Brian Gutekunst intends to be active with trades through draft

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Green Bay Packers General Manager Brian Gutekunst isn’t going to be averse to making trades in this week’s NFL Draft.

While the remote nature of this year’s draft is going to present some unique circumstances, Gutekunst doesn’t believe it will impede his efforts to move around the draft board should the opportunity arise.

I don’t think there’s going to be too much of an issue, certainly not from our end,” Gutekunst said, via Steve Megargee of the Associated Press.

The Packers currently hold the 30th pick in the opening round of Thursday night. It would be a lengthy wait on Thursday night to make their first addition of the draft should they stay and make the selection as scheduled. However, Gutekunst stated his intent to move accordingly to find the right the right positioning in the draft to maximize their selections.

“That’s a long wait, and a lot of really good players will come off the board,” he said, via the team’s website.. “We’ll be prepared to move up if we need to be and we’ll be prepared to move back if that’s what’s best for us.

“I think we’ll be able to be as aggressive as we need to be. I like to move around. I think it’s a very good draft. I’d like to move around and get to the areas of the draft I think are strong.”

The Packers have 10 selections in the upcoming draft, but seven of those are day three selections and five are slated for the final two rounds.

12 responses to “Brian Gutekunst intends to be active with trades through draft

  1. We’ll see how things go for the Packers, but it’s fairly safe to say any number of teams are going to completely bungle the draft in the current murky and unorthodox environment they’ve been forced to proceed in.

  2. The main takeaways from the conference call with reporters that Gute had are all positive.

    “We’re very well prepared to attack this thing and accomplish what we need to accomplish.”

    The Packers at the moment have 5 picks in the first 5 rounds and 5 picks in the last 2 rounds. It wouldn’t surprise me to see Gute move around a bit and either pick up additional picks at times or move up to nab players he likes.

    “Whether we come out of this with 10 picks, or more or less…it will be interesting to see how it falls, if there are some players who unexpectedly come close to where we’re going to be.” That sounds to me like he feels some players that he has very high on his board may fall right into his lap this year.

    Gute also was asked about picking at #30 in the first round: “You are picking later because you had a pretty good year last year, so I like where we are at.”

    Gute and his crew are locked & loaded. Let’s do this thing!




  3. This draft will be just fine.
    Brian Gutenkunst talked about how the dry run yesterday answered a lot of his team’s questions pertaining to the actual logistics, as well as the ins and outs of the proceedings.

    He lamented over the fact that he’ll miss the camaraderie and energy that comes with a regular draft, with everybody in the same room for 3 days, but still expects everything to run very smoothly.

    It’s amazing that the WNBA can run a virtual draft without all the hand wringing, angst and moral questioning.
    In fact, it hardly registered a blip on anyone’s radar.

    As far as the Packers and their ability to move up and down the draft board, in the two short seasons under BG’s rule, I’ve come to expect the unexpected.
    But with limited premium picks and a draft that’s top heavy in talent that fits a few of the Packers’ needs, I see a trade back into the 2nd round after a long Thursday night of waiting.
    Possibly with someone who has renewed interest in snatching up Jordan Love.
    Can’t Wait!

  4. don444 says:
    April 21, 2020 at 3:08 am

    We’ll see how things go for the Packers, but it’s fairly safe to say any number of teams are going to completely bungle the draft in the current murky and unorthodox environment they’ve been forced to proceed in.
    What exactly is so unorthodox or murky about picking players teams should already be well aware of? Teams always bungle the draft. This year alone in free agency we have 3 former #1 overall picks that still aren’t signed by any team. What was the original drafting teams of those players excuse? Years ago, JaMarcus Russell was somehow a number one overall pick even though the offense he played in college was basically from the 1970s. It should have been obvious that he would be a project & had no business being picked in the 1st 3 round, much less #1 overall. There was no virus then.

  5. freefromwhatyouare says:
    April 21, 2020 at 4:04 am

    Gute and his crew are locked & loaded.

    Apropos of nothing, this comment reminded me of 1986 when my buddies and I called ourselves the “Gutey Crew” when we went to Minnesota Gopher home games, to support Brian’s dad John. We even had a “Super Bowl Shuffle” style rap that we wrote. Good times.

  6. Everytime draft season rolls around I find myself so thankful that Ted Thompson is no longer our GM.

  7. One thing that has already been proven as a result of the SARS-CoV-2 virus is the effectiveness of video conferencing. The reduction of travel expenses and other oftentimes wasteful business costs is a side-benefit. Everybody, big and small, is figuring it out.

  8. Many people reading comments here don’t feel the strange circumstances surrounding this draft are going to make it even harder for certain teams to get things right and have an ultimately productive haul in the end? Wow, those falling in that category are very naive and dumb then, so be it. lol

  9. don444, there is also a condition known as paralysis by analysis. Information overload.

    The draft process for many of these prospects has been ongoing for years.
    Reports written, mental and physical tests taken, medical situations taken into account for a majority of players.
    Though teams obviously prefer to have their own medical experts looking into a potential injuries, there are always projected evaluations and risks with any red flagged candidate.

    If you’re referring to just the logistics of negotiating trades and the selection process itself, these are minor issues that have been, and will continue to be, ironed out.
    It mostly comes down to clear and concise communication between personnel team members.
    War rooms are always located remotely at team facilities anyway.
    This year, individual front offices will be just a little more fragmented than normal.
    The rules are the same for everybody, so there should be no issue with overall fairness.

    Trust me, teams have been practicing and preparing for this for weeks.
    Any team that isn’t ready for this weekend’s festivities by now have only themselves to blame.

  10. I think every single NFL GM has said basically the same thing as Gutekunst — “we will be prepared to move up if need be or move back if that’s best”. I wonder if there is some sort of meaningless quotation/disclose nothing useful class all NFL GMs are required to take?

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