Buccaneers G.M. calls Rob Gronkowski “a proven winner”

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The Buccaneers happily announced the trade for All-Pro tight end Rob Gronkowski on Tuesday.

Tampa Bay sent a fourth-round selection (No.139 overall) in the 2020 NFL draft in exchange for Gronkowski and a 2020 seventh-round pick (No. 241 overall).

“Rob Gronkowski is one of the best tight ends in NFL history, and he plays the game with the type of passion and desire that sets him apart,” Buccaneers General Manager Jason Licht said in a statement. “Rob has played his entire career alongside Tom Brady and their accomplishments speak for themselves. Together they have developed the type of chemistry on and off the field that is crucial to success. Rob combines elite-level skills as both a receiver and blocker, but what really makes him special is the fact that he’s a proven winner who brings that championship mindset and work ethic.”

Gronkowski was one of five tight ends selected to the NFL 100 All-Time Team and one of two at his position chosen for the All-Decade Team for the 2010s.

Gronkowski and Brady spent nine seasons together in New England, combining for 78 touchdowns. That mark ranks second all-time among quarterback-tight end connections and is fifth in league history among all duos.

The 7,786 regular-season yards from Brady to Gronkowski also rank second among all quarterback-to-tight end combinations, trailing only Philip Rivers and Antonio Gates (9,352).

38 responses to “Buccaneers G.M. calls Rob Gronkowski “a proven winner”

  1. Sorry, it’s not what you did in the past that matters. The question is does he have enough in his legs for another full season.

  2. As a Dolphins fan living in Patriots Nation I can not wait to listen to WEEI tomorrow. Sports radio shall become the comedy channel.

  3. I bet the Patriots announce after the draft that Bill Belichick is stepping down from coaching, but staying on as team president. I have a hunch.

  4. If Gronk can get back to playing shape the Bucs running game will improve. He’s a great blocker.

  5. A proven winner with a career full of injuries, and a year spent partying and not playing football. Dumb move on the Bucs part they’re remembering the Gronk from years past not the Gronk of present day

  6. Proven TE? Yes. Still; contrary to many, i think they should keep TE Howard on the Roster to further develop and learn from him. Howard hasn’t performed well enough, but might do well with TB.

  7. This is such a good move. If they decide to keep OJ Howard good, but if not Gronk is still better anyway, and it won’t take much for him to get up to speed and in sync with Brady again. Along with Brate, it’s going to be Brady with his dual-TE targets again, but this time with top receivers on the outside.

    Gronk is also going to help a whole lot with protection, Bucs pass protection just got a lot better.

  8. Come on that dude Neve is healthy.

    What really is the point. They need blocking like the line.

    Yeah he can chip and help but might get hurt for the billionth time

  9. Obviously this is a good team, but now for Arians ( who I think is a good coach) it is almost a no win situation, if you win a super bowl “ who couldn’t with that team “ if you don’t” you suck.“

  10. A proven winner? If you ask Patriot fans he’s washed up and they fleeced the Bucs for a 4th rounder. Despite them all thinking he was going to report this November and save the 2019 season.

  11. Bucs haven’t felt like an actual team since 2002. Feels like a gaggle of mercenaries and near misses.

  12. The Bucs need to make their own memories. Not try to cash in on the Patriots memories. Cuz those are all in the past.

  13. The narrative that Gronk just wanted out of NE is borderline silly.Can these people not remember the trade discussions the year before he retired? His response was it was NE or retire. Then he went out and won his third Super Bowl.
    And the foolishness about Patriot fans being salty or jealous? That was a 4th round pick that just floated in from the heavens. It’s a great move by Gronk. The man knows how to stay in the news! The South Beach SB party. The Masked Singer. WWE. And now this. The man is a cash machine.
    Belichick, while not a genius, is pretty darn smart. He kept Gronk on the retired list like we keep a get out of jail card in Monopoly. It paid off. He is correcting the salary cap woes in one year. And he never buys free agents when he is losing them, Thus, 2021 is another compensatory pick winfall. It looks like a third and 2 4ths next year. But next year with 100 million in cap to spend, and loaded with rookie contracts – he becomes a buyer in free agency. Pats will struggle in 2020, but 2021 will be okay.

  14. That’s a lotta mouths to feed in Tampa…

    Especially if it’s not until 2021, when TB and Gronk
    are another year older.

  15. Gronk owns many records especially postseason, and some are for all receivers not just TEs! But clearly his last year in NE his body was totally beat up. He’ll be for show now, not a bull. Thanks for the 4th rd pick dude, but most Pats fans would rather you stayed healthily retired.

  16. Gronk is a proven winner, but i’d be a little concerned that he is about 30-40 pounds lighter. His body might feel good, but people have to remember that the book on playing against Gronk was to hit him hard and hit him low. That plays havoc on the knees and back (which Gronk has many back issues in the past). Then Gronks play style is to initiate contact and not avoid it. Factor in the weight loss, and a much rougher division/conference (AFC has, at least in the past, but tomato cans in regards to the rough defenses the pats have faced) and oh boy, this is a IR trip waiting to happen.

    I will be willing to bet Gronk will not block much (unless he bulks up alot) and run alot of fly patterns. The question is though, will Brady have time to find him before getting sacked.

  17. As a Pats fan since the Raymond Berry era, it’s all good. Brady and Gronk won rings for New England. They have every right to collect a final brick of cash in Florida on their way out the door.

    Their reunification will be fun to watch if they both stay healthy. If not, oh well, better that they cliff out elsewhere.

  18. “Bucs are all in on winning this year.”

    They need to be. The funny part is how many articles after the Brady deal talked about him maybe making them a playoff team, like they’d sign Tom Brady to achieve incremental improvement with the mere hopes of sneaking into the Wildcard. That’s a move that is a success only with a deep playoff run–and they’re REALLY hoping Super Bowl–but will be viewed as catastrophic failure with anything less. And the addition of Gronk just ramps that up. Can you even imagine what people will be saying if either of them gets hurt?

  19. At some point one would think that Belichick will have to answer to Kraft as to why his best players are voluntarily leaving the Pats.

  20. “At some point one would think that Belichick will have to answer to Kraft as to why his best players are voluntarily leaving the Pats.”

    Oh yeah his lack of accomplishments demand accountability


  21. firstdownbrowns says:
    April 21, 2020 at 9:27 pm
    old and wash up QB & TE . im not buying the hype.


    I’m on the fence… I think with the vast majority of the NFL likely not training enough, Brady could have an advantage this year, at least for the first half. Gronk isn’t too old, so off a year rest he could be quite good.

    That said, it is a 43 year old QB and a TE that was far from his peak before he retired.

    One thing is certain… Evans and Godwin are both awesome.

    Going to be interesting… in any case, GO PATS! Hope their draft is good.

  22. beernap says:
    April 22, 2020 at 11:51 am
    2 picks to get a retired player unretired? Absurdly expensive IMO.


    they gave up a 4th and got back a 7th for arguably the 30 year old best TE of all time one year removed from playing. It sounds like a steal by the Bucs to me.

  23. A washed up QB and an old brittle Gronk and somehow Tampa is a favorite to go to the super bowl?

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