Vikings don’t completely close door on Everson Griffen’s return

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The Vikings have lost six starters in the offseason, including four on defense. Nose tackle Linval Joseph (released), defensive end Everson Griffen (free agency) and cornerbacks Xavier Rhodes (released) and Trae Waynes (free agency) no longer are Vikings.

“Some of these guys that we’ve had to make some very, very tough decisions on, it had nothing to do with them as football players,” Vikings General Manager Rick Spielman said in a Tuesday conference call, via Chris Tomasson of the Pioneer Press. “It had nothing to do with them as people or what they do for our community. It’s just sometimes, I would bet we’ve kept that defense together as long as anyone has in that six-year span, it’s just, right now, we’re just in an evolution period of our roster.”

Griffen remains a free agent, and even though he posted a lengthy good-bye to the team last month, the Vikings aren’t completely closing the door on a return.

“I don’t think things broke down,” Spielman said. “I’ve had some great conversations with Everson.”

Spielman declined to answer a follow question about whether that means Griffen could return. According to Tomasson, who quoted a source, Griffen “probably won’t” return to Minnesota but there remains at least a slim chance if the Vikings don’t get the pass rusher they want in the draft.

Griffen has spent his entire 10-year career with the Vikings and is fourth in franchise history with 74.5 sacks.

12 responses to “Vikings don’t completely close door on Everson Griffen’s return

  1. They have the players on their roster to replace what he can give them now, but they would welcome him back for a minimal salary because he’s a team leader. He’ll have to decide if that’s good enough for him. I’d love to have him back for one more year but it has to be at the right price.

  2. “Some of these guys that we’ve had to make some very, very tough decisions on, it had nothing to do with them as football players,it’s just, right now, we’re just in an evolution period of our roster.”

    In other words, Rick Spielman mismanaged the cap and overspent on “meh” talent, Rob Brzezinski isn’t the genius we all thought he was.
    Personally I blame the refs for this whole mess…..the refs and Aaron Rodgers.

  3. I was crushed when John Randle left and played with Seattle. Everson, come home. I, and many fans, remember how well you started the season last year before you wore down. Being part of a rotation could increase your impact and extend your career. If the door is still open, do a quick spin move and burst through it.

  4. Reminds me of when we did the same thing with B-Rob. Great player but sometimes it is just time to let the next guy show what he can do. This is the business and this is why you draft players who can develop and eventually take over. Being sentimental as a fan is fine but not as a GM.

  5. He owes the Vikings. He should humbly and gratefully take whatever team-friendly deal they offer. Besides, with everybody else jumping ship, who will be around to turn out the lights?

  6. The door was never shut. Griffen thought he could get more money elsewhere. So far, he hasn’t.

  7. I’d like him back. They lost weatherly, which was a huge surprise. They don’t have the depth anymore without griffen. Odeigbo is a star on the rise and will be a solid complement to hunter, but after him they don’t have any up and comers like they usually do. Maybe bowers and ade aruna can come back somehow. Griffen is likely in his last year as a pro so it would be nice if he stayed in Minnesota. The lack of interest from other teams should signal to him that Minnesota is his best bet. Vikings likely use Barr for more pass rushing this year.m and draft an end in the 3rd or 4th round.

  8. I posted earlier that I expect Griffin to resign with the Vikings.

    I still think he will, if we don’t draft an day 1 or day 2 edge rusher.

    Everson’s options for a big dollar new deal are limited. Seattle would be the place that should have been looking at him, but it appears they are already moving on from Clowney.

  9. Espinosa or Euter-Gross or whatever their names are around pick 25 would make sense.

  10. The Vikings haven’t spent a first or second round pick on a defensive end since they traded for Jared Allen in 2008. The last DE they drafted in the first or second round was Erasmus James in 2005 (bust from Wisconsin, go figure).

    They’ll spend a mid-round pick on a DE this year and he or somebody else already on the roster will develop into a very solid player and maybe a Pro Bowler. Andre Patterson is the best defensive line coach in the game and if you don’t believe that, just look at the results.

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