Taysom Hill won’t sign tender soon, but will participate in virtual offseason program

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The deadline has passed for any other team to sign Saints quarterback Taysom Hill, a restricted free agent, to an offer sheet. But Hill remains unsigned, because he hasn’t signed his one-year, $4.7 million tender offer.

Per a league source, Hill doesn’t plan to sign the one-year contract any time soon. He will, however, participate in the team’s virtual offseason program.

As the source explained it, there’s no downside in participating. And it’s not as if refusing to take part in the process would squeeze the Saints to sign Hill to the kind of contract that he could get a year from now, if as expected Hill becomes the successor to Drew Brees.

Hill will be able to participate in the program, despite being unsigned, if he and the Saints agree to a letter of protection ensuring that Hill will get his money if he suffers a season-ending injury while engaging in the team-designed workouts.

At some point, Hill presumably will accept the one-year, $4.7 million tender offer. His only alternative at this point, barring a trade, will be to not play at all. And, obviously, Hill won’t be doing that.

16 responses to “Taysom Hill won’t sign tender soon, but will participate in virtual offseason program

  1. Why on earth would the team accept a negotiated agreement to pay him for injury for his participation without signing the tender? There is no way I do that. He gets covered when he signs the tender. Until then, the team owes him nothing and if he gets an off season injury, it’s on him.

  2. What happens if he gets hurt in a non team activity? SOL because he did not sign or would be on non-football injury list anyway and same effect (no $)? What does he thinks he gains not signing? Not going to get a multiyear deal unless he signed a second year at about the same price. Someone enlighten me (I am in the dark)?

  3. This is insane…

    Taysom Hill is not a starting NFL QB. He suddenly thinks he is ??

    His value is exactly as it is now…as a swiss army knife. He is 31 years old… he runs like 2-3 ays out of rhe playbokk as a QB.

    He is delusional

  4. Has there ever been this much hype over a special teamer/Swiss army knife in the history of the league? 30 years old. 119 career passing yards. 46.6 career passer rating. He throws one pass in a playoff and now he’s the heir apparent to Brees? Lol!

  5. The “LA” Chargers mismanagement mismanaged another opportunity to get Taysom Hill as their QB starter. He’s tough, he’s a leader and a quality player the team could rally around. Too bad.

  6. When you exaggerated his worth in hope of fooling some team out of a 1st rd pick, he got an exaggerated sense of his worth and starts acting like an indispensible 1st rd diva. Just deserts.

  7. The only logical reason that I can think of to not sign the restricted free agent tender is that you think that there is a chance you get traded to a team that will give you a longer deal with more money in year one. Even with that, not much reason to not sign the tender, you can always sign an extension if you get traded.

  8. He wants an injury clause. They do them all the time. They’re usually insurance policies.

  9. Restricted free agency has been very quiet this year, almost as if the owners decided that they do not want to compete with each other by offering larger contracts than the players would be getting otherwise. 4.7 million for Hill seems to be a bargain for the Saints.

  10. Too bad Brees is holding them hostage so they can’t afford to offer Tay a fair deal. In Tay we trust!

  11. Has Hill been reading too many of his press clippings?
    He’s being paid backup money, which is what he is.
    Could he have gotten a little more?
    Yeah, I guess so.
    Do well this year and you can get another job holding a clip board for even more.

  12. To me this is the problem with media and commentors. He had a good game, and not he is relevant. And I am not saying he isn’t a good guy, or decent QB. But the NFL is littered with that. So he thinks he has leverage for those 10 passes? Let him run.

  13. A little Idaho Birdy told me that Taysom asked the Saints not to tender him as a 1st round and preferably not as a 2nd either. The Saints wanted to sign him to a longer term contract but he said no unless they let him see what his worth was on the free agent market unencumbered with that first draft pick penalty. In his view he gave 120% to the team for three years doing anything he was asked at some increased risk of injury. The team said no and 1st rounded him. The only 1st round tender in the entire NFL. I’m speculating that Taysom feels like a bond of trust was broken. If they won’t seek a trade he will play the year out and then the Saints will lose him in free agency. Green Bay fans regret it every day that they let Taysom slip through their fingers. Now it looks like Saints fans will share that grief. What a shame.

  14. Haha…trying to get a 1st rounder for him was crazy! Let’s be realistic here…he’s a role player at this point, has never really showed being a true starting QB in the NFL. Until that happens…he will be treated as a backup with backup money.

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