Talk of Tua Tagovailoa to Jaguars lingers

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The Jaguars have a starting quarterback in Gardner Minshew II. That may not keep them from drafting a potential franchise quarterback in Tua Tagovailoa.

The connection between Jacksonville and Tua has gathered steam in recent days, and there definitely could be something to it, based on some of the chatter on the pre-draft grapevine.

The Jaguars currently hold the ninth and 20th picks in the draft. Simms has the Jaguars moving up from No. 20 to No. 13 to get Tua in his mock draft.

The Jaguars continue to send out mixed signals are to whether they’re in rebuild or retool mode. Drafting a quarterback in round one before seeing whether Minshew can become a franchise player seems premature, and definitely pushes them closer to rebuilding.

Then again, the Jaguars blindly stuck with Blake Bortles in 2017, when both Patrick Mahomes and Deshaun Watson were available. Maybe taking Tua now is a way to rectify a glaring error for which they’ll continue to pay well into the future, especially with Watson in the division.

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  1. If Tua was there… i absolutely would take him at 9 if i was Jacksonville.

    As good of a “story” Minshew was last year… he wont be a franchise QB. He is more of a Brian Hoyer type…

    Get your Franchise QB

  2. This is likely why the talk of the Jags trading up to 4 with the Giants has been gaining momentum (not here but elsewhere). Sorry Simms, but Tua isnt lasting until 13.

  3. Well, first, Tua won’t be there. Second, the Niners have the 13th pick and traded Buckner to get there. They have 2 first round picks and will likely draft a corner or wr there and trade out of the 31st pick to aquire more picks for day 2 since they don’t have any. Lots of speculation, but all talk. The Niners are keeping the 13th pick. Watch.

  4. Jax trades both 1st round picks to Detroit for the 5th over all after they trade down with Miami.

  5. Got to admit I was doubter but it’s way too soon to pull Minshew. He got a 91.2 passer rating for a rookie which is decent. I suppose I could doubt the Jags’ ability not to panic buy Tua if he was still up for grabs (a mistake given those wonky hips) but he’ll prob be gone before 13.

  6. Minshew should have been a first round pick. Mahomes sat out his rookie year because there’s just too much to learn. Minshew hasn’t even begun to learn, and he already looks really good.

  7. While Tua seems like the real deal, I wonder how much Jeudy and Ruggs made him look better than he is. Those are two excellent receivers.

    A great WR can make a mediocre QB look great by coming down with most contested passes, and knocking down balls that would otherwise be intercepted.

    I’d be leery about taking Tua early in the 1st round.

  8. If he believes the Jags will pick him, he should release a statement “That hip isn’t as good as I thought”

    Not sure of the jags offensive line situation but two things: This guy is so good. So good. His release, his downfield throws, his accuracy. If he goes to a team where he can sit for a season or even three quarters of the season, he is going to be great.

    I would just hate to see him get beat up right out of the box.

  9. Are you kidding me?! Seriously?! I’m furious. My tights just exploded off me.

  10. Yes if he didn’t have the injury history….to much risk. Build up the rest of the team, see what you have in Minshew.

  11. I’m a big fan of the Mustache, but when you get a chance to draft a franchise type QB you take it. Minshew has this year to prove himself and Tua has this year to sit and recover while learning what the NFL is about. If they want him, they may have to move up from 9 though, and I think the smokescreen Miami keeps putting out about moving up for an OT or the First overall is to hide their hope to get Tua at #5.

  12. Anyone that thinks Tua is a franchise qb is sadly mistaken. He is more Manziel or Mariota than a Brees or Rogers.

  13. Gardner Minshew outplayed Sam Darnold last year so why isn’t there a talk about the Jets trading up for Tua?

  14. patsfan4lifesbchamps says:
    April 23, 2020 at 3:25 pm

    Gardner Minshew outplayed Sam Darnold last year so why isn’t there a talk about the Jets trading up for Tua?

    Lol….thats actually a valid point. Im assuming its because its a lot easier for the jags to justify the move. Moving on from the #3 overall pick in year 3 is a very tough sell for the Jets.

  15. I don’t see Tua lasting till 13th overall so if the Jaguars make this move they will do it with the 9th overall pick if Tua falls to them. I absolutely think the Jaguars should make that move though, Personally I think Tua is going to be a top 10 star NFL QB. HIs arm and elite crisp accuracy is special, he just needs to play from the pocket more and learn to throw the ball away instead of trying to extend plays which gets him hurt, I absolutely think he will do both once he gets to the NFL and will play smarter. The Jaguars have never had a true star QB, if they have the chance they should draft Tua and not look back.

    If JAX does draft Tua they could then trade Gardner Minshew for a lot more than the 6th round pick they spent on him to aid in their rebuild. Nick Foles will get hurt at some point I could the Bears being very interested, Minshew could draw a 2nd round pick back without much trouble.

  16. Nothing the Jags do surprises me. They will likely do the dumbest thing possible with their first pick, like they often do. Any player they pick will probably be a bust. They broke that streak though when they drafted Josh Allen.

  17. Makes 0 sense for the Jags to draft Tua, cause that’s not a win now move for 2020. Doug Marrone and Dave Caldwell are fighting for their jobs now, wasting a high round pick on a QB like that in a make or break season doesn’t help that team, in fact it could potentially straddle their prospective next HC/GM with a QB they don’t want locked into a 4 year contract. They have massive needs at CB, D-line, O-line, and TE as well as needing to get a #2 WR, this on top of them potentially trading Fournette away as some have been speculating. I’d say there smartest move is to roll with Minshew and see if he continues to develop while building up the rest of the team. If he does good enough then you’ve solved your QB issue, if not then he’ll put you in position to get Lawrence or Fields next year.

  18. If Tua is there at 9 you take him. Otherwise send a 3rd or 4th round pick to Cincy and reunite Jay Gruden with Andy Dalton.

  19. Look at Gardner Minshew’s stats vis a vis ROY Kyler Murray. Minshew outplayed him AND had 6 Rookie of the Week awards. He was benched when big money Foles came back from injury but Foles stunk it up and GM went back in and…played pretty well.

    He may be a Flacco level guy but that’s good enough. Tua? No way, too many injuries.

  20. Tau will be long gone unless somebody trades up to grab him. Every team is looking to “hit” on that QB. Lamar Jackson was going to be a wide receiver and proved he could ball as QB. Tom Brady was drafted 199th and it was a grand slam. I’m calling my shot right now and saying that Jalen Hurts from Oklahoma is going to be the steal of this years draft. I think he’s going to kick ass. He can handle pressure and is threat to run and is healthy. He won’t be sitting on any teams bench long. I believe he is a leader of men and a stud. If he even last till the 2nd round I’ll be shocked.
    THE GREAT AND POWERFUL thetooloftools has spoken.
    I hope others will call their shots on who their best 2020 players will be.
    I LOVE pro football talk as their are some really smart commenters on this site.

  21. Jags should send the Giants #9 and #20 to move up to #4 and take Tua ahead of Miami

  22. Miami is the best place for Tua. He can sit a year behind Fitz, and hopefully by the end of the season Ross will buy out Flores contract. Then hopefully a good coach will see the opportunity and talent in Tua.

  23. On one level, it’s hard to feel sorry for any of these guys as they step from college into being immediate multi-millionaires, set for life.

    But on another level – poor Tua!

  24. patsfan4lifesbchamps says:
    April 23, 2020 at 3:25 pm
    Gardner Minshew outplayed Sam Darnold last year so why isn’t there a talk about the Jets trading up for Tua?

    Because most of us can look behind the stats and realize neither one is a proven QB. SD was a first round pick who hasnt earned his hype (and may not). GM hasn’t earned “he should have been first round” hype. Except from one poster up there. So Darnold not being as bad as Josh Rosen doesn’t warrant discussion of being displaced. GM kind of has the Nick Foles thing going on right now – great when he is winning MVP and everyone wants him, until you look at the entire body of his work, which is mediocre.

    Stats aren’t everything. Or in most cases, anything. They are just stats.

  25. bkinacti0n says:
    April 23, 2020 at 5:01 pm

    Jags should send the Giants #9 and #20 to move up to #4 and take Tua ahead of Miami——————–

    Thats insane. A fair trade would be the Jags 9 and their 42….which is what is being discussed.

  26. If you have 9 and believe Tua to be a franchise QB then you dont pass on him at 9 and try to trade back up to get him

  27. No it seems he is going to the Fins. In the predictions of in the NFL draft pick experts are going at.

  28. And the latest news, Tua dislocates hip celebrating being drafted by the Dolphins!

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