Steelers make it known that JuJu Smith-Schuster won’t be traded to 49ers

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As receiver JuJu Smith-Schuster‘s fourth season approaches, some have wondered aloud whether the 2018 Steelers MVP won’t get a big-money second contract in Pittsburgh. That chatter possibly has fueled rumors that Smith-Schuster could be traded as his fourth NFL season approaches, to the 49ers.

With those rumors barely registering on the NFL rumor-mill radar screen, the Steelers mobilized, letting multiple reporters know that Smith-Schuster won’t be traded to the 49ers.

A second-round pick in 2017, Smith-Schuster is due to make $1.037 million this year, the final one of his rookie deal.

Smith-Schuster had a dramatic decline in production last year, dropping from 1,426 receiving yards to 552. Factors included quarterback Ben Roethlisberger suffering a season-ending injury in Week Two, the absence of Antonio Brown to draw attention away from Smith-Schuster, and (frankly) Smith-Schuster’s struggles to become an all-around threat with the speed to stretch a defense.

Given the subpar third season and tenuous contract status, Smith-Schuster doesn’t seem to fall into the “untouchable” category when it comes to a potential trade. Regardless, they’re making it clear (without going on the record) that Smith-Schuster won’t be traded to the 49ers, who have two first-round picks but none in rounds two through four. Last year, the 49ers gave up a third- and fourth-round pick for receiver Emmanuel Sanders, who left via free agency for the Saints.

Smith-Schuster’s longest play of the 2019 season — a 76-yard touchdown catch — came during a Week Three meeting against the 49ers.

25 responses to “Steelers make it known that JuJu Smith-Schuster won’t be traded to 49ers

  1. It’s a little early to say JuJu isn’t a true #1 receiver. He was banged up most of last season plus he had 2 bad QB’s, yes Duck and Rudolph both suck, trying to throw him the football.

  2. Well that quick of a response from management sounds like the “vote of confidence” which we know is the kiss of death.

  3. Oh please! When it comes to spotting receiver talent Pittsburgh should never be doubted. Their resume speaks for itself. JuJu will be just fine. Good kid good talent.

  4. Mouth without the goods to back it up. If he doesn’t rebound with big year, let him walk.

  5. 556 yards with last years QB play is like 1500 yards any other year. Plus he missed 3 or 4 games.

  6. JuJu is an ideal #2 receiver, but he’s definitely not a #1. The hope is that Diontae Johnson emerges as the Steelers’ #1 receiver, with James Washington the #3. It seems certain the Steelers will draft a WR no later than round 4, because after those three receivers the cupboard is pretty much bare.

  7. When you have Duck Hodges and Mason Rudolph throwing passes, of course your numbers are going to drop significantly.

  8. If the Steelers could get a 1st Rd pick for Smith-Schuster they should take it. He regressed majorly last year. He did nothing to help the young QBs. He choked repeatedly dropping what would’ve been key receptions.

  9. He’s a second or third receiver on any other team. But right now, he’s the best they got.

  10. I trade him in a minute. He’s not a number 1 guy so if i can get a 2nd or 3rd rounder, or even if someone is dumb enough to give me a 1st, i do it. Steelers have all slow wr’s

  11. JuJu bashing has gone way overboard. He’s only 23 years old and has an All Pro caliber season under his belt. Last season, Steelers QB play was the worst in the league, he battled injuries, and suffered from AB’s departure. Doesn’t mean he can’t play. I think he bounces back in a big way.

  12. Trade to the Raiders? They are in the habit of giving the Steelers recent draft picks for receivers, and not getting much in return…

  13. No Ben and injuries just might have contributed, sorry not drinking the AB kool aid.

  14. If they could get a 1st for him they need to make that trade.

    I guess he’s one of Tomlin’s cool kids so he probably won’t get traded.

  15. He makes too little to unload. Some backup players for Seattle is going to make twice as much as he does. Big Ben is returning as starter, so he may have a much better season. Makes little sense to trade him now.

  16. The whole team regressed last year. He was voted team MVP. His teammates love him. He should stay put.

  17. he had a off season but they would’ve been worst without him on the field. He was also injured and banged up this season.

  18. enoughofthatalready says:
    April 22, 2020 at 11:00 pm

    When you have Duck Hodges and Mason Rudolph throwing passes, of course your numbers are going to drop significantly.


    Steeler recievers led the NFL in dropped passes last season with ol’ JJ Schuster leading the way (and the league). Took forever to recover from a bruised knee. Big mouth. Small production w/o AB. He might be turning into a diva.

    They should of dumped him on someone else during the draft. They’ll regret it.

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