Could the Patriots make a big move up for a quarterback?

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The Patriots, if you haven’t noticed, still have a pretty glaring need at quarterback.

And Tua Tagovailoa could be poised for a slide Thursday night, amid numerous reports about the level of concern with his various injuries.

So now there’s a chance those two could coincide. In his big mock draft in today’s Football Morning in America, NBC’s Peter King is projecting the Patriots to make a trade up to the 13th spot in the draft to select the talented Alabama quarterback. Doing so would require trading future assets since the Patriots pick 23rd and not again until 87th, but there are enough dots to connect to make a picture appear.

Even though you might be skeptical enough to say it’s just a mock draft, it also dovetails with the opinion of former Bill Belichick assistant Charlie Weis, who said it was consistent with Belichick’s background and their needs to make a big deal.

“I also wouldn’t put it past Bill to run all the way to the top of the draft, and go get one of the big boys. I wouldn’t put it past him,” Weis said. “Just when you rule out that he’ll do something like that, that’s when he’ll do it. All of a sudden Tua is your quarterback.”

Weis said he wasn’t projecting it based off inside information, but the confluence of need and opportunity and the trust between Belichick and Alabama coach Nick Saban.

Likewise, King’s putting together projection of possible events (although one with a higher level of input from league executives and coaches than most). It may be a long shot, but it makes enough sense on enough levels to be something less than a surprise if it happens.

15 responses to “Could the Patriots make a big move up for a quarterback?

  1. Doesnt make any sense. The Patriots whole roster is old right now and they need those first rounders for an influx of young talent. They would not trade away next years first to move up 10 picks.

    Then again, thats what Bill does is whatever you least expect, but I dont see him selling out and assuming a QB with injury concerns is the teams savior.

  2. Doubt it. If the Patriots want a QB in the 1st round, Jordan Love should be there. My guess is they take a versatile Safety.

  3. Doesn’t make sense. That means all the work and time you put in with Stidham and his year learning behind Brady would have been for nought.

    Just grab James Morgan as the developmental, young QB behind Stidham for after this season when you walk from Hoyer.

    BB is capable of doing a lot of unorthodox things, but this one seems like a reach.

  4. laxcoach37 says:
    April 20, 2020 at 9:25 am
    Doubt it. If the Patriots want a QB in the 1st round, Jordan Love should be there. My guess is they take a versatile Safety.

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    Another Safety with a logjam at Safety? They’d likely take a CB before Safety considering Gilmore’s years on his deal. JoeJuan Williams is the key name here, as he’s either going to stay as the CB or he’s going to be groomed in that McCourty role for the future.

  5. Patriots absolutely need to draft a safety.Logjam? They don’t draft for the current year, but down the road. Like all smart teams. Harmon is gone. McCourty and Chung are 32. Phillips is coming off an injury and was mainly a STer in SD. And don’t give me Obi M. He’s barely held onto a roster spot for 3 yrs. Big need. Pats are in good shape at CB. Gilmour is signed thru next yr and an extention will save cap room. They have 3 good young CBs behind him. Low priority in this draft.

  6. I would be really surprised if the Pats don’t trade out of the 1rst round. But, it wouldn’t be the 1rst time the Pats surprised me in the draft.

  7. I have not ‘noticed a pretty glaring need at quarterback.’ Jarrett Stidham has a lot of talent – build around him.

  8. They dont need to. They have that one guy on the roster that played good for a quarter in a preasesson game last year.

  9. Bill has had one glaring weakness as a GM and coach; drafting and developing wide receivers at the top of the draft board.

    He doesn’t always draft need but if he does I think he will pick a position That he doesn’t believe he can‘t find talent at in the mid to late rounds.

    He has been excellent at finding offensive players, particularly offensive linemen and running backs mid to late but he does draft TE and OL in round one. They need a center given Andrews health concerns and no backup. They also need a TE.

    I expect a trade down unless he can get a franchise LB, DL, TE or OL in the 1st round.

    They need

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