Ryan Pace: Injuries kind of added up for Trey Burton

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The Bears cut Trey Burton halfway through the four-year contract they signed him to as a free agent in 2018, which leaves the hope of Jimmy Graham to reverse a multi-year slide as their best hope for an uptick on last year’s tight end play.

Releasing Burton saves the Bears a little money, but leaves dead cap space this year and next after he was designated as a post-June 1 cut. On Tuesday, Bears General Manager Ryan Pace suggested that the team didn’t think Burton would rebound from 2019 injuries to be the kind of player they hoped he would be.

“As we took a full evaluation of our roster after free agency and factored everything in, that was the best decision for us,” Pace said, via the Chicago Sun-Times. “He had a good first year for us, but unfortunately for him and for us, the injuries kind of added up.”

Pace said that picking a tight end in the draft is a possibility and that he thinks “it’s a good tight end draft.” That’s not the general consensus of this year’s group, but the makeup of the Bears’ group may help color their assessment of who could help them in 2020.

9 responses to “Ryan Pace: Injuries kind of added up for Trey Burton

  1. Had a decent season with the Super Bowl Eagles and collected a HUGE paycheck in the off season…the BEARS were reaching with they signed him. NOW they pay the piper.

  2. The mysterious playoff game nervous breakdown that broke Trey Burton. He never returned to form after that double doink game. Sad story as Trey was on fire up until that 17th game of the 2018 season.

    Bears are struggling at the K and TE positions.

  3. “Bears are struggling at the K and TE positions.”

    The kicker? What’s wrong with the kicker, compared to the front office, second WR, CB, RG, two tackles, and the speed of the starting RB? Oh, not to beat a dead horse, but the Bears picked Trubisky over Mahomes a few years ago.

    The kicker is fine… it’s ridiculous that Nagy spent so much time on the topic last year.

  4. “it’s ridiculous that Nagy spent so much time on the topic last year.”

    This is what I meant by struggling. You answered your own question, my fault for not clarifying.

    Last year’s offensive problems seemed to revolve around Nagy’s poor & stubborn play calling, terrible offensive line and Mitch. If the Bears can fix the O line and have competent play calling then the Bears can win with Nick Foles as the starter.

    I’m not a Bears fan, I’m mrfootball!

  5. Da Bear had to cut him now before he got hurt practicing in the virtual workouts. Might have torn a muscle moving the mouse.

  6. TE and OL are still major areas of concern, despite free agency. That’s not good.

    But looking decent in most other places.

  7. Bears do struggle with kickers and TE but the 2 biggest positions of struggle are head coach and general manager.

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