A Yannick Nkagoue trade is unlikely this weekend

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Yes, the Raiders and Jaguars had a conversation on Wednesday regarding franchise-tagged defensive end Yannick Ngakoue. No, it went nowhere. And nowhere is where it likely will stay, at least for now.

Per a source with knowledge of the situation, there are two impediments to getting a trade accomplished: Jaguars’ trade demands and the player’s contractual demands. The Raiders simply may not have the cash necessary to do a major deal.

So the situation hasn’t, and won’t, get to the question of resolving a potential impasse between the Jaguars wanting No. 12 and the Raiders offering No. 19. According to the source, the likelihood is that there will be no Ngakoue trade this weekend. Between Ngakoue accepting the tender (a precursor to any trade) to working out a long-term deal to finalizing trade compensation to getting a physical performed, there’s a long way to go and a short time to get there.

21 responses to “A Yannick Nkagoue trade is unlikely this weekend

  1. So the biggest obstacle to a trade, is the one person who is the most vocal about wanting to get traded. “How the turns tables”…

  2. If he’s going to price himself out of the market he had better be prepared to play for the Jags next season.

  3. Man, we dodged a bullet there. I now look forward to seeing what we do with our two years first-round picks tonight.

  4. If he wants out of Jacksonville so bad then he should be willing to take a little less money. You can’t get it all bro.

  5. If he thinks teams are lining up to pay $22 million a year for a guy who averages 9 sacks a season then he needs to get his head checked. He’s overpaid on the $17.7 million franchise tag.

  6. Did not want this trade at all…he wants way too much money. Good news!!

  7. Jacksonville actually (reportedly) offered to set the market with him essentially prior to his twitter nonsense. He didn’t want the most money for a DE from them and no one else is willing to give him that type of deal. So now he’ll have to settle for the tag (19m I think) or sit out the year. He’ll probably sit til week 10, show up and sign, then feign injury like his boy toy Ramsey did. But whatever, that just hurts his value even more, imo. And we can tag him again if we really wanna be jerks.

  8. As a Raider fan this is music to my ears. I’d prefer for the team to allow Mayock to build through the draft and augment as needed through free agency. Year 1 was a smash hit (Antonio Brown aside).

  9. He has been a headache for a long time. But whatever trade value he had went out the window when he publicly trashed the owner’s son. That is not something that will endear him to other owners.

  10. Fans will never know the real story behind the Jags over the last season or 2.
    There have been stories about him losing his cool…confronting teammates etc.
    Who the hell knows if he was sick of losing and calling out teammates- or if he is just a jerk?

    Good player but if he wants out that bad – get rid of him. Jags have been a joke so cant blame him. Take Fournette with you please.

  11. The Raiders drafted Maxx Crosby in the 4th round last year, and they just acquired Carl Nassib for next to nothing. Both those guys are better than Nkagoue. I’m not believing any of these rumors. I think it’s more likely the Raiders were talking to the Jaguars about trading back, and acquiring extra picks, not trading away a high draft pick for a questionable character guy that would likely be a backup on this Raiders team. Mike Mayock didn’t just fall off the turnip truck.

  12. It wasn’t the trade of picks holding things up. It’s because Ngakoue and his agent are greedy and want a contract valuing him as the GOAT DE. Jax already offered him a fair contract based on his production and value but he wants millions more.

  13. I can see it happening tomorrow. 2nd round is much less chaotic. Teams trade more after round 1 chaos.

  14. I think the best the Jags can get is a third-round pick, and likely less. Let me explain.

    If he signs the offer and plays for the Jags this year they undoubtedly will let him leave during free agency. In that case they might get a compensatory pick which would probably be a third-round selection. I can’t imagine this happening because he will likely have a Jalen Ramsey-type back injury during the season.

    Complicating the issue is his salary demands. Ramsey was under contract for another year. Ngakuoue is not. He has made no secret that he wants to break the bank (after all, he said he couldn’t feed his family on $18M). Why would any team give up anything of value for a guy they could get next year…and probably for less money. He’s not going to get $22M/yr unless he wants to go play for a perennial loser (he’s used to that anyway).

    I think he wants out now because he knows his numbers are going to take a hit this year after Calais Campbell left. He is going to get the lion’s share of attention on the DL and I would be surprised if his numbers don’t drop considerably this year.

    I just don’t see any team that is willing to trade for him and give him the contract he wants.

  15. He wants to be the new Khalil Mack but he’s NO Khalil Mack. Who does he think he is? The dude’s not even in double digits and he wants to reset the market for edge rushers?

    AND he thinks he his less-than-double-digits is SO awesome that another team will not only reset the market for him, but cough up a 1st-round pick in the first half of the round?

    He thinks he’s worth that?? Does ANYONE here think he’s worth that? Down-vote this post if you think Ngakoue is worth that.

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