Lamar Jackson envisions running less than he did in 2019

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Only 22 running backs in the NFL had more than Lamar Jackson‘s 176 carries last season. The Ravens quarterback, of course, set the NFL single-season record for a quarterback in rushing for 1,206 yards.

Jackson, though, doesn’t envision running as much this year or beyond.

“I doubt if I’m going to be carrying the ball a lot going on in the future,” Jackson said on a Tuesday conference call, via Clifton Brown of the team website. “We’ve got dynamic running backs. We’re going to have even more receivers. We’ve got Hollywood (Brown), Mark Andrews, Nick (Boyle), Willie Snead, Miles (Boykin). We’re going to be pretty good. I don’t think I’ll be running a lot.”

Jackson, 23, has made only 24 career starts including two in the postseason. Yet, he won the MVP award last season, only his second in the NFL.

“If anything, I just want my mind to grow even more, just learning the ins and outs of the game even more – Tom Brady stuff.” Jackson said. “That’s all I want to do right now, focus more.”

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  1. he said that before 2019 started. And then his number of runs went from over 7 per game to nearly 14 in the final playoff game of his career. This guy is a running back first and foremost. The fact he can toss the ball is icing on the maggot cake of his career.

  2. He’s a running back who has some passing talent. What makes him effective is the running. His passing doesn’t scare anyone. It’s the runs and threats of runs that work.

    He’ll be running a lot again next season.

  3. “Lamar Jackson envisions running less than he did in 2019”

    Well, in all fairness, he couldn’t possibly envision running any MORE than he did in 2019. Could he?

  4. Led the league in passing TDs. Higher completion percentage than Mahomes, Rodgers and Brady. If he was light skinned you hood wearing klowns would be drooling over him.

  5. The Ravens offensive line looked great last year but much of that was due to Lamar’s threat as a runner. It won’t look as good if Lamar runs less and I expect Lamar to take a beating.

  6. Both he and Harbaugh have been saying the same thing last year, that what they’d been doing is unsustainable and that Jackson would developed as a pocket passer. While he had gotten better he still has a ways to go. In the heat of battle, will they revert to running if a more complex passing scheme runs into problems and they lose games because of it. Russell Wilson made the transition, Cam didn’t.
    They’re talking the talk, let’s see if they’ll walk the walk.

  7. This is exactly why he will be a one hit wonder. His running threat was the ONLY reason he could complete passes with that success. It also helped that the AFC North competition was especially bad. The Steelers had chaos, the Browns are in constant rebuild and the Bengals beat Miami out for the Suck for Luck, Tank for Tua / Bomb for Burrow thingy. I rest my case.

  8. Not bad for a running back:
    – League MVP
    – 36 TDs (1st)
    – 6 INTs (tied – 8th)
    – 81.8 QBR (1st)
    – 3,127 (22nd)

    Lamar is the great dual threat QB. And he is still improving his game.

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