Jaguars’ demands may prevent Yannick Ngakoue trade to Raiders

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The Jaguars have found a potential taker for Yannick Ngakoue. However, the suitor currently isn’t willing to give Jacksonville what they want for the franchise-tagged pass rusher.

Per a source with knowledge of the situation, the Jaguars “want too much” for Ngakoue. Hope remains that a deal will be finalized before or during the draft, which starts tonight.

Charlie Campbell of first reported the possibility of Ngakoue to Las Vegas, with the Raiders offering the 19th pick in round one. The Jaguars, per the report, want pick No. 12.

Ngakoue sacked Raiders quarterback Derek Carr twice last December, in the team’s final home game in Oakland.

Last year, the Chiefs got a 2020 second-round pick for franchise-tagged pass rusher Dee Ford in a trade with the 49ers. The Chiefs then gave up the 29th overall pick and a 2020 second-round selection to the Seahawks to get franchise-tagged pass rusher Frank Clark. Both signed long-term deals with their new teams.

A compromise for Ngakoue could happen, with the Jaguars getting the 19th pick and something else, whether it’s a 2021 selection or a flip-flop of later selections in 2020.

Before Ngakoue could be traded, he’d have to accept his one-year franchise tender. Ideally for the Raiders, they’d also work out a new contract with Ngakoue, since they’d get Ngakoue’s rights for one year at $17.78 million. He could be tagged again in 2021, at a 20-percent increase ($21.3 million).

Multiple trades have happened in the past eight months of high-profile players with first-round compensation but without new contracts. Both the Texans (Laremy Tunsil) and Rams (Jalen Ramsey) were criticized for making trades without getting long-term deals done as part of the transaction.

The Raiders have two first-round picks due to the trade that sent Khalil Mack to the Bears. The Raiders didn’t want to pay Mack, the fifth-overall pick in 2014. They may now be paying a stranger to the organization instead, and giving up a first-round pick to get him.

If nothing else, the fact that talks are happening shows that owner Mark Davis has no fear about being on the wrong end of an eventual Twitter fight with Ngakoue.

35 responses to “Jaguars’ demands may prevent Yannick Ngakoue trade to Raiders

  1. This one surprises me. You have young guys Crosby and Ferrell, and you just signed Nassib. Plus you burn a first and pay top dollar for Yannick.

    The biggest question of all tho…… You didn’t pay Mack but suddenly will pay Yannick? Confused!

  2. Raiders need a CB more than a DE, Fulton or Diggs or Terrell at 19 or Henderson at 12 and a WR at 19

  3. Yannick is better than both guys you mentioned who got traded for 2’s and the raiders have 2 first round picks. I don’t think 12 is unreasonable considering how weak the edge rusher class is since at pick 12 this year you’re never getting a pass rusher who’s even half as good as yannick is.

  4. Based on his social media temper tantrum, I would let him bake a little longer if I’m in the Jags front office.

    We get it: you hate playing in Jacksonville, but there are more professional ways to handle getting what you want. The scorched earth policy is not the way to go…..

  5. DC… Dave… Mr. Caldwell. I have defended the vast majority of what you’ve done as GM. Yes, you kept BB5 too long. Yes, you’ve kinda whiffed more top 10 picks than I would have preferred. But, I’ve continued to believe you are a quality GM to deserves more respect.

    TAKE THE 19!!!! Puh-leeeze. Do not mess this up.

  6. Really Jags,
    Come on and make this deal already. Another first round pick would be amazing. Why is this so difficult?

  7. There is no way I would stick my neck out, as a GM, for a hot head who talks on twitter. No way.

  8. Raiders are tight against the cap adn this guy wants Khalil Mack money. I guess Mike knows what he’s doing.

  9. The Jags are going to shoot themselves in the foot here. The Seahawks are interested as well, but I’m sure the same issue exists – the Jags want too much. How many teams are there besides the Raiders and Seahawks that have contacted the Jags and were shot down?

    Jacksonville being Jacksonville. Even as a Seahawks fan, I’d like to see Jacksonville get over the hump and win something. They were so close a few years ago. Now, all I see is a 100-mph pile-up on the freeway. Has anything went right there since their loss to the 2017 Patriots? The Ngakoue situation seems like an accident waiting to happen.

  10. This guy was a 3rd round pick. I don’t think Mayock is giving away anything for this guy, considering he was able to find Maxx Crisby in the 4th round. Good scouts like to find their own players.

  11. No first round picks involved.
    Start with Clelin Ferrel and then negotiate to common ground.

  12. Just trade him for a third round pick and call it a day, whoever you bring in isn’t going to want to stay there anyway and you’ll just end up trading the guy eventually.

  13. A continuation of poor management across the board for the sub .500 Raiders. Trade Mack, to save money. Trade Cooper, to save money. Acquire Mariota, who is another Carr and both are the same level as Mitch Trubisky.

    When the Raiders finish below .500 again for the third time, I can just root for my last place Lions.

    One nation, Raider Nation.

  14. This is why the Jags are the Jags. You have a team, that by all indications shouldnt even want him, and you are going to screw it up by asking for too much??? Think about it, take the 19 and celebrate that he is gone.

    The Raiders wouldnt pay premium money to a premium pass rusher (Mack)
    The Raiders used a high pick last year on this position
    The Raiders seem to have 3 players already for this position
    AND they are willing to give you a FIRST round pick

    Take the deal! Morons, lol

  15. Jacksonville is not going to get a 1st + change for Ngakoue, he’s just not worth both it AND a massive extension. If I had to guess I’d say they’re gonna screw this up and then he’s just gonna leave in FA next year, then all they’re gonna get is (at best) a 3rd round comp pick.

  16. How’s this for a compromise: the 19th overall pick is already a really good offer for the somewhat overrated Ngakoue (a terrific pass rusher who is very much a liability against the run), so, just take that for a guy you franchised knowing he wanted to leave.

  17. I honestly hope it doesn’t happen. It would be a huge mistake on the Raiders’ part. Pass rusher isn’t our biggest need. That pick would be better spent on a corner or receiver. Ngakoue might be good, but he’s also been described as a pain in the ass. After the AB fiasco last year, we don’t need another headache, especially an expensive one.

  18. Man the way Gruden was talking about Mack on the 2014 draft last night in ESPN you will see why he traded him. Maybe it would’ve been too awkward to explain his words when theY met face to face lol. I can’t see Vegas trading for him, especially 19 overall, after the pick how much is he going to cost, probably wants 90-100 like Clark and Ford got last year. That culture in Jacksonville is toxic, RamseySet the tone by crying like a little girl til he got out and others have filed suit.

  19. Yeah… don’t wanna pay Mack but will pay Yan? Silly…

    As a Jags fan… please take the 19 and be done with this fool.

  20. Ngakoue is a terrific player and team leader. He is a proven player who will guarantee the Raiders much more than a shot in the dark 12th pick. Solid pickup.

  21. joetoronto says:
    April 23, 2020 at 8:34 am
    A continuation of poor management across the board for the sub .500 Raiders. Trade Mack, to save money. Trade Cooper, to save money. Acquire Mariota, who is another Carr and both are the same level as Mitch Trubisky.

    When the Raiders finish below .500 again for the third time, I can just root for my last place Lions.

    One nation, Raider Nation.


    I like how you don’t even wait to see if the trade happens and what the compensation is before you pan it, top notch.

    As for me, I do trust Mayock here. AB was a disaster last year but it would have been even worse if Mayock caved and gave Pittsburgh the first and/or second round picks they were originally insisting upon. Raiders have the leverage here, they can add the player if they like the terms or walk and draft somebody good at 19.

  22. Just remember the GM could have a deal made, but it’s being vetoed for petty greed.

  23. After the crap this guy is pulling in Jacksonville? Disrespecting the owners kid the way he did?
    Hell no. NO MORE DIVAS. Gotta clean up the game and get rid of these primma donnas.

  24. Owners “should” consider what the salary cap might be next year before signing/extending players. If games are cancelled/shorter season/no fans equals less revenue.

  25. The Raiders should wait to see what’s available at 12 before even thinking about trading 19. The only way I would even consider giving up 19, is if they get 42 and maybe give up 81 and get a 4th. This guy is not Mack. Is he worth Mack and your number 2? Nope.

  26. They can get a better player than him at 19, and not have to imminently deal with overpaying a player who has shown he is willing to publicly insult your owner and owner’s family when he doesn’t get what he wants.

    Keep the draft picks, Raiders. You don’t need this one guy – you need multiple young guys.

  27. edon8334 says:
    April 23, 2020 at 10:07 am

    Why is it ok for khan to argue with Ngakoue but not the other way around?


    1) Because Ngakoue started it, publicly insulting him.
    2) Because Khan didn’t argue with him, he just lectured him on how the trade process works and how Ngakoue is helping to blow it.

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