Khalil Mack donates $350,000 to A Better Chicago

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Bears linebacker Khalil Mack has joined the group of NFL players helping to support people struggling during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Mack has donated $350,000 to the organization A Better Chicago, which works to fight poverty by investing in initiatives targeting low-income youth. The donation is directed to the Emergency Relief Fund they have put in place in light of the pandemic.

“I am blessed to be able to assist the community and excited to have others who have stepped up and partnered with me on this,” Mack said in a statement released by the organization. “A Better Chicago is on the ground and satisfying the immediate needs of so many. Let’s not stop here, the effects of COVID are far from over.”

The emergency fund will distribute money to groups working to provide direct financial support, essential goods and services and high-quality programming like remote education instruction.

17 responses to “Khalil Mack donates $350,000 to A Better Chicago

  1. It’s the least he can do considering he took all the available money and didn’t produce.

    Josh Jacobs, another 1st pick this year, a 2019 sixth-round pick, a 2020 third-round pick and a ton of cap room allowing for the signing of the best Tackle in the game, Trent Brown.

    Still hard to beleive the Bears fell for it.

    One nation, Raider Nation.

  2. Despite this donation the Bears will still not have a 1st round draft pick this year.

  3. What is up with the dumb raider fans…..come back when you make the playoffs or do anything of any significance.

  4. Laremy Tunsil and Jalen Ramsey were both traded for 2 first round picks and more. The Bears traded 2 firsts to the Raiders for the much better Mack but got a second rounder BACK in the deal, the 43rd pick in this draft. In hindsight, Ryan Pace committed robbery.

    So far, the Raiders got a great young running back out of the deal, which we all agree are highly replaceable after their rookie contract. What did they do with the 4th overall pick in 2019 again?

  5. Very impressive for a guy who takes off quarters during games and disappears. At least Ewwin Donald at the Rams disappears in the playoffs. When the regular season stat padding is going on, Ewwin is the bomb. And then he is invisible during the playoffs. Mack is a total fraud. He reminds me of the defensive version of RG3 in Washington – talk about a clown who took quarters off. There were times that defense would score as many points as his offense could produce – no one did a better three and out dance than RG3 – he was the best defense against the Washington Numbskins.

  6. Thanks chicken salad, never have understood why people ripped the Bears for that deal but not the Texans or Rams. I made that same point last year after Houston trade for Tunsil. And the Bears signed Mack to a long term deal, unlike Tunsil who I believe is under contract for this year only. I still think Pace needs to go but this deal he got right. We’ve seen how far he reaches with draft picks, at least we know Mack is an NFL caliber player. He whiffed on Trubisky and Floyd with first rounders and Shaheen, Cohen, etc with later round picks. Time to start fresh.

  7. If your goal was to simply make the playoffs then yes, the Bears won in the short term.

    If your goal is to get younger and better for many years to come with the potential to win the Super Bowl in the next couple of years, then the Bears lost big time.

  8. He donates money and get’s criticized.

    You realize he does not have to give one nickel.

  9. Dude donates $350,000 and gets hate in the comments because he makes millions? If he donated 3 times that, he’d still be called cheap. Ridiculous.

  10. joetoronto is a Lions/Raiders delusion@l wagon jumper fan that cries a lot.

    All the draft picks combined couldn’t add up to the amount of talent that Khalil Mack has. Josh Jacobs is RB that had a couple flashes, when he gets offered a multi million dollar contract maybe he will be elite talent level, but it’s way to early to tell. Joe “CORK” Ronto’s unhealthy obsession with Khalil Mack on the Bears reveals how much Khalil Mack bothers him.

    Khalil Mack dog walks your Lions O line, get ready for another sweep and Stafford on IR, lol.

  11. Obsession?

    I’ve never been a Lions fan but it’s clear your obsessed with me, get over it.

  12. That’s the point wideright, they don’t draft well so there is no potential to get better in a couple of years. Draft picks have less value to this current management than most teams, you may as well get a proven commodity instead. Pace has not even come close to living up to the wonder boy predictions for him coming out of N.O. Been a fan since the early 70’s the only real GM they’ve had in my time as a fan was Jim Finks.

  13. Keep changing your name and thumbs up-ing you’re own posts joe corkronto the closet Lions/Raiders fan. Real noble work you’re doing there.

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