Lions want rest of league to know the third overall pick remains available

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The Lions hold the third overall pick in the draft. But they’d like to trade it. They’d really like to trade it.

And they want everyone to know they’d like to trade it. Case in point: Literally moments after the Lions had a conversation with the Jaguars, who hold the ninth and 20th selections in the draft, “about this evening’s picks,” the Lions made it known to ESPN that the conversation occurred.

And that’s fine. There’s nothing wrong with trying to goose the market. But the fact that the Lions leaked something to ESPN that unless ESPN were tapping the phone lines it wouldn’t have known about shows that: (1) the Lions have yet to receive an offer that they’ve accepted; and (2) they’re being creative and aggressive in an effort to make sure that the other 31 teams know that the third pick in the draft remains for sale.

It’s possible the Lions have a bird in the hard for third pick. But they’re trying to do even better. And we’ll find out within the next few hours whether they succeed.

10 responses to “Lions want rest of league to know the third overall pick remains available

  1. Falling back two or three times will really gain you some much needed picks in this seemingly deep OT, DL, WR draft. The phone line frenzy seems to be picking up….

  2. “And we’ll find out within the next few hours whether they succeed.”

    Man oh man, when it comes to the Lions, that statement sure does feel loaded. I hope this year is different!

  3. If they move back from the third to the fifth or sixth pick they will still get Okudah or Simmons. And that trade could get them Dobbins or or Jonathon Taylor for free.

  4. Well once again the Lions need to trade down a couple spots and get a DT or CB, but they wont get to add picks. Just missing out on Young by a half game uuuugh Lions luck!!!! Sure hope the curse is over and Chase Young falls to us

  5. 2020, there never was a curse put on the Lions;

    Bobby Layne put that curse directly on William Clay Ford when he traded Layne to Pittsburgh, the NFL penal colony at the time, for not even so much as O’Brien got for Hopkins;

    Layne probably peppered it with a few choice remarks questioning Ford’s heritage, which as we saw also turned out to be true;

  6. The teams right below them have no motivation to offer fair market value. They may need to drop further down.

  7. Sucks to have the 3rd pick in a 2 player draft…Burrows, Chase…then EE (everyone else) they might as well just pick a name outta a hat at this point…but mebbe have Okudah and Simmons name in that hat twice…

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