Cowboys likely to draft a quarterback at some point

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The Cowboys drafted Mike White in the fifth round in 2018. That came two years after they took Dak Prescott in the fourth round.

But in the 14 drafts before taking Prescott, the Cowboys selected only one quarterback, not counting Isaiah Stanback.

Expect the Cowboys to take one this year.

It has nothing to do with Prescott’s contract situation. It has everything to do with Mike McCarthy’s history of developing quarterbacks.

“We like to be developing a young quarterback,” Cowboys owner Jerry Jones said on a conference call Tuesday. “That’s always great. We’d like to have one that would develop to the level that would be somebody you could trade and built asset that way. Mike . . . wants a certain number of quarterbacks in the building, ideally, to be working with. One of the things Mike brings is, frankly, a really good background developing quarterbacks and working with quarterbacks and a very astute coaching perspective of what makes a good quarterback for what we hope to be his team for years to come.

“I’m looking forward to following quarterbacks with Mike as coach. All of that weighs into: Let’s make sure we have somebody here — or somebodies — who are getting those snaps that are precious. Whether they’re in preseason, practice or whether it could be in a ball game, make sure they’re going to someone who’s got the future in mind along with doing what we need to do to win the ball game should we not have Dak in there [because of injury].”

In the 13 years McCarthy coached the Packers, Green Bay drafted five quarterbacks despite having Brett Favre and then Aaron Rodgers. They made Brian Brohm a second-round selection in 2008.

“To state the obvious, the quarterback position is the most important,” McCarthy said. “Obviously, we have a lot of love there, great love for Dak. But if you go back to [former Packers General Manager] Ron Wolf in the early ’90s and what was established — the ability to keep the most important position in football and develop that room, that quarterback room — you can see the value not only it has for your football team if the starter is injured but also the value it can bring to your football team as those younger quarterbacks move on.”

Prescott has never missed a game in his career.

The Cowboys have Cooper Rush as their backup. Rush, 26, has gotten 26 career snaps in five games in three years, going 1-for-3.

The Cowboys have posted some video interviews they have had with prospects, and one of those was with Oklahoma quarterback Jalen Hurts.

“At the end of the day, I don’t think drafting a quarterback has anything to do with Dak,” executive vice president Stephen Jones said. “He’s going to be our starting quarterback. . . . As Jerry said, Mike has been the head coach for many, many years of an organization that really I think is the template of how to do quarterbacks the right way. We’ve had a lot of conversations about it and certainly if you can develop these quarterbacks, they’re great assets for an organization in terms of trade pieces if you develop them and they have success, which obviously they did up in Green Bay and did it well. Certainly, it’s a situation we’ve looked at in the past in terms of drafting them and I think Mike’s going to have a great influence on us here in terms of what we may do going forward at the quarterback position.”

13 responses to “Cowboys likely to draft a quarterback at some point

  1. Would love to see the Cowboys take Hurt. If Dak decides to hold out Jalen has a golden opportunity to do what Dak did when Romo got hurt a few years ago.

  2. Having coached favre & rodgers does NOT make you a QB guru, those guys would’ve been HOF caliber regardless of coach. I’m glad people around that deplorable organization think McCarthy is some QB whisperer, another 8-8 (8-9/9-8) reality on its way to Dallas. I’m just hoping they don’t wise up, trade dak & go get one of the young QBs. With all the talent on that roster & suddenly freed up to add more veteran pieces, plus young talent with the alottment of sweet draft picks they’d receive, then I’d be worried even if it were with a rookie QB. Thankfully, the odds of that happening are incredibly low, Dak will be back & so will the mediocre ‘boys, despite all that talent.

    Furthermore, I always laugh when people or the coach himself get credit for doing minimal work with a superstar. Reminds me a lot of my high school basketball coach, who actually took credit for helpin Kobe Bryant reach the level he attained. Laughable. Every star listed would’ve reached their level REGARDLESS who coached them.

  3. Do it in first round and get leverage back to get Dak to either sign on for reasonable contract or he leaves after this coming season.

  4. Dak and the 17th pick to the Bengals, for the first pick and select Joe Burrow.

  5. They should be able to get a pretty good one with that 17th pick. That likely wouldn’t make Dak happy.

  6. Draft Hurts and use Baltimore as a model for offensive variety. Use the $35 million/yr that would be wasted on Prescott to fill out the roster and keep your key players, and don’t sign any more Elliott-sized contracts any time soon.

    They have some good pieces in place and most of the division is still essentially rebooting. Turning your QB into a money pit will really hamstring them going forward.

    I could see them keeping Prescott for one year of the tag. If he turns out to be magnificent, then they’ll want to pay him. If he comes up with mediocre results like last year, then just move on with Hurts.

  7. I wouldn’t mind the Cowboys drafting Jalen Hurts. I saw some thing in Dak that I see in Hurts while playing college football. Both QB’s try to put their team in a position to win football games. If they need to run, they will run. If they need to make a high stakes pass, they will. They do what ever is necessary.

  8. Cooper Rush has to have a monster camp and preseason to keep his roster spot. Teams haven’t contacted Dallas about a trade for Rush. That’s a bad sign the Cooper Rush development didn’t go as planned. Look how many QBs Belichick dealt away including one that just played in a superbowl. Teams have hounded him for his QBs constantly. This move makes sense.

  9. The Cowpokes’ running back who thinks he can throw is sending a clear message to all of the positions that Jerruh Jones plays simultaneously that the gig is up and the QB position is now in code red. You cannot count on this guy to do more than to run to avoid a pass rush he can’t beat with his arm. You’ve seen all he can do and his improvements year to year are minimal. The fact is the more he throws, the more the team loses. That fact there cannot be disputed and is a reason drafting a QB this year is a must.

  10. They should be able to find an upgrade over Dak in the 5th or 6th round.

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