Roger Goodell reiterates plan to proceed with full season on time

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The NFL draft sells hope to fans of every team when it comes to their chances for the 2020 season. The NFL Commissioner has been selling hope to fans of all teams when it comes to the chances that there will be a 2020 season.

Via Sports Business Daily, Commissioner Roger Goodell reiterated in an appearance on ESPN that the league is operating under the notion that it will be “ready to go” for the 2020 football season, with no delays. He declined to speculate regarding “things that could happen that can prevent that from occurring.”

“We obviously put public safety as a priority one,” Goodell added. “We’ve demonstrated that when we have natural tragedies such as hurricanes that we always make sure we’re doing the right things.”

Goodell explained that the league is working with the CDC and the NIH regarding the establishment of work procedures, acknowledging that, ultimately, the league and the owners would decide whether the start of the season will be delayed.

Whenever games can be played, the separate question becomes whether fans can attend.

“We’re going to do the things we need to do to make sure we’re operating safely, and that includes our fans,” Goodell said. “Everything’s on the table. We’ve got to be smart. We want to try to do what we can to continue playing football, but doing it correctly and safely.”

He’s right. Everything is on the table, and a specific plan needs to be in place for whatever it is that goes from being on the table to becoming the NFL’s reality for the months of September through early February.

The next clue as to contingency planning will come from the regular-season schedule, which will be released May 9. Some believe that the schedule will be front loaded with interconference games, making it easy to ditch the first four games of the season, if the season ultimately shrinks from 16 to 12 games.

29 responses to “Roger Goodell reiterates plan to proceed with full season on time

  1. Goodell first priority is $$$, always has been. Safety for the players & fans? Yeah right.

  2. The issue to me is what happens when an entire team gets the virus. Does that team forfeit?

  3. Best news ever! Lets get back to living life! Whats the point to be alive if you are locked up in your house?

  4. They shut down the olympics which starts at the same time as the nfl. Why does the nfl think they will be immune to getting and spreading this virus while every other sport is shut down?

    Oh and fans are completely out of the question. It should already be set in stone that there won’t be fan attendance at sports for a very very long time.

  5. “the league and the owners would decide whether the start of the season will be delayed.”

    I’m guessing the decision will be made by comparing potential liability versus profits of playing. The NFL doesn’t care about fans.

    I think some local municipalities may have something to say about if they play.

  6. If public safety’s always the 1st priority then why still allow players to do Lambeau Leaps? As for Lambeau itself being “grandfathered in” it’s only been around since the 1990s! And when it’s done elsewhere players only get wrist slaps.

  7. We need to get back to normalcy. It can be done safely even with no fans in attendance. We can not hide in our homes from this for a year. What happens if we never have a vaccine from this? There is no guarantee.

  8. I like the positive spin, I just hope that its possible to go with a season without jeopardizing peoples lives.

    I love sports, I miss sports, but they got to get this right.

  9. Going to an NFL games will like sitting in the world’s largest petri dish.

  10. Goodell first priority is $$$, always has been. Safety for the players & fans? Yeah right.


    Sounds like he’s taking a page from the Trump playbook. Money first.

  11. “Whats the point to be alive if you are locked up in your house?”

    Plenty actually

  12. There is nothing that he can say to save him from being roasted by comments here. Bottom line we need some sense of normality with safety being weighed in.

  13. The NFL has a larger issue than the virus.

    What if the entire team gets turf ego and cannot play? This is an injury that has no cure and strikes when you least expect it. Sometimes stepping on a blade of grass can result in a career-ending injury that cannot be overcome through drugs or therapy. You will see this when an otherwise functional cupcake is reduced to watching Netflix on his couch all while having a difficult time opening paycheck envelopes without assistance.

  14. Not in front of fans in 2020 and once 1 player test positive, its season over just like the NBA.

  15. If you thought layoffs were bad the last 3 weeks, wait until the next 3 months. People aren’t going to care about football come fall. Unemployment could reach 25-30%.

  16. Roger Goodell needs to get every owner on board as far as paying for season ticket holder seats. No team should collect any money until it is determined if there is going to be a season that fans can attend.

  17. I don’t see how the season can be played until there’s a vaccine. One player gets sick and you’d have to quarantine the entire team. How can you play a season under those conditions?

  18. ……
    Ryan Dubose says:
    April 22, 2020 at 2:04 pm
    New stanford study shows a 0.12% mortalityrate
    some comments on that study. “results indicated that the number of people who had contracted coronavirus was 50 to 85 times higher than originally calculated.” Those figures used to multiple positive tests in the denominator. Also based on Santa Clara population which likely isn’t representative of the United States.

  19. I couldn’t imagine being a person afraid of a virus. Keep yourself healthy. It works.

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