Percy Harvin says he wants to return to the NFL

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Three and a half years after he last played in the NFL, Percy Harvin wants to return.

Harvin told Josina Anderson of ESPN that he is working out, in good shape and eager to play again.

I’m ready to return to the NFL,” Harvin said. “I thought I was done, but that itch came back. I’ve been training with a former Olympian. My body is feeling good. Mentally I’m better. My family is good. The timing is right.”

Harvin last played in 2016, when he appeared in two games for the Bills. Injuries and migraines plagued his NFL career, and he hasn’t played more than nine games in a season since 2011.

With those caveats aside, if Harvin is serious he’d likely get at least some level of NFL interest. He’s a phenomenal athlete and a big-time playmaker with the ball in his hands — or at least he was when he was healthy and motivated. He’ll be 32 years old next month, and if he’s lost a step, he probably won’t make it. But he’s shown enough on the field that NFL teams are at least likely to give him a chance to prove he hasn’t lost a step.

93 responses to “Percy Harvin says he wants to return to the NFL

  1. Teams have little to lose to give him a workout. He certainly could have a few good years left.

  2. All the other stuff aside (and there IS alot) he really is an unreal athlete. A faster/Shiftier version of Deebo Samuel basically, lining up in backfield – but can also take a post to the house, return kickoffs and punts. He def should get a look, a mental evaluation….

  3. Next you’re gonna tell me Favre and both Mannings are coming back, aren’t you??

  4. -buc’s gm: “did you every play for belichick?”
    -percy: “no.”
    -buc’s gm: “were done here.”

  5. New NFL labor agreement is much more relaxed on marijuana use. Harvin now wants to return. Don’t have to be a genius to connect the dots here.

  6. Everyone wants a contract when the chance of an off-season is next to zero and even the season is in question. Sure, they all want signing bonuses.

  7. He was always just a gadget player who relied purely on speed. Given he’s been retired for so long and is a big hit away from his career being over, I can’t see anyone taking a chance on him especially with this deep WR class and still some formidable free agents available.There are plenty of similar type players who are still jobless that I’d take over him i.e. Tavon Austin, Taylor Gabriel, Jarius Wright, Dwayne Harris,

  8. Explosive kick returner and a flat out weapon when he had the ball in space. People forget he was an MVP front-runner for the first half of 2012. Of course, you have to play the 2nd half, and migraines are legit… I hope he gets a shot somewhere just to see what he has left in the tank.

  9. Funny how people assume he is broke and that’s why he wants to return. It couldn’t possibly be that he feels healthy enough to give it a go again. Just assume the worse and ignore any other logical reasons. Makes sense….

  10. A 32 year old running back who hasn’t played in years and has a history of injuries and bad behavior. I don’t think they’ll be breaking down his door.

  11. Hasn’t played in 4 years, will be 32, concussion history, attitude history, deep WR class but Percy said “the timing is right.” Wish him well but it’s sad when former players cannot see that their ship sailed long ago.

  12. I could definitely seeing teams working him out to see potential of his play making ability. Good luck to him. Maybe gets a one year incentive deal..

  13. Anyone else think there is a coincidence between his return and the NFL relaxing on the marijuana rules?

  14. silvercrush33 says:

    April 22, 2020 at 8:31 am

    Next you’re gonna tell me Favre and both Mannings are coming back, aren’t you??
    You say it like that would be a bad thing. I’d love to see Favre and Peyton comeback.

  15. It could be a nice comeback, however I’m just not seeing it. Almost 5 years removed from football dude wouldn’t make it past training camp. When you play all your life you build a tolerance to taking hits. When you take more than a year or two off you lose that tolerance.

  16. tcostant says:
    April 22, 2020 at 9:06 am
    Don’t do it, he’s a headache.

  17. His only hope is the Bills, they were the only team that thought he still had something to offer last time and they probably still are.


  18. Hey Percy…using your debit card several times a day, 365 days a year, living the high life, with NO funds going INTO the bank accts does cause problems for your lifestyle.

  19. pikestabber says:
    April 22, 2020 at 8:49 am
    and migraines are legit…

    Migraines ARE legit, but whether he actually had them all the times he claimed to is NOT “legit.” He pretty much admitted it.

    He had emotional issues more than physical ones in Minny. He pretty much chose not to play when he sat out because he did not like Childress. That is well documented.

    Hopefully he’s over that childish behavior now, but who knows.

    If I were a GM I would see what he had left and what kind of speed he had. Dude was exceptional in his prime. Even if he “lost a step”, if healthy he would still be faster than most….

  20. Yeah, after three seasons away from the gridiron, this has success written all over it. 🙄
    The truth is, Harvin was never really that good of a receiver anyway.
    Terrific athletes without any real production are a dime a dozen.

    He never logged a single 1,000 yard season, or more than 6 Tds. in a year.
    Not to mention his questionable work ethic and unreliability, only 21 appearances in his last 4 seasons.

    No, his bread and butter was always returning kicks.
    A position he excelled at, but since he’s on the wrong side of 30 and the NFL has been Hell bent on phasing it out, I can’t see Percy being much use to any team.
    CFL, anybody?
    I mean, if he seriously has that itch.

  21. i hate players that quit on teams because they arent winning and then want to come back years later. sorry, you quit, youre out

  22. Athletically, he was a freak, standing out in a league full of freaks. New drug standards certainly won’t hurt his desire to return.

  23. pikestabber says:
    April 22, 2020 at 8:49 am
    and migraines are legit…

    Migraines ARE legit, but whether he actually had them all the times he claimed to is NOT “legit.” He pretty much admitted it.

    I get 3-4 debilitating migraines a week (lately anyway, they really cluster and then I’ll have a good month with only a few). I could not imagine playing a sport when I had one, I can barely sit at my computer. No real proof that weed helps, but if there was I’d become a smoker.

  24. Best athlete I ever saw take the field. He could play any position at all pro level.

  25. Yeah, there’s reason for cynicism about his wanting to return, but he was a hell of a player. I wish him well; it would be a great story if he could come back and contribute somewhere.

  26. I call BS. This guy has been all about the most money for the least work. What he sees is the potential for an NFL paycheck without having to do training camp and the possibility the season gets canceled because some renegade governors won’t allow games in their state. He has nothing to lose by trying to see if someone is stupid enough to sign him

  27. Guarantee he’s broke and needs money. Funny how he never has a headache during training but gets them during practice week

  28. John Frusciante recently came back to the Chili Peppers for a third time, so anything is possible.

  29. It is a long shot of course. But two things are in his favor. First, this time around he likely won’t take the game for granted. Second, by missing so many games, he isn’t beat up and there should be a lot of tread on the tire. Given his undeniable skill set, he is worth a flier.

  30. Got to figure it’s too late, and all the posts about his issues aren’t off the mark this time.

    But just a tip of the cap – he was only on the Hawks for one year, but I can’t remember watching a faster/more explosive player. he could really fly.

  31. For anyone wondering about how migraines can affect something as physical as football, here’s how…

    If he has migraine with aura, he would not be able to see (or at least focus on anything) for about 30 minutes. And it comes on randomly…possibly right when he would need to make a catch.

    After that, you feel drained, barely able to concentrate. Not to mention the ridiculous headache you get for hours.

  32. Please no Percy Harvin hype. He’s built a rep as an explosive exciting player because of a few plays in his career but he’s actually done nothing. Not worth pursuing for any team.

  33. This guy suffered from selective migraines. When things were going well, his team was winning, and he was getting the ball enough, whenever seemed to get one. When things weren’t going so well, when they were losing, or he wasn’t getting the ball, the migraines seemed to kick in……

  34. I’m surprised he can still get his name out in the press. He’s a quitter and a basket case. I can’t even think of a team I dislike that deserves a guy like him, he’s that toxic.

  35. $42-plus million in career earnings. 4026 career receiving yards. And he showed up for work less than 60% of the time. I’d want to go back to a job like that, too.

  36. With all these classic NFL games on TV, I’ve had a chance to watch Percy’s early years with the Vikes, and forgot how tough and dynamic of a player he was. He ran great routes, had good hands, was fast and versatile in a hybrid role. If he’s still got some speed, and has matured, I bet he would be effective with the right offensive coach and system.

  37. Translation: “I’m broke but I am hoping some team will give me a bunch of money so I can underachieve again.”

  38. Going to be hard to get past the interview he gave saying he was high every game he played in the NFL.

  39. I wish him the best of luck getting back in the NFL. I’d love to see him in a bears uniform. Percy was one of the few WR’s that had his head on straight but was just plagued by migraines which was out of his control. Hopefully he get’s another shot to start somewhere..

  40. if he still has the speed, he could at least be a good kick return guy. Until they ban kickoffs.

  41. joetoronto says:
    April 22, 2020 at 9:27 am
    His only hope is the Bills, they were the only team that thought he still had something to offer last time and they probably still are.


    4 20 Rate This
    he won a ring with Seattle….

  42. 32 years old, I do not think so. And with his injury history, not a good choice. Plenty of young kids with speed out there.

  43. I have a headache just looking at him. Concussions are not a joke. He needs to stay retired.

  44. Now that he can smoke weed without an issue in the NFL…….(anyone see Ricky Williams?!)

  45. He must have been smoking a lot of pot lately, and any team willing to deal with his distractions would have to be smoking at least as much!

  46. It would be interesting to see if there is any gas in the tank, just not on my team (unless it works out).

  47. It’s been 8 years since he was any good. I’ll be very generous here and give him 2 years, $3 mil total. And with that, he’d probably get cut in training camp.

  48. No risk, all reward by giving him a shot. Vikings could pick him up and have him take Diggs spot and save a draft pick. See what he has left? Long shot but it might be worth it. I think his recent comments of being high in every game he played will hurt his chances however.

  49. The gravy train has left the station Percy, it’s over!

    Harvin proves that migraines are contagious. He gave every team he ever played for a headache.

  50. Percy Harvin gets his deserved flat but man when he is on the field he is explosive as any player to play. There was one game versus Washington when he was with the Hawks he had 4 TDs with 3 of them called back on some ticky tack calls. 2 were 20 yard house calls from behind the line of scrimmage and the other a 50 yard TD bomb.

    I guess that was 6 or 7 years ago now but the dude had defenses playing scared.

  51. FinFan68 says:
    April 22, 2020 at 9:53 am

    I call BS. This guy has been all about the most money for the least work./////

    Sam Bradford would like a word with you.

  52. papathorson says:
    April 22, 2020 at 8:56 am

    A 32 year old running back //////

    Just stop, Percy never played running back in the NFL.

  53. He’s not worth the Trouble.

    If Rex called him a Turd, he wouldn’t get in trouble on that one, because it is true, and everyone knows it.

    Percy was on that University of Florida Team that was the Motliest Crew of guys ever assembled:
    Aaron Hernandez
    Pouncey Brothers
    Reggie Nelson
    Will Hill
    Janoris Jenkins

    There were others too.

  54. fmc651 says:
    April 23, 2020 at 2:51 am

    papathorson says:
    April 22, 2020 at 8:56 am

    A 32 year old running back //////

    Just stop, Percy never played running back in the NFL.

    Dude, just watch some freaking game film. He was not a “running back” but ran out of the backfield a GREAT deal of the time with the Vikings.

  55. I watched every game Harvin played at Minnesota. He did run jet sweeps like in college. Not the same work that a RB does. Sorry you don’t get it.

  56. He smoked a bit too much on 4/20 and now thinks he can play again. First he has to find a team which doesn’t employ anyone with whom he burnt a bridge.

  57. His problem right before he left the game was that he claimed to be suffering from severe migraine headaches. I hope someone asks him if he’s cured of that because he couldn’t get rid of them while he was with the Bills.

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