Report: Dolphins eyeing possible move to third spot to take a tackle

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While much of the focus on the Dolphins’ draft plans have been quarterback-centric, they may have another thought in mind during the first round.

According to Ian Rapoport of NFL Network, the Dolphins have been calling the teams in front of them to gauge the price to move up, with an eye on getting their choice of the top offensive tackle prospects.

He specifically mentions the third spot (held by Detroit), but there have been reports that the Giants are willing to move the fourth pick as well.

The Dolphins have three first round picks (fifth, 18th, and 26th, and six of the top 70 picks).

Assuming the Bengals don’t want to trade the first one to them, and Washington ends up with Chase Young, the third spot would offer any team the choice of Tristan Wirfs, Mekhi Becton, Jedrick Wills, or Andrew Thomas.

There appears to be significant jockeying for those top four tackles, hence the recent reports that the Panthers (seventh)and Cardinals (eighth) are willing to move down a few spots if the price is right.

The Dolphins have had a need at left tackle since trading Laremy Tunsil to the Texans, and regardless of quarterback, it’s a spot they need to fill.

22 responses to “Report: Dolphins eyeing possible move to third spot to take a tackle

  1. Assuming the Bengals don’t want to trade the first one to them………

    They. Don’t.

  2. If Bob and Matt can’t move #3 in this draft, neither should get another job in professional football.

  3. Trading up for a OT would make no sense. If you have a choice of a franchise QB or a franchise LT & you need both, you take the QB every time. Unless Miami thinks they already have their franchise QB on the roster, Josh Rosen, which I doubt. Plus, there are 4 top OTs in this draft so staying at 5, they would still get one.

  4. Give up draft picks to move up while no one is going to take him before 5. I truly wonder how guys who make so much money, makes these dumb decisions. Hoping its smoke so teams behind them trade up.

  5. This team is not trading up for a tackle. Plus there is not definitive number one left tackle, it could he wills, Wirfs, Thomas or josh Johnson. If they move up It’s for their qb, tua or Herbert.

  6. That makes very little sense. If they stay put the only team ahead of them likely to go OT is the Giants. At worst the Dolphins get the second best of 2 very good OT’s (Wirfs and Willis). No need to trade up to 3 to get one of them.

    Anyone else who happens to trade into the top 3 IS NOT doing it to draft an OT.

  7. I think if Miami is investigating moving to 3, it is so that no one can leap frog them and take their QB of choice before their scheduled pick at 5. If they didn’t have to give up their 5 to get to 3, they might consider a tackle then. There is no need to move up from 5 to 3 to get a tackle.

  8. I could truly see the Dolphins doing this then the Pats moving up and drafting Tua only to torture the Dolphins for the next 10-15 years, it would be classic Dolphins.

    Remember the Dolphins had the #1 overall pick in 2008 and choose Jake Long over Matt Ryan and Joe Flacco, another disaster!

  9. The Dolphins could keep #5 and trade #18 and #26 and maybe a 4th, come out of the first round with their QB and LT of the future. That would be a home run and still allow them to use some of their early draft capital to build out the rest of their team.

  10. What they would be saying is the difference between the #1 and #2 tackles is worth the cost of moving up. That’s just stupid. Take who is there at 5 and keep the picks

  11. The one good thing about tomorrow is that all this fake news and conjecture about who will draft where will be over.

    Until 2021.

  12. I sincerely hope the Dolphins don’t do this, this is literally the deepest Tackle class ever. Just stay at 5, take your QB of the future, and take a Tackle at 18. They have a chance to set the foundation for their franchise for years to come in this draft, I’m not even a Dolphins fan but I’d hate to see them squander it.

  13. They might move to 3 for an OT, sign Winston and hope the Texans 1st next year will cash in.

  14. Dolphins value in the picks they have in the 1st round is too great to give them away like what this guy is talking about. Trade two 1st round picks for one… No way.

  15. Stay at 5 and grab TUA. Then use the other first rounder on the best TACKLE. This draft is rich with O-LINEMEN. Its not rocket science. A drunk at the end of the bar could have drafted better than most of Miami’s recent drafts.

  16. Just because they’re calling doesn’t mean a thing. When will people learn that is the time of year for all misinformation? Take it with a grain of salt.

  17. Moving up to #3 for a tackle when you dont have any long term solutions at QB. Right. Is Bill O’brien sending these smoke screens because no one is so inept to think this is true

  18. If it’s true, they are hearing chatter that other teams want to move up to that #3 spot to get the QB the Dolphins covet.

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