Doug Pederson: We’re going to explore Jalen Hurts’ skills

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After the Eagles drafted quarterback Jalen Hurts in the second round on Friday night, a 2019 quote from passing game coordinator and quarterbacks coach Press Taylor resurfaced.

Taylor said that he thinks one of the big things in the future of offensive football “will be having multiple people on the field who can throw the ball” at the same time. Given that feeling, it didn’t take much of a leap to envision the Eagles finding ways to use Hurts, who ran for 20 touchdowns at Oklahoma last season, while Carson Wentz remains the team’s starting quarterback.

During a session with reporters on Friday night, head coach Doug Pederson confirmed that the team is looking in that direction.

“He has a unique skill set. You see what Taysom Hill has done in New Orleans . . . it’s something we’re going to explore,” Pederson said, via Dave Spadaro of the team’s website.

While Hurts may have multiple roles, the team still seems to want to develop him as a quarterback over the coming years. General Manager Howie Roseman said they want the Eagles to be a “quarterback factory” and we’ll see how that effort progresses with Hurts in the fold.

22 responses to “Doug Pederson: We’re going to explore Jalen Hurts’ skills

  1. We had soooooo many other needs…another WR who was BIG, a LB, a safety…….Howie messed up this draft bad! F-

  2. Doug is clearly lost without Reich. Dont be suprised if Philly finishes third in the division this year.

  3. Taysom Hill is something you maybe explore with a UDFA, which is what Hill was. Why draft someone in the 2nd round who will never be a starter for your team?

    Hill was a gimmick the last 2 years, not a legitimate QB. Denzel Mims would’ve been such a great pick there. He actually would’ve had a path to starting role.

    The Eagles really try to outsmart themselves in the draft, such as drafting a QB in the 4th last year that was projected to be a UDFA. Hopefully this one makes it past training camp.

  4. I like it a second rd pick for a backup that is a project in the nfl……cannot read defenses…..maybe a gadget guy that plays 3 to 5 plays in a game…….good use of a second round pick…..and u probably should have explored his skils prior to drafting him….another smartest guy in the room pick by the eagles……luckiest sb in the history of the nfl….hilarious.

  5. Way to waste a 2nd round pick on at best a gimmick player!
    What is Howie Rossman doing except undermining the franchise QB and passing up on Jefferson for Reagor?
    This draft is insane!

  6. I think the Eagles should draft another quarterback, kicker, long snapper or punter with the next pick.

  7. The one-and-a-half-quarterbacks thing is definitely worth exploring. It doesn’t _feel_ like it should work out… but once upon a time they said that about the forward pass, and three wideouts, and zone defenses. (They also said it about dropkicks, and those didn’t work out, so no sure thing either way.) As long as the second QB has good hands, can run, and can process defenses at least somewhat. I’ll be curious to see what inventive offensive coordinators cook up, both good and not so good.

  8. Eagles are easily having the worst draft. Wasting a 2nd on a back-up, project QB, when you have glaring holes in your roster is a fireable offense,

  9. Let’s face it. Doubts about Wentz’s durability are real. They’re grooming for the almost inevitable circumstance where he isn’t available. Can’t continue to take the chance that they’re one hit away from throwing away a hard fought season.

  10. I sort of wish you would’ve done that before you spent (wasted) a second rounder on him, Doug.

  11. If this season ends with bad WR play, Howie needs to get canned.

    When is the last time we had a legit #1 WR, T.O.?!?

  12. Not sure what’s dumber – the Eagles taking Hurts, or one of the other teams that really could have used him *not* taking him.

    Probably the former.

  13. Puzzling pick. Unless they talked to him about becoming a WR. Don’t Eagles have other holes??

  14. Wentz better watch his back because if these goofy buggers that are running the Eagles see Hurts as being the next Mahomes they may get rid of Wentz.

  15. [Press] Taylor said that he thinks one of the big things in the future of offensive football “will be having multiple people on the field who can throw the ball” at the same time.”

    Well gee, Greg Ward was a QB at Houston. Maybe Press, Howie & Co. forgot.

    Unbelievably stupid pick for a team with a lot of other holes (WR, LB, OL, DE, DB). For one, Mims was there, and he probably would start this year at WR. Could’ve packaged 21 and 53 to Atlanta and gotten to CeeDee Lamb before DAL. But nooooooooo, we’re a “QB factory, for better or worse” says Howie. Guess what – it’s for worse, you maroon. Ugh.

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