Former G.M. says Trent Williams better than any draftable tackle

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It’s hard to find a consensus among evaluators about how to stack the top tackles in the 2020 NFL Draft.

But one former General Manager believes the best tackle available this week isn’t in the draft at all.

Via Scott Allen of the Washington Post, former G.M. Scot McCloughan (who now consults for multiple teams) said that wantaway Washington left tackle Trent Williams is better than any of the group including Mekhi Becton, Tristan Wirfs, Andrew Thomas, or Jedrick Wills.

He’d be the first tackle taken this year in the draft, hands down, . . . even at his age,” McCloughan said during an interview on Team 980. “You know what you got. You bring him in, you’re going to get three to four years out of him, and it’s going to be Pro Bowl years. He’s legit one of the top five tackles in the NFL, hands down, right now. … He’s a great guy and a great teammate. Players love being around him.”

While new Washington coach Ron Rivera tried to lure the 31-year-old Williams back into the boat with a new medical staff and a lack of Bruce Allen, Williams still wants out after missing last season following a medical issue and a disagreement with the old regime. He wants a new contract, and is very available in trade.

That could likely happen this week, as teams weigh whether they prefer one of the younger models, or find themselves unable to get one.

13 responses to “Former G.M. says Trent Williams better than any draftable tackle

  1. Remember the former GM who said Lamar jackson should play wide receiver? Usually a reason these guys are former and no longer current general managers.

  2. Is he better right now? Maybe/probably.

    Which is better long term, a 31 year old that has not played in a year or two that wants a high dollar (20 mil per) long term contract, or, a young guy on a rookie wage scale for a couple years?.

    If you a left tackle away from winning the super bowl this year, maybe it is worth it. Otherwise, I think I would go the other way.

  3. Except you wouldn’t be able to pay him a rookie contract… you’d be paying him around $20mil/year. Scot must be drinking again.

  4. Sure he is, but not when you factor salary into the equation. No one is drafting a 31 year old making 12MM/ year over a 22 year old on a rookie contract.

  5. Obviously a guy who potentially is a future HOF is 10x better than any OT in this draft but he’s also 8-10 years older, has injury history, and wants a big contract so it’s not apples to apples. I do think though some teams are overthinking it. For a contending team I don’t see why you wouldn’t trade a 2nd for him. I understand negotiation and the fact that the Skins don’t hold all the leverage, but if you think about it the chance a 2nd round OT gets to Trent Williams level is probably 5-10%. If you consider that Williams realistically has 3-5 years left at a high level, banking that your 2nd round OT gives you 3-5 years of Trent’s ability is probably very low probability. IF a team like the Browns don’t take an OT in round one but instead in round 2 rather than trading for Trent I would seriously question that. Teams in the 20’s probably want to see if one of the top tackles drops but I do think it’s a 50% chance he gets traded after day 1 for either a 2nd round pick or maybe a 3rd & 4th.

  6. Honestly, if I was the redskins, at this point I would be so frustrated with Williams, that his career would be over. He has refused to play for me, and I would make sure to NEVER trade him. Sure he isnt helping me win games, but he also isnt playing football anymore either. How badly does he want to play versus his desire to not play for the Redskins? I’d sit on his rights, allow him to continue to never suit up for my team, and he can ride off into the sunset, giving up the last few years of his prime.

  7. Sorry. Wrong. His jaded attitude is what holds Williams back and his drive for greed. He knows his best days are behind him and he wants to con one last team into a big payday. I’d rather have a young and hungry player who you can coach and mold into a better player for much less money.

  8. Any team with a young, struggling QB that has a weak offensive line should be seriously considering Williams. Yeah, he’s going to cost you some cap dollars, but you can use your 1st round pick on some other position of need. Plus, you get pro bowl level protection for your QB immediately–not after a learning process by the rookie. Looking at you Jets, Browns, Dolphins.

    Also any team with a short Super Bowl window that needs a top left tackle should be interested. Tampa, you’ve got a lot riding on TB12 for a few years. Protect him with one of the best tackles available. It’ll be worth the extra cap dollars if it helps you get to the playoffs.

  9. Over the past two years that he actually played, he was very average and was beaten often. He once was above average. He is barely average now. And he’s stupid as a rock. Anyone who thinks a team doctor is a primary care physician is an idiot. He deserves the way he’s being treated. Remember, he also was suspended for drug use. This guy has been a mirage for at least three years. Those who say otherwise remember when he was good – they choose to ignore when he was phoning it in after the suspension.

  10. Former G.M. says Trent Williams better than any draftable tackle

    Only until you figure it in an apples to apples comparision, $$$$($20mil/yr) to $$$$(<$2mil/yr), then not so much!

    Is he really over 10X better than a 1st round tackle in the this year draft, I'd say NO WAY!

  11. I think most mentioning the Dolphins for a QB need to understand if Tua (a lefty) is going to be their QB, a stud RT is more important than a LT. Why would they sign Williams when they let Tunsil go who is better, cheaper and younger?

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