Tony Khan to Yannick Ngakoue: Insults won’t get you traded, good compensation will

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Defensive end Yannick Ngakoue took his push for a trade away from the Jaguars to social media on Monday by telling Jaguars senior vice president of football administration and technology Tony Khan to “stop hiding” and “holding up” a deal. 

Ngakoue also called Khan, who is the son of Jaguars owner Shad Khan, “spoiled” and tweeted a clown face at him. Khan initially replied that he hasn’t been in hiding, but returned with a longer reply designed to let Ngakoue know that his approach wasn’t going to lead the Jaguars to make a trade any faster.

“It’s a new regime here sir,” Khan wrote. “I thank you from the bottom of my heart for all of the contributions you made here. That said, tweeting insults at me won’t get you traded any faster. Only good trade compensation will do that. Please redirect your efforts into a more productive outlet.”

Ngakoue replied by saying Khan could save the speech and “just trade me.” Khan returned with a reply of his own.

“Show me the compensation. I’m sure you’re really driving up the price today btw,” Khan wrote.

Tom Pelissero of NFL Media reported on Monday that things have been quiet on the Ngakoue trade front. The back-and-forth between Khan and Ngakoue brought some sound and fury, but it doesn’t appear to be the kind that will signify the ending that Ngakoue is looking for in Jacksonville.

64 responses to “Tony Khan to Yannick Ngakoue: Insults won’t get you traded, good compensation will

  1. I like Tony Khan. That was classic. It sure appears to me that he slapped a Clown face onto Yannick. When will these numbskulls realize that the OWNERS are in control, not them

  2. Part of me is thinking that if I’m Khan I don’t respond in public. But a bigger part of me is thinking that this is wildly entertaining!

  3. First, Ngakoue should go work in a hospital in NOLA or NYC for a few weeks as an orderly. Then let’s hear what he has to say about his compensation after that.

  4. Ngakoue sounds like a real classy fellow. I am sure teams are tripping over themselves to get this guy on their team and in their locker room.

  5. I feel bad for you Yannick, darn shame you can’t get out of there. Hoping better days are ahead for you.

  6. Great response by Kahn. It’s about time someone someone laid down the law and let players know that they aren’t going to let them Antonio Brown their way out of their contracts.

  7. I doubt neither William, nor Sturgill, appreciate the Sound & Fury reference. Regardless, good for Khan, he won this time.

  8. When a player sounds like he’s not very intelligent, that hurts his trade value. He’s probably better off listening to Tony Khan. Doesn’t this guy have an agent? It would appear that maybe his agent is in hiding.

  9. Jacksonville is self destructing itself as a team and leaving stains on any of the good players who have the misfortune of going thru there. I was a big fan of the 2017 team that nearly made the Super Bowl.

  10. Khan is not wrong. Not a way to endear yourself to a prospective new employer by throwing insults around at your current ones.

  11. He’s no Frank Clark. Jacksonville should just move to England and be done with it.

  12. Yan wants more money than other teams are willing to pay. How did that work out for Le’Veon Bell who lost $14.5 million sitting out a year and then signed a 4 year deal with the Jets for an amount LESS than the Steelers had offered before his holdout.

  13. Khan is 100% in the right here but he would have been better off not responding to the initial tweet. Public confrontations with players make your organization look bad and lowers the potential compensation you might get from a trade.

  14. These spoiled players need to understand they they shouldn’t bite the hand that feeds them. I’d make him sit out a year or two. Too many indians trying to run the tribe.

  15. “I’m sure you’re really driving up the price today btw”

    Well Khan won that round no question.

  16. He seems to be a cancer now so Khan is not going to get fair compensation for his talent and Khan can’t bring him back to the team. This guy knows what he’s doing in driving his way out of Jacksonville.

  17. Someo of these jaguar players are beyond unprofessional. They come off as a bunch of entitled brats. I understand that you don’t want to be there and move on but by taking it to a public forum it makes you look small and petty. Other teams are also taking notice to this.

  18. Great response from Khan. Not quite Denny Green “take the high road” but almost.

  19. Khan’s response may have very well been dripping with sarcasm but it really was the perfect response. Yannick really would have been better off just dropping it. Honestly, it was one of those things where he really did not have a good comeback.

  20. Any team taking on Ngakoue ought to closely examine the similarities between him and L Bell and Antonio Brown. It is likely once YN gets his cash he will pack it and continue to act like a clown.

  21. Yannick the “”clown” will find out he is not as good as he thinks. Having Callais Campbell on the line with him made Yannick better.

  22. Are guys like Ngakoue REALLY that clueless and does it extend beyond just football? Like when he’s selling a car does he key up the side and then get mad when there aren’t great offers?

  23. At this point, I don’t see any team giving up something in a trade, and paying Yannick’s contract. The only thing left is for Jax to cut him. Or, Khan should file a grievance to rescind payment based on Yannick’s actions.

  24. Dear Yannick Ngakoue, a bad back will get you out of there this week.

  25. Jacksonville doesn’t take care of it’s star players, Allen Robinson, Jalan Ramsey etc.

  26. The NFL could fix this problem by giving compensatory draft picks when a player refuses to honor their contract for a full season. Then teams wouldn’t have any pressure to give in and trade them for less than value.

  27. Khan -Educated, well learned adult that understands how business works
    Player – Low IQ, Low Emotional IQ, Child.

  28. I’m not saying Yannick is right but guys sure do hate playing for the Jags. You can say way to go Kahn all you want, but I guarantee you other NFL players aren’t.

  29. Ngakoue is not very smart calling out the billionaire owners son. Other owners must be taking notice. This clueless dummy is sabotaging his own payday !

  30. “Save the speech and just trade me”

    Oh. Ok. Now I’m convinced. You should negotiate corporate acquisitions.

  31. If I was khan, I would not trade him. I’d just let him decide if he is going to show. If he doesn’t, have fun not getting paid. Then I’d tag him as many times as I could. This dude sounds like a total moron, criticizing the guy that writes the checks.

  32. I’ve been on the #PayYan train for a solid year now. As of today I’m Team Tony. Ngakoue isn’t the man I thought he was. He’s basically just another self-absorbed millionaire athlete who has vastly overestimated his worth, both on the field and in the grand scheme of everything.

  33. What a maroon! They should trade him to one of the NFL’s worst franchises. Somewhere like Detroit, Cleveland, or Jacksonville.

  34. Khan and the Jaguars are being dumb and stubborn. Yannick has all the leverage. Worst case for him is he reports under the franchise tag, makes millions of $$, and then enjoys sabotaging the Jaguars all year. Come to think of it, if the Khan’s are “Tanking for Trevor”, maybe they are playing 4-D chess by keeping Yannick.

  35. I don’t understand how these guys who want top dollar don’t understand that teams want top compensation. You can’t just cry your way off a team. Though some do get away with it..
    Trent Williams has done the same thing in Washington. He’s great, but the Skins have always paid him well, stood behind him with the drug suspensions and have an equal win/loss record with or without him. He’s hurt or suspended 1/3 of the time the last few seasons. This is all before the head thing/fiasco..

  36. I understand that you want out of Jacksonville but you have to carry yourself as a professional… Let your agent earn his money before you burn your bridges! No GM in the NFL want’s a player that doesn’t respect the process… So think before you speak or speak in a professional manner!

  37. IMO,…, Tony Khan handled that with class, the truth, and some friendly advice.

    Ngakoue isn’t and is digging himself into a stereotype diva.
    Not many teams are willing to bring a malcontent into a tight locker room.

    You can’t fix stupid. And you can’t buy common sense over the counter either.

  38. The funniest thing about this exchange is it hurts the Jags more than the player. They’ve managed to make every player of value on their team unhappy and it’s such a bad look for a corporation that needs good players to draw fans into the seats. If you’re a free agent or a kid in the draft, you’re telling your agent you want nothing to do with Jacksonville. The only loser in this is the organization. How they’ve managed to build an organization that has had this many issues with its players is absolutely alarming.

  39. As much as people think Khan won, really, the longer Yannick is sitting as property of Jacksonville his value is going down. Inciting Khan to reply at all lowered his value, that is bad for Khan. Yannick can go all out after the trade and show he is worth the $ and get a new big $ contract. Gonna be hard for Khan to get anything more than a second rounder for Yannick now… and that price gets closer to a 3rd as the draft kicks off. If they were offered any kind of first rounder and turned it down they really messed up. They should leap at a 2nd rounder before those offers go away too.

  40. Howie on line 1!
    Derek Barnett and Zach ertz and #21 and a 4th rounder for yanny and #9..DO IT SHAD!!!

  41. “Show me the compensation. I’m sure you’re really driving up the price today btw,”

    He’s right about that. Yannick’s behavior is probably make him harder to trade. Why do I say that? He will be playing on the franchise tag which means any team that trades for him will only get him for one year (at $18M) and after that he’s going to want a contract for $20M+ per year. No (winning) team is going to pay a DL $20M per year. The only people who should be getting that kind of money is a franchise QB.

    I suspect any team that trades for him realizes it will take about five minutes before he starts whining about a long-term deal…and we see what happens when he doesn’t get what he wants.

  42. Highly unprofessional response from Khan. New Regime, same player repellant. A frustrated young man with no power over where he gets to work venting on social media is normal for his generation. Being the multi million dollar heir should at least buy some public silence.

  43. Since the Khans purchased the team, how many winning seasons have they had? Who’s this new regime? Weren’t they still the owners when TC was there? David Caldwell is still there. Jaguars produce the same low quality product. I guess TK is using twitter and IG more, but the product on the field will be the same.

  44. Unless Yannick needs the money, which i doubt, he can make life very tough for the Jaguars. He can wait until partway through the season to sign the tag. Until then they can’t trade him, they can’t fine him, they can’t do anything to him.

    Their only leverage is withholding money. They aren’t going to get Jalen Ramsey compensation for him, never were, that was a pipe dream. Ramsey had a year left on his contract and even then it was a stupid trade and the Rams are all out of trade ammo and salary cap space.

    You have to wonder how much of this has to do with Caldwell and Marrone. Players can’t run away from them fast enough. A new front office might have made the difference the last 12 months.

    Clowney fetched a 3rd last year after BOB botched that franchise tag. Will the Jags fare any better?

  45. don444 says:
    April 20, 2020 at 9:06 pm
    Ngakoue should just keep his mouth shut for now, obviously.
    —————————————————————————————–Why? What does he have to lose? He’s never been in trouble with the law and is a highly productive player whose slated to make $18 million this year. The funniest part about all of this is Jacksonville’s willingness to franchise a player who doesn’t want to be there in the first place. If he chooses to sign elsewhere, you still get a compensatory pick. By hanging on to him, you’ve lowered his value and now you have a disgruntled player in your locker room for a season. It makes no sense for the Jags to be dragging their feet. And all you get out of responding to those tweets is notoriety and giving others players reason not to sign with your organization. Horrible business.

  46. Kahn lowered the compensation by responding to him. Just like Snyder in DC, the guy is clueless how to deal with players.

  47. I love it…Good for Khan. Yan needs to shut the hell up and stay off Twitter. He won’t and so it’s going to come down to him playing the year on the tag or sitting out the season.
    We lost with him, we can lose without him. I was in the “pay the man whatever he wants” camp… but the more he takes to Twitter, the less I want him around. Now I just wanna see him sit out the year or play on the tag, as it appears we won’t get a first round pick for him or a package like a 2nd and 4th.

  48. bigfish1906 says:
    April 20, 2020 at 3:38 pm
    I’m not saying Yannick is right but guys sure do hate playing for the Jags. You can say way to go Kahn all you want, but I guarantee you other NFL players aren’t.


    Really 4 guys hate(d) playing for the Jags. Jalen, Yannick, Fournette and Telvin Smith. Much of which had to do with Tom Coughlin however Calais Campbell had nothing but good words while here and on his way out. AJ Bouye as well. It’s almost like older, intelligent, professional players know how to conduct themselves and these loser Twitter kids throw fits and “take the ball and go home”.

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