Seahawks GM: Door not closed on Jadeveon Clowney, but could no longer wait

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While the Seattle Seahawks have added Bruce Irvin and Benson Mayowa in free agency this offseason, questions about the potential of the team’s pass rush continue to linger as the team heads into the NFL Draft this week. The continued free agency of Jadeveon Clowney lingers as well as one of the team’s most disruptive linemen remains on the open market.

Only one team in the NFL had fewer sacks than the Seattle Seahawks last season. Clowney remains one of the top unsigned free agents available on the market. But while Clowney continues to evaluate his options, the Seahawks decided they couldn’t wait on him to make a decision before looking to other options for their defensive line.

“He came in and did a great job for us,” Seahawks General Manager John Schneider said of Clowney on Tuesday. “We made an effort to re-sign him. The door is not closed, but we couldn’t wait any longer and so we had to conduct business. He knew that. Everything was very cordial.

“We’ve had great conversations. He’s just going to feel his way through this odd process and we’ll see where that goes.”

While Seattle reached an agreement with Irvin early in free agency, they waited until over two weeks into free agency before getting a deal done with Mayowa. As Clowney continued to go unsigned, it was Mayowa that Seattle turned to help add depth to their pass rush unit.

“We were able to acquire Bruce Irvin and Benson Mayowa, two individuals that we’re very comfortable with (and) confident in,” Schneider said. I think they bring 16 sacks (15.5 sacks). So, yeah, we’re excited about having those guys back.”

Even with Clowney, the Seahawks managed just 28 sacks as a team the entire season. Only the 23 sacks from the Miami Dolphins was less at year’s end. Clowney missed time due to a sports hernia and finished with just three sacks. Jarran Reed was suspended for six games and mustered just two sacks. Coming off shoulder surgery, Ziggy Ansah managed just 2.5 sacks and first-round pick L.J. Collier was regularly inactive throughout the season as a bad ankle injury in training camp derailed his rookie campaign.

“You know L.J. will have a year under his belt and hopefully we can keep him healthy,” Schneider said. “He got hurt last year and we thought we’re going to lose him for the whole season that day he went down and and it was very disappointing but we’re able to get him back at a certain time in the season where it just wasn’t ideal from a developmental standpoint.”

With Clowney remaining on the market, the Seahawks could easily look for more help in the NFL Draft this week.

“Pass rush is always something we’re focused on, obviously we need to do a better job in that regard. And that’s from an acquisition standpoint, from a developmental standpoint and from a schematic standpoint,” Schneider said.

11 responses to “Seahawks GM: Door not closed on Jadeveon Clowney, but could no longer wait

  1. With Clowney remaining on the market, the Seahawks could easily look for more help in the NFL Draft this week.

    This can’t be good news to Clowney. His demands were more than any team was willing to meet and after the draft that price will go down yet again. I don’t think he’s going to get a deal he’s going to like.

  2. Well seeing as how Clowney has always been great against the run and just average rushing the passer, shame on Seattle for thinking he was something that he wasn’t. However, they are smart for not signing him long-term to the amount he was after. You don’t pay $20 million a season to an athletic run stuffer.

  3. What Clowney thinks he is worth and what he is actually worth are two very different things.

  4. From an acquisition standpoint, doing a better job would go get yannick, do one of your texans’ trades with Khan and get that beast over to Seattle.

  5. I am no novice to pro football, but I don’t seem to remember when The Clown Clowney has completed a single season and played every game. I see to remember him being mainly a part time player because he is fragile. I fail to see why the Clown Clowney is held in high regard. If “great” players were part time ones, the NFL is filled with hundreds of great players. Unfortunately greatness is not measured by several highlight plays per year. Greatness is determined by playing the actual game, helping your team at every turn, and having no empty spaces on your dance card. And the Clown Clowney has so many holes in that that his card is simply paper swiss cheese.

  6. He’s a damn good player. He’s overplayed his hand that’s become clear – but doesn’t mean he’s not really good. Sack numbers are not the only numbers.

    Anyway – looks like Seattle playing the long game here – and maybe it still works. Here’s hoping so.

  7. Seattle should offer him a decent prove-it one-year deal.

    Make him go all out again to earn that money and if it doesn’t work out and he gets hurt again or goes invisable you know it just isn’t going to work out long-term.

    Maybe somebody else will sign him long-term but I don’t think that would be a good move at this point… I’m not positive about clowney’s motivation…he can dominate like that game against San Francisco in San Fran last year and then pretty much disappear for two games.I know how regular guys disappear but how a guy like Clowney with his speed and athletic ability disappears is kind of a mystery.

    He’s great against the run but a lot of guys are pretty good against the run.

  8. Pete Carroll always talks about having players that have grit…

    Is that Clowney?

    I honestly don’t know and if you made me answer one way or the other I would probably say no.

    Yes I know he played through his “core” injury(whatever that is) but I almost feel like he just hang in there till the end of the season to maybe get a contract. Is he had a multi-year contract he probably would have shut it down.

  9. Yeah, it’s time for Seattle to forget about Clowney. It’s over, he’s no longer a good fit. Had he handled the contract issues different, then maybe he’s a fit but as it is, no, he’s just not.

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