Leonard Floyd, A’Shawn Robinson deals still not done

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From the moment defensive lineman Michael Brockers returned to the Rams after a failed deal with the Ravens, some league insiders wondered whether linebacker Leonard Floyd (pictured) and/or defensive lineman A'Shawn Robinson would have their tentative L.A. contracts fall apart, due to failed physicals.

More than a month later, those physicals still haven’t been passed.

“We’ve agreed to terms with Leonard and A’Shawn based on language in your contract on when the players can get physicals and things like that is really the nuances of why you can’t officially announce,” Rams G.M. Les Snead told reporters on Tuesday. “That is, again, a little bit of the adversity during these quarantined times with the physicals.”

The inherent delay in the completion of the physicals has given the Rams flexibility. With Brockers back, they don’t need Robinson; thus, Robinson may eventually “fail” his physical. And perhaps the Rams will find someone in the draft who represents a younger and much cheaper option to Floyd, resulting in Floyd also “failing” his physical.

Regardless, the situation is no different than it was when the issue was first flagged nearly four weeks ago: Neither Floyd nor Robinson have passed their physicals, and there’s a chance they never will. Doctors employed by teams are smart enough to know what the teams want in any given situation regarding a player’s physical. If the Rams want Floyd and/or Robinson to fail — and if the Rams’ doctors hope to continue to be the Rams’ doctors — an “F” is coming for either or both players.

6 responses to “Leonard Floyd, A’Shawn Robinson deals still not done

  1. This sounds like a logical next step for a team that screws ex-players out of guaranteed money

  2. but gronk can get manage to find and pass physical exam within moments of unretiring…

  3. I hope they are classier than that. Only a hope, but you know… nowadays it is hard to find people/organization keeping his word

  4. Both those players still fill areas of need for the Rams. They don’t have so many draft picks that they should lightly discard players that can help them.

  5. Put the tinfoil hat away and stop banging this tired drum. Just like gurley didnt fail his physical neither will either of these guys.

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