act like a human with compassion and shut it the hell down while there still is something to shut down.
    I am done listening to arguments going forward about how humans are ‘evolved’ and how collectively smart we are or that we don’t give into primordial feelings like fear anymore.
    This guy and the toilet paper aisle 3 weeks ago are proof that those arguments are no longer valid.

  21. Roger Goodell is one of the most successful CEO’s in our country. It’s hilarious the comments I read from people who probably couldn’t manage a hot dog stand. Well, I guess dumb is the new smart. Oh, by the way, Roger can sell his hot dogs for $12, and sell thousands in one day. Can you?

  22. Joe says:
    April 17, 2020 at 4:13 pm
    How do we boo Roger this year, though?


    As Roger said… “It’s really important to have normalcy”

  23. “The Libby Governors” are the ones who honor their sworn responsibility to protect the health and safety of all of their citizens, not to stay in the good graces of Trump or the RNC fundraising mechanism.

  24. It won’t be the same. I was looking forward to driving to LV from the desert to be there in person. C’est la vie. It won’t be any tougher to hold the draft than any other work activity people have been doing remotely, which means there will be a few tech glitches but teams have shown they can screw it up in person so it won’t be that much different. GMs can deal with it just like the rest of the US. I’m far more concerned whether we’ll have football this fall if there is no vaccine available.

  25. I like that a business leader is acting like a leader and trying to give everyone something to look forward to.

  26. After the NFL “dress code” has been enacted I think the NLF should have some fun and have the fans vote on THE BEST DRESSED DRAFTEE and donate $10,000 to the players favorite charity. You can’t vote on the worst dressed player because that would be a negative. I’m just hoping some player shows up with his name on his shirt “Like Tom Cruise in “The Color Of Money” or just shows up shirtless. I think this could be the best draft EVER personally.

  27. Hey “bsandersupthemiddle”

    Tell that to those who lost their jobs or businesses….

  28. dobberdubinsky says:
    April 17, 2020 at 5:05 pm
    “Mom!!! Meatloaf!!!!!

    LMAO we may be the only 2 who get this. Classic.

  29. MortimerInMiami says:
    April 17, 2020 at 2:52 pm
    Their won’t be an NFL season in 2020. no Governor will allow it.

    Its not up to the networks and team execs.
    I’m ashamed to think that you are a fellow Dolphins fan with your ever negative responses and commits.

  30. slyder1969 says:
    April 17, 2020 at 2:43 pm
    If Goodell is for it, certain people will automatically be against it. It is the new normal. Weird, but that is how it is.


    It’s obvious you have not been paying attention the last several years. What part of Roger Goodell broke the NFL do you not understand?? I know, weird.

  31. To make it “Normal”, the NFL should have fan interaction. Maybe people watching online could have a Cheer and Boo button.

  32. “Hey “bsandersupthemiddle”

    Tell that to those who lost their jobs or businesses….”

    Well I guess “someone” should have been paying attention during his morning threat briefings instead of playing on his phone.

  33. Can’t wait…definitely not better minus the live audience but due to lack of sports this will have the highest ratings of any draft.. My Bengals on the clock!

  34. If the NFL can conduct a portion of their business vis internet without endangering a soul how is that a bad perception? It’s not. The NFL may have to make some tough decisions down the road no doubt. This decision is not one of them.

  35. He’s 100% right to go forward with the draft. As it appears right now, the NFL has at least a decent chance of kicking off the 2020 season on time and play a full schedule of games. Any true football fan would want that, if it’s at all possible. It may require some modifications in how things are normally done. It may require some or all games to be played in empty stadiums. Maybe it will require some teams to play their “home” games in a different location. Nobody really knows right now. But I think it’s important to proceed the best that they can and well see down the road how it all plays out.

  36. You’ll never accuse me of complimenting Goodell, but…it’s hard not to in this case. When everything in life is cancelled, and you have the option to still have the draft to give some degree of normalcy to the fans (even if it’s basically draft by Skype), you do it. A simple morale boost. Good job, Roger (now I have to wash my mouth out)

  37. “So some good will come out of this” Seriously, like the only good thing is the telethon for charity? Sorry, but I am fully aware of our problems, I am worried and concerned, but I plan to fully enjoy this draft and congratulate the young men who take a big step closer to their dream to play football at its highest level.

  38. 32 NFL owners and Mr.Trump will make sure that there will be NFL football this year.Bill

  39. Millions of fan boys will be hunkered down in Mom’s basement for three days watching a tape delay of the draft. Wow!

  40. To those thinking their won’t be football, consider this.

    The California study done this week concluded that 85 times more people had the virus than what the testing numbers indicate. If that number is what is normal everywhere (let’sall hope it is), 60 million people have already had it. We would have herd immunity in a month’s time. The math actually works out if anyone wants to do it. Consider an R-naught factor of 1.3 and a case fatality rate of .06%. Those kinds of numbers equate to a bad influenza season. The .06% CFR is low considering there is no vaccine or effective treatment.

  41. “Their won’t be an NFL season in 2020. no Governor will allow it”

    Oh the Governors will allow that and everything else by September. Their tax bases have collapsed due to lack of economic activity. Protests to reopen the economy have already started. As quaint as it sounds, the people will force the governors to reopen the economy starting in May. There may be fan-less football, but there will be football in the Fall.

  42. Amazing that all of these comments who are all of a sudden praising Goodell, are posters who rarely, if ever, post anything at all. Strange indeed… Actually, it’s not. Paid agendas aren’t anything new – this is a pro football website – and no, there will not be football in the fall considering players are becoming newly infected everyday and a 2nd, 3rd wave of infections is up next for all of America. Players included. It’ll be fun to see the palace in Los Angeles sit completely empty this September.

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