Source: “Zero truth” to Eagles interest in Trent Williams

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The last couple of days have seen multiple reports about Washington talking to multiple teams about a trade involving tackle Trent Williams, including a report that had the Eagles as a possible trading partner for their NFC East rivals.

It was a curious team to have in the mix given the presence of 2019 first-round pick Andre Dillard as the heir apparent to Jason Peters on the left side of the offensive line. PFT has learned, via a league source, that it was also an erroneous one.

Per that source, there’s “zero truth” to any suggestion that the Eagles want to make a move for Williams.

The report that included the Eagles also had the Browns, Vikings and Jets listed as teams that have shown the most interest in dealing for Williams. The Browns have been linked to Williams many times since the start of last season and would probably like to know if they have a deal before they’re on the board in the first round, so things may be coming to a conclusion on Thursday.

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  1. Please make this happen today. Browns have the cap space, have a LT with experience rather than take a chance on draft, and fill other positions next this weekend.

  2. Trenty Trent just wants to get paid. Give the man the money. He has jet fuel to buy.

  3. So basically it’s the Browns and Vikings and neither wanting to give up a second round pick…

  4. For a second round pick I would consider that fair trade. However the Vikings might not be able to afford Williams this year. I’m not sure how much of a contract he’s looking for but I believe they have 12 million available right now and they still need to sign their draft picks. My assumption would be they would want to trade Anthony Harris for Trent straight up, or maybe involving some later picks for value. But I also have no idea if Washington has need at safety. Probably, since they have a need at every position.

  5. Phrase: “Zero truth to it.”

    Translation: “Details are being finalized as we speak.”

  6. Philly just got finished with Future HOF (and often injured)35+ year old Jason Peters. Doubt if they want to take that chance again. Whatever happen to Lane Johnson being the heir apparent? Dillard is too much of a work in progress to protect Wentz’ blindside and backside.

  7. TheGuru says:
    April 23, 2020 at 10:12 am
    Philly just got finished with Future HOF (and often injured)35+ year old Jason Peters. Doubt if they want to take that chance again. Whatever happen to Lane Johnson being the heir apparent? Dillard is too much of a work in progress to protect Wentz’ blindside and backside.

    I can’t tell if you’re trolling or serious, but it seems like you’re serious and haven’t watched the Eagles play in half a decade…. Lane plays RT. Dillard has looked really good so far in his time at LT. Jason Peters is a sure fire HOFer who the eagles got from buffalo over a decade ago. The reason the Eagles have no interest in Trent Williams is because of Dillard and Lane. Unless Washington is going to give him us for free, he won’t be an Eagle. I hope he goes somewhere and finally gets paid and appreciated

  8. First of all any notion that Trent Williams dispute with Washington is about money is absolutely mis-guided. He asked for a trade, not a new deal, because they mishandled his medical condition and he felt they actually botched it to the degree that it was potentially life threatening.

    Second, the rumor the Eagles were interested makes now sense from their salary cap vantage, Williams is over a $10 million hit in salary cap and the Eagles don’t have that type of cap space with what needs to be allocated to the upcoming draft class.

    Finally, the original plan was to groom Lane to eventually move over to the LT position, but that plan was abandoned years ago and certainly was fully scrapped when Dillard was drafted. Dillard does not have experience playing RT, so when he filled in for Lane it didn’t go well and eventually he was replaced. But whe Jason Peters was unable to play for three games Dillard performed well against some of the best Defensive Ends in the league. He is the heir to the LT position and if for some reason it doesn’t work out this season then the Eagles will address it moving forward.

  9. If it happens at all for Cleveland it’ll most likely happen before the draft, not during or after. If the draft goes as scripted and they take a tackle at #10, it’s obviously no deal for Williams. If they trade back they’re probably going to take Ezra Cleveland and again, there’s no deal. If Washington wants picks, they have to do it before the Browns turn in the card (so to speak this year) at 10. If they insist on a 2nd and a 4th or whatever else I’m hearing I doubt it happens. I’d bet 2nd & 5th or less is the offer from the Browns and I’d also bet Washington doesn’t go for it. He’s a great tackle with no mileage last year but he’s still 31 with a reputation and Cleveland has a brand new coach (again). They have to project him healthy and happy for at least 2 years for it to be worth it. Which puts him at 33… that’s pretty edgy.

  10. Dumb if a team gives up a #2 rd pick for 32 yr old Trent. He isn’t playing for Washington. Washington has no leverage. Why give them a #2 pick?

  11. Maybe the Birds are worried about Brooks’ shoulder and think Dillard will have to play guard? That’s the only thing that makes sense if the Eagles are really in on Williams.

  12. Everyone is interested, it’s just a matter of price. We kind of know what he’ll want contractually, but the draft pick or players are in question. Almost everyone would trade a 7th and pay him, then it goes up.

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